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Our review of that product was based on only a 1-week trial. We apologize for any inconvenience. Many of our long-time readers know that we don't often recommend specific robots.

This is misleading and fraudulent. All bonus terms are provided on the website. Everything is fair and transparent. The transfer of credit funds into balance is performed in 2 steps.

The second step is making not less than 50 trades with the total volume, measured in lots. You should count in US cents: When the total volume of trades reaches lots, all funds on the bonus account become available for any transactions, including bonus and profit.

For details, please, see point 7 of the Agreement. Statistics are available in the PersonalAccount: The system starts counting trades and lots as soon as the first minimum required deposit of the bonus account is made. Finally opened the account and have tested trade, without complaints. Actually tested a lot of 0. Offer many ways of depositing and withdrawal, i use credit card, very useful!

We started education from this broker in The students of our school liked them and their demo. The second generation of forex traders is coming!!! Traded more than two months. To apply for withdrawal. The forums provided and Steytment and transaction logs, and even recorded on video. On the white is called black, talk like a wall. License for brokerage activity is absent. Bank details and the real names too. This is exactly what we have done. These sections of regulations were taken into account.

Having agreed to trade with us, you fully accepted all our terms. And now you are not satisfied that we follow them.

Moreover, regarding your situation you received all possible explanations and there is nothing left to add to what was said before. We acted decently and the company returned all your funds to the fullest extent in spite of your violation of our regulations and your obligations. Please you guys should improve, try and add online chat to help improve your service.

We may need instant information but after we come to your website, we always got discouraged because nothing to hold on to. Also your promo is good for newbies but asking people to deposit before withdrawal to me is not a good marketing strategy.

I tried your service it was trading 01 binary option with no deposit bonus october 2014 but my basic findings is what i shared with you here. All NewForex employees are highly competent specialists with large experience in Forex. However, if you were not satisfied with the support of our specialist, we would like you to specify the time, a way of contacting the company and the name of trading 01 binary option with no deposit bonus october 2014 specialist you communicated with. We care about our clients and constantly work to improve our services including support.

Thus, we will examine the situation in detail in the nearest time. Hello Anna Maybe some and not all. I have opened account with other forex brokers, and they assign you an account manager who relate to you to explain better as regard any question you may have at the cause of your trading. I find out that since i have been with your company, i never for once receive calls from your end.

I send mail, it take 3 to 4 days before reply, even as that the reply is not detailed. For Example i tried to find out is scalping and hedging is allowed in your Cent account?? I have to stop as soon as i receive reply that is not allowed, in which the person that replied trading 01 binary option with no deposit bonus october 2014 just said No without trading 01 binary option with no deposit bonus october 2014 or link to my question were i can read up regarding your rules and regulation regarding account details.

I still request you provide me a link here were i can read in detailed rules and regulation regarding your account that includes hedging and scalping, because i never see such in your website. Please, specify the time, account number and the message theme. We will check the information. Hello Not necessary because i have left your company already because of incompetent. I expect to see good responds from your ends. Here is my account details i have to make everything zero because i am not satisfy with your company inability to respond to message on time.

We sorted out your situation. There were no deposits on your account. You did not trade with us. Thus, you cannot estimate us as a broker. Due to the fact that your email was sent from the dubious address, it got into Spam. As a result the answer to it was not received immediately.

Trading 01 binary option with no deposit bonus october 2014 soon as it was noticed, all the answers to your questions were sent to you. Hello Anna Mon, why does server disconnected from Friday evening until now!? Besides,i cant transfer money. On our website there was an announcement about routine maintenance on our server from Friday evening April 8 until Monday morning April At the moment the server is functioning normally.

NewForex company apologizes for inconveniences. I looked for a secure broker long, asked my friends. Finally decided to open some demo-accounts in newforex to test their service. Orders work on time, terminal has no glitches. Now I have real accounts, I am completely satisfied. I trade not so lonbg, an easy verification was pleasant surprise, orders act on time. From my personal experience I know that newforex is a secure broker, they give traders an opportunity to trade and withdraw money that you earn honestly.

For the first time, I feel this this broker will work same as others brokers. I just accidentally join this broker to get its 50 dollar bonus.

When i going to make real live account. This broker provides a lot of possibilities for newbies and have excellent tools to help me to trade. It really helps my trading skills and guides you through every step. I am so glad with my results of my trading and congratulation to NewForex for a job well done. My account is I trade with NewForex for the second month. I tried trading 01 binary option with no deposit bonus october 2014 I like the broker. Usually I bear or bull the market. Last week I sold pounds for francs, waited for the considerable fall of the pound rate to the franc and then bought pounds back for the francs.

I can definitely say that NewForex is good broker. I started with bonus account, now I have two trading accounts, one bonus and another normal. These are main things for me. Five months ago i decided to look for some additional earnings on the Internet, I got interested in Newforex, registered a demo-account there and tried to trade.

First no luck, lost everything. Then I decided to study the market, talked to newforex support service, read articles, watched some tutorial video. The broker is secure, my money is safe and profit is good. Besides, I got to know how to predict future price movements and analyze the current situation in the market.

Now I recommend New Forex to all my friends. Thank you, New Forex. NewForex is one of five brokers I work with. As for trading conditions newforex is one of the leaders. Wide oportunities of depositing and witdrawal, popular payments systems.

I sit well with this broker, they have all the things needed for a trader. I trade on Grade account for a year at NewForex. In fact they have only advantages. Later I noticed market laws and started to use them in practice.

Now I pay attention to news in trading, always set stops. I really like InstaForex coaches because they tell simply about mistakes and share their own trading experience.

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