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When two non-metal elements combine, they form a binary molecular compound. These compounds combine by forming a covalent bond between the non-metallic elements.

As they do not form ionic bonds, it becomes difficult to name them according to their electrical neutrality. Why is a binary molecular compound compounds may have a generic name, as well as systemic names. They can exist in all three states solid, liquid and gaseous under standard temperature and pressure STP. They have low melting and boiling points.

We generally tend to use the common nomenclature for most of the compounds, like water and salt. Rules for Naming Rule 1: The element with the lowest group number is written first followed by the element with a higher group number. The exception to this rule is only if the compound contains an oxygen and a halogen. In this case, the name of the halogen is written first when naming the binary compound.

When both the elements belong to the same group, the element with the higher period number is written before the one with the lower period number. When writing the name of the second element, a suffix -ide is added to the name. The number of atoms in each of the non-metal elements present in the chemical formula of the compound are indicated using Greek prefixes.

The exception to this rules is that the prefix mono is generally not used when the compound contains just one atom. Why is a binary molecular compound following is the list of prefixes used during the nomenclature. How to Calculate Theoretical Yield. Different Branches of Chemistry. Polypropylene Properties and Uses. Chemical Reactions in Everyday Life. Uses of Phosphoric Acid. Examples of Chemical Energy. Chemistry in Everyday Life.

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