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Vandaag de dag is het beschikbaar in alle verschillende soorten en maten. Ook is het mogelijk om dit product te verkrijgen diverse en wereldwijde bekende merken en zelfs van lokale, kleine -re merken. Het beste aan dit product is dat er een ruim aanbod is voor zowel mannen als voor vrouwen. Mocht u het nog niet geraden hebben, het gaat hier over ondergoed. Unterschied zwischen anruf und put-optionen de dag draagt vrijwel iedereen ondergoed, maar hoe is het ondergoed eigenlijk ontstaan?

De allereerste vorm van ondergoed is al duizenden jaren in gebruik. Deze vorm van ondergoed staat ook bekend als de lendendoek. De lendendoek werd vroeger al gedragen door de unterschied zwischen anruf und put-optionen voor de mensen die hierdoor geen duidelijk beeld hebben gekregen, een lendendoek is hetzelfde als wat Tarzan draagt in de gelijknamige films. Vervolgens werd dit ook gedragen door de oude Egyptenaren, Grieken en Romeinen echter wel in andere vormen en lengtes.

Dit is eigenlijk zo gebleven tot aan de Middeleeuwen, toen werd er namelijk door een bepaalde groep mensen voor het eerst kleding onder unterschied zwischen anruf und put-optionen bovenkleding gedragen.

Deze mensen waren van hoge re komaf, maar uiteindelijk volgden ook de mensen van lagere standen hun voorbeeld. Toentertijd waren het echter nog gewoon normale kledingstukken, dus een shirt of hemd onder een trui of een broek onder een broek.

Sinds de 19 e eeuw bestaat de het ondergoed zoals wij het vandaag de dag kennen. Zo zijn er vandaag de dag verschillende soorten ondergoed voor zowel mannen als vrouwen.

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The invention relates to a cordless phone with a base unit and a handset, sharing between which two constituent signals by radio waves can be transmitted. Cordless phones are already consumption in several countries in Ge.

The known apparatus shown in FIG. The base unit 2 is connected via a cable fonnetz 3 to the telephoto. The two parts communicate mitein other via radio waves. With a cordless phone calls can be made up to distances of approximately m between the handset and base unit. The transmission frequency is in a 49 MHz band for the upper channel transmission from the handset unit 1 to the base unit 2 and in a 46 MHz band for the lower channel transmission between the base unit 2 and the handset 1.

In den Ver einigten Staaten sind z. Approved 10 duplex channels for each system. The cordless phone has the advantage that the user can move freely and z. Here bother him in any case, the telephone cord. To complicate eavesdropping, cordless phones are designed such that a connection between handset and base unit is only produced when a code word has been sent for identification. Das Codewort ist z. The code word is for.

As a bit word. It is sent from one part and must be recognized by the other laid by comparison with a abge word. If the word sent matches the stored, the transmission channel is a directed, so that Ki received calls or issued nen. The handset 1 includes a transmitting circuit and a receiving circuit , and accordingly has the basic unit 2 through a transmitting circuit and a receiving circuit th.

In order to call out, an audio signal St from a microphone via a low frequency amplifier , a low pass filter and an adder to a voltage controlled oscillator not shown of a PLL circuit , in which it into an FM signal SU for the upper channel is converted.

The FM signal Su is supplied through a band-pass filter , which passes all signals in the upper channels, a Hochfre frequency amplifier and a duplexer to an antenna is supplied, via which the signal is transmitted to the base unit. As shown in Fig. The mixer receives a signal of predetermined frequency from a PLL circuit , by which the signal Su is converted into a rule-frequency signal Zvi. The latter is an FM demodulator performs supplied via an intermediate frequency amplifier , which generates an audio signal St.

This is the telephone cable 3 through a low frequency amplifier , a converter circuit and fed to a relay nd Die Wandlerschal tung wandelt ein Zweileitungssignal in ein Vierleitungs signal. The converter scarf processing converts a two-wire signal into a four line signal. When a call via the telephone line 3 is received, which is a continuous audio signal Sr is received accordingly, and the reception circuit of the handset 1 is supplied. The signal passes through the relay , the converter circuit , the Niederfre frequency amplifier , low pass filter and the Addierschal tung to the voltage controlled oscillator of a PLL TIC generates an FM signal Sd in the lower channel, with the FM signal Su forms a pair in the upper channel.

The Sig nal Sd is through a bandpass filter which passes all the signals in the lower channels, a high frequency amplifier and duplexer provided to the antenna , which transmits the Sig nal Sd to the handset.

As can be seen from Fig. The latter also receives a signal of predetermined frequency from a PLL circuit , whereby the signal Sd is converted into an intermediate frequency signal.

The latter is supplied via an intermediate frequency amplifier to an FM demodulator , which it demonstrates an audio signal Sr is supplied through a low frequency amplifier a loudspeaker th. The handset 1 has a control circuit to control the transmission channels and other facilities.

The control circuit consists of a 1-chip microcomputer provided with a CPU which z. The ROM stores a program , which is further explained below with reference to the flowchart of Fig. Der Mikrorechner ist an eine Tastatur , eine Sprech taste und eine Betriebsarttaste angeschlossen. The keyboard has keys for inputting a telephone number. Sie weist 10 Zifferntasten , eine Taste mit Stern und Nummerntasten auf. It has 10 keys , a button with star and number keys. The call buttons and the operation arttaste are used to set a desired operation type of the handheld device.

The talk button is a nichtver riegelnde button while the mode button is a slide switch. Whenever the talk key is pressed, the handset assumes a speech mode 1 in which a bond is Ver channel made to the basic unit 2 to allow a face meeting. In a waiting position, the channel is closed and the handset 1 is waiting for calls. Wenn in der Wartestellung die Betriebsarttaste in Normalstellung steht wie in Fig.

If the operation switch is in the waiting position in the normal position as shown in FIG. Steht die Be triebsarttaste dagegen in Begrenzungsstellung entgegen der Lage in Fig. If the Be triebsarttaste on the other hand in limiting position contrary to the situation in Fig.

You then can not be carried herkommende from Tele phone cable 3 calls. As long as the Be triebsarttaste thus is in normal position is immediate and outgoing calls as with a traditional telephone are possible.

In the restricted position, however, only calls can go out. If the talk key is pressed in the waiting lung Stel , carrying incoming and is continuous from conversations regardless of the position of the mode key is possible. When the talk button is released, the device returns to that mode of operation which is defined by the position of the mode key rd.

In the handset unit 1, an encoder Fig. Entsprechend erzeugt ein Codierer in der Grundeinheit 2 Fig. Accordingly generates an encoder in the base unit 2 Fig. This is followed by a frame synchronizing FSYN also of 16 bits. The bit pattern for these signals are for. There then follows a bit code word ID, which serves festzu set whether a handset unit 1 and a base unit 2 form a pair. The latter comprises a code for controlling the opening and closing of an tragungskanales between the handset 1 and the base unit 2, a code indicating that is invoked by a user with at least one phone number, a code representing the transmitted telephone number and other codes.

The control code CTRL includes data indicating the type of control and the da ta for control. If the phone number of the conversation partner is transmitted, the control code CTRL data in a second bit pattern and data indicating the telephone number.

The transmission speed of the signal CMND is bps in the example. A noise detector is connected to the Zwischenfrequenzver more to determine if the FM signal Sd is available with intermediate frequency signal level. A noise barrier signal SQLC is produced here and delivered to the micro-computing ner th. An encoder operatively associated decoder is connected to the demodulator to recover the control signal CMND as it is sent from the base unit. This signal is supplied to the microcomputer is also supplied.

A ringing tone generator generates, controlled by the microcomputer , a ringing tone when a call is received. The ringing tone is supplied to a speaker for outputting a ringing signal. In addition, the microcomputer executes and , a damping signal MUTE to the amplifiers. Then, the LED lights up when the talk button is pressed. The LED device is on the handset 1 is mounted and includes, for.

The LEDs light up depending on the channel selection or data as it is entered from the keyboard st. Es sind Funktionsgruppen vorhanden, die den Funktionsgruppen entsprechen. There are functional groups present to that correspond to functional groups However, the ROM stores a different program, namely a program with the reference numeral , which is explained in more detail later with reference to Fig.

Furthermore, a RAM corresponds to the RAM , and functional groups corresponding to the functional groups The linkage and function of these groups is therefore not explained in detail. A telephone number generator generates, controlled by the microcomputer , a signal toncodiertes TENC that corresponds to the telephoto fonnummer that selects a user.

The signal is amplified by the amplifier TENC th. The microprocessor controls the relay contact via a getrie by an amplifier surrounded relay th. The handset 1 and the base unit 2, and ert by the CPUs and in accordance with the programs gesteu as will now be explained with reference to Fig. When the operation arttaste is in normal mode, a step is executed in which the PLL circuits and driven by the signal CHNL so th that they einrich an upper or a lower channel according to the signal CHNL.

In addition, is checked by the detector , whether the FM signal Sd is received in a first selected lower channel. The associated signal SQLC according to the check is issued. When the signal Sd is not received on the selected first channel, checking for the night vi sten lower channel is performed. So, whether the FM signal Sd is received on one of the lower channels 10 is checked. Die se werden also im Schritt durchgetastet. The se are so scroll 'through the step nd. When the base unit 2 is in the waiting position, it is checked with the aid of the signal RGTN in a step whether a call using the telephone cable 3 is received.

In a step , the upper channels are scroll 'through corresponding as is done for the lower channels in step nd. If the talk key is eventually activated, handset program proceeds to step , in which a free channel with the aid of the signals and CHNL SQLC is wanted.

In a following step , the code word is read ID from the RAM and the encoder , respectively. This signal is then, if no response is received from the base unit 2, transmitted for a predetermined period of time, be in nerhalb scroll 'through which all the channels in the base unit 2 at least once.

If it is found here that the command signal CMND is transmitted in an upper channel from the handset unit 1, the signal Su is received by the base unit 2 and tektiert with the aid of the signal SQLC de.

The program then proceeds to step by the scanning is interrupted and the code word ID in the signal CMND is checked. In a step the command signal CMND is transmitted back through the FM signal Sd in the one lower channel to the handset unit 1, which is assigned in pairs to the currently operated upper channel. When the handset unit 1 has, at step generates the command signal CMND, it checks with the aid of the output signal from the decoder in step , if the correct code word ID is returned.

Thus, the steps , and successively and repeatedly by the program in a time division process is repeated until all channels have been in scroll 'through the base unit 2 or to the correct ID code word has been sent. If it is determined that the base unit 2 has sent back the proper ID code word in step , a step by the damping is canceled at the amplifiers and generated by the signal MUTE.

It is produced and incorporated in the command signal CMND, which confirms that, in step , the echo of the control code CTRL was a verification code.