Donnerstagabend vol I

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Bei Coinbase keine Probleme entdeckt. In Moment haben wir bei Coinbase keine Probleme entdeckt. Haben Sie Probleme oder einen Ausfall?

Stecke im gleichem Dilema, XRP mit 2. Kommentare aus der US- verkaufen bitcoin coinbase. Ist tubingen donnerstagabend schleierhaft wie man in nur zwei Zeilen so tubingen donnerstagabend Fehler machen kann. Hallo Bimon Ist mMn die beste seite zum starten. Aber nicht die tubingen donnerstagabend gleich auf coinbase kaufen sondern auf schwester exchange GDAX ,selbe login. Erst danach dein ETH nach Binance weiter schicken und nach gute rechersche dein liebling Altcoin kaufen. Denke ich werde da auch mal was rein investieren.

Das Problem ist halt nur, dass man ihn nicht auf vielen Seiten kaufen bzw exchangen kann. Bin bisher nur bei Bitcoin. Das Problem habe ich nur bei Coinbase. Bei anderen Anbietern funktioniert es ohne Probleme. Nur bei Coinbase nicht. Mit der Bitte um Hilfe. Hallo, der Google zwei Wege Authentifikator funktioniert bei mir nicht.

Bei meinen anderen Wallets funktioniert es, nur bei Ihnen nicht. CoinbaseSupport meine 2 Wege Authentifikator funktioniert nicht. Hab nun das meiste zu Bitstamp transferiert. Den ganzen Rest mache ich bei Binance. Tubingen donnerstagabend Spread zwischen den Exchanges kann auch erratisch explodieren wie zB Coinbase bei knapp 20k vor ner Woche.

Insider Handel hin oder her. Ich hatte bisher keine Probleme mit Coinbase. Kritiker wundern sich,warum Probleme der Infrastruktur nur beim Verkaufen, kaum beim Kaufen bestehen Tubingen donnerstagabend wieder technischen Probleme beim Handel mit Krypto. Wenn du Tubingen donnerstagabend oder Frustationen hast die du gerne teilen willst, lass bitte eine Nachricht in den Kommentaren da hinterlasse eine Nachricht in den Kommentaren.

Sie vergangene Probleme an. Teile sie mit anderen Besuchern der Seite: Tubingen donnerstagabend kindatasty berichtet vor 22 Tagen Ich habe gerade in die Coinbase App geschaut. Tubingen donnerstagabend war ein Fehler. Normen Ulrich ulli berichtet vor 3 Monaten coinbase Tubingen donnerstagabend, der Google zwei Wege Authentifikator funktioniert bei mir nicht.

Normen Ulrich ulli berichtet vor 3 Monaten Hallo, der Google zwei Wege Authentifikator funktioniert bei mir nicht. Normen Ulrich ulli berichtet vor 3 Monaten coinbase Hallo, ihr 2 Wege Google Authentifikator funktioniert nicht.

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I bought a one day ticket to see a certain band. The band has been switched to another day, can I return my ticket? I already bought a festival ticket, but unfortunately I cannot make it to the festival. Is it possible to return the ticket? Can I give back all my empty bottles at the festivalsite and get my deposit? Are severely handicapped people allowed to take a folding chair or something else to sit in onto the festival site? Das Ganze ist denkbar einfach: Ihr bucht unter www. Dann ab zu www.

Find further information at www. Skip to main content. What should I regard to avoid theft? Ensure your wallet is stored safely, don't leave valuables or any keys in your tent! Why is there security present on the site? The security at the entrances need to do body checks out of safety reasons. The security on the campgrounds will show you where to camp and be there to help you with any problem. At Rock Of Ages we do not tolerate racism!

Anybody discriminating other attendees for their nationality, religious views or cultural habits will be expelled! Where do I need to get off the train to come ROA? The nearest major train station is Stuttgart. From there you can take trains to either Bondorf or Rottenburg-Ergenzingen. During the day, trains run approximately every 30 minutes.

You can check the website of Deutsche Bahn for further detail: How can I change back my vouchers? Not needed vouchers can be changed back into cash at the selling points. You cannot change back on the campsites! Please note that the party pack vouchers cannot be changed back.. Are there restrictions concerning food and beverages? Food and drink supply is provided on the festival area and on the campground! You still are allowed to bring your own food, but drinks are restricted to 1 litre of water in a tetra pack only.

I want to order my own portable toilet, how can I do so? You can just order your personal portable toilet through our onlineshop. If there are any questions, please contact office heavy-oder-was. No, this is not possible. You can exchange the ticket onsite to match the day the band plays. Otherwise you can try to sell it privately. No, this not possible! Be aware that most users are German speaking!

No, that's not possible. If you buy drinks at the festivalsite, you have to pay 1 voucher deposit and get a deposit-chip. If you return the bottle and the deposit-chip, you'll get a voucher back! So don't lose your deposit-chip! Is there a ROA supermarket?

No, unfortunately there is no supermarket available. In Seebronn there is only a small farm shop. The next shopping opportunities are in Bondorf, there you can find a few supermarkets as well as a hardware store. Even more shops are located in Ergenzingen. Where do I find the ROA website? The official homepage can be found under: How can I save some money?

You can become a member of ROA-Club. This will grant you a lot of different discounts! You can choose between regular and premium membership. If their severly disabled ID card says so. Can I sit somewhere while eating? Yes, you can have a seat at the beer garden, while enjoying your favourite bands on stage. What kind of beverages do you offer? We got a lot of different alcoholic and non-alcoholic choices for you: Starting from water, cola and lemonade over different kinds of beer, wine and cocktails to coffee.

Where can I have a shower? Besides the showers on the campsite there willbe washing throughs. These are free to use and the water is of clean drinking water quality to be used for cooking etc. There are only cold showers near the marquee on the campground. What kind of showers are on the campground? On the campsites we provide cold-water showers. Sure there are some. Information about Seebronn, Rottenburg and the surrounding area can be found at hier Where can I find a map of the festival area?

Is it allowed to were spikes? No, it is not, please leave them at the campground or in your car. I'd like to sponsor the festival, who should I contact? Please contact our office via office heavy-oder-was. Our sponsors are linked in the contact section of our homepage: When does it start? The festival itself starts on friday, but on thursday there will be a Warm-Up Party held at the campground. Tickets for all three days are available.

In case you want to use the campground, you will have to buy separate camping tickets as well as a ticket for your vehicle. Zeltservice bieten wir Euch gemeinsam mit www. Press Press contact Accreditation Promotional images. About us Sponsors Imprint Festival terms Camping terms.