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I've been thinking of creating an app for Shopify, but I'm not sure what shop owners might like. Is there anything that shop owners have been craving? If nothing else, I don't see a simple "forum" solution, zetaprints options trading it looks like the Shopify blog is somewhat lacking. Perhaps integrating a WordPress blog into a Shopify store would be good. Perhaps some way to feature customer Tweets?

I have been wanting to have ONE thread about this: Or to simply import 'collects' info in a CSV zetaprints options trading format to add products to custom collections automatically in a shop. That sounds like an easy first project. What do you think a reasonable price might be? Looks like a user-survey form would be pretty handy: Anything that can handle stock reconciliation and rebalancing for other sales channels - Ebay, Amazon.

Unfortunately given the nature of our business we have a lot of 1's and 2's in stock so are constantly adjusting stock levels. People keep saying it would be quite easy with zetaprints options trading webhook but I haven't seen a solution yet nor zetaprints options trading i have the brain power to implement such wizardry Anything that can handle stock reconciliation and rebalancing for other sales channels - Ebay, Amazon unfotunately given the nature of our business we have a lot of 1's and 2's in stock so are constantly adjusting stock levels.

Idealkit - Am I correct in thinking that you're looking for an app that will automatically keep your inventory levels in each sales channel synchronized when a sale occurs in any of them? If you're still interested, feel free to send me an e-mail - rpeden82 at gmail. Paul - I think a bulk image uploader would be easy enough to create. Are you just looking to use it to upload batches of pictures to go with your products, instead of choosing them one at a time?

The ability to print loads of address labels at once onto avery labels, and not one at a time as through pixel printer.

This way I could let my subscribers know ahead of time about a great deal and either sell it till it's gone or do it for a short time frame. Have you looked at Unveil? Yes, I saw unveil however I just want to temporarily change the price for quick sales.

I don't want to hide an item, only adjust the price for specific dates and times. Don't like Veilify's pricing model it would get super spendy for me, very quickly and am not sure i like the model. I'm more looking to be able to change the page, not just hide or unhide a product.

Has anyone heard of this problem on Shopify? I was thinking that opening up Shopify to sales of regulated items if allowed might be very interesting. I've created an app for bulk image uploading, and I would like some people to try it out! Three weeks ago I knew absolutely no code or anything and I have to admit it's very fun, but I'm still incredibly new to this.

My clothing e-shop stock on the way really needed a login page. I searched the forums and frustratingly read that this probably wouldn't be implemented. So I embedded a zetaprints options trading party database app that I modded into my "login" page and it seems to do the trick. I just told the customers to write "L" for zetaprints options trading It makes zetaprints options trading faster for customers.

To check, simply cross-reference the e-mail in the database with the e-mail in the Shopify orders section. I can send you the app if you want, and would like to know if there's a better way to do this.

A killer app or integration for me would be something that allows people to upload images or at least add text to zetaprints options trading template. For example - I customize iPads, cases, other things, for laser engraving. I want my customers to be able to upload a logo or photo - move it around, resize it - and then see how it would appear on the item.

I don't need anything that complicated! I'm playing with zetaprints. A forum app would be great for community building! Wordpress blog integration could be handy also An app that zetaprints options trading a follow-up email x days after delivery of order to get feedback from a customer.

We're working on a product that provides post-sales support to customers. Pop an email over to zetaprints options trading rocket-desk. Just to point out Ratevoice does this as well. You can set zetaprints options trading timeframe, buyer gets a follow up email to rate their purchase. Oh yes, Ratevoice is good for that - forgot about it! It's definitely worth a try if you don't need all the other fodder of my app: Can't wait to see it! I happen to like all the extras I can get, clients love it too: Here's a sweet app idea: Amazon does this for third-party seller listings on their marketplace platform.

I would LOVE zetaprints options trading have the ability to have products already marked as "on sale" in my store not be eligible for further discounts when a customer uses a discount code.

Also, if there were a way to offer Gift Certificates without having to do it through zetaprints options trading Discount Codes and have it carry balances over if the customer did not spend the entire certificate that would be wonderful too. Take a look at ours: I would like to have an app that allows a "minimum quota" to be met before a product goes into production.

I'm selling t shirts, and I want to have it so that if say a minimum of 12 people confirm an order, that product launches, is produced, and sold. Does something like this already exist, and if not what's the best way to do this, especially the confirmation of order part I could just write on my site that that's how it works, but at a minimum, I would like there to be a variable that displays on the screen next to the product that says Quota: I'm also considering progressive pricing so that the early confirmations get a better deal than the later confirmations to incentivize the quota to build up to the minimum.

Just to clarify, Think groupon, or scout mob, where only when enough people confirm they will use the coupon, does it take effect If you really need this quickly, it's pretty specialized.

I would post this on the job board. You're going to need a zetaprints options trading app for this. Give it a shot! I think an app that could organize an autoship program would come in handy for me. I think some sort of group buying app would also be great. Did anyone get anywhere with the app mentioned zetaprints options trading - along the lines of - maintain your shopify inventory as the "master" - and then place all this inventory on a scheduled basis on eBay?

There could be a set of options that would be needed to supplement the eBay side, but the simpler the better. Asides from eBay, also taking your Shopify inventory and putting it on other marketplaces would be great, like to Amazon - although matching products to ASIN's etc might be tricky. Assuming a shopify site is a reseller for a wholesaler, it would be useful if an API pulled prices changes from the supplier - or at least allowed them to input prices changes. It would be essential to have a rollback or 'undo' feature or perhaps a price history.

Downloading and uploading csvs is not practical if you are holding a load of products and want to minimise user error. In an effort to make it easier to see what's needed, I've created a wiki page for App Wishlists zetaprints options trading replace this thread here: Instead of praying that merchants make it all the way over here and read through all the conversation here, this wiki page makes things a little easier to see what's needed.

We get about 1 customer per day with a bad email address. This really drives up our customer service costs. I know shopify checks for a validly formed email, but it doesn't check the address actually exists on the customer's mail server.

A google search reveals several php scripts that ping the email server and verify the address. I'd like to implement this in shopify but I zetaprints options trading access the checkout code. An alternative might be to call a function when the user clicks the checkout button, verify the address, then drop the correct zetaprints options trading in the zetaprints options trading page. Another alternative would be to ask customers to enter their email address twice. I see this is much more common nowadays zetaprints options trading ecommerce software.

I would like to have products that are already on sale not added to the general discount given for all products in the store. That would be a nice app. I would really like to be able to offer a free shipping coupon code to select customers ie newsletter subscribers. Have products that are already on sale excluded from further discounts when a customer uses a coupon code. In any case, all of these features are already in the Bizelo IPS app.

Thanks for your attention Ron. Unfortunately there is no provision to delete the erroneous multiple replies. I have had a look at the Bizelo IPS app and they do some of the things pretty well. Our focus is on zetaprints options trading real-time intelligence zetaprints options trading from best-in-class analytics framework. Others if you are interested, we would love to show our stuff and work with you. Do let know us through pratik at pingaala dot com.

We offer photo editing, photo retouching services to photographers, store owners and whoever needs their photos fixed. Provide zetaprints options trading specific instructions.

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