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Intelligent systems are radically altering the way information and services are offered to people. Our research is mainly concerned with analyzing and shaping this change. We are interested in machines that share physical, social and emotional spaces with humans, in particular by considering intelligent robotic systems in human environments. Our work can be located in the intersection of robotics, artificial intelligence, computer vision, machine learning, human-robot interaction, and cognitive trading roboter freiburg.

We are interested in acquiring rich models of human attributes and behaviors -- either learned from data or derived from empirical research -- and incorporating them at all levels from perception, cognition to action. This website will still remain online for a few years. Kai is now with Bosch Corporate Research, Renningen.

Four awesome papers submitted to ICRA Matthias Luber very successfully finishes his doctoral thesis. Our RSS paper nominated for best student paper award! All open positions have trading roboter freiburg filled. We say hello to Timm, Billy, and Luigi!

We have several open PhD positions and an trading roboter freiburg Post-Doc position! Dizan Vasquez joins the lab as a post-doctoral research associate. We make robots socially more compatible Intelligent systems are radically altering the way information and services are offered to people. To this end, our research is divided into three areas. We develop theory and algorithms for robots to perceive and understand their social environment.

This includes methods to robustly detect and track people and groups of people, their attributes, activities, social relations, social hierarchies and social rules.

We work on methods and techniques to incorporate learned models of human social behavior into trading roboter freiburg and task planning in order to generate human-aware actions that comply with the full spectrum of low-level kinodynamic constraints to trading roboter freiburg social rules.

We develop theory, systems and experiments to study and understand human-robot relationships and trading roboter freiburg interaction designs for robots that trade off short-term excitement and fun with sustainability and trust in long-term human-robot relationships.

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