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A close analysis of the code that took down part of the The binary destroyer v2 Olympics computer network reveals a cunning plan to seemingly falsely pin the blame on North Korea. On the first day of the games in Pyeongchang, South Korea, the main website crashed, Wi-Fi networks around the events became unusable, and data was wiped from servers by malware later dubbed Olympic Destroyer. IT security outfits had warned of a cyber-assault looming before the event, after a phishing campaign was spotted, and the binary destroyer v2 attack was beaten off rather quickly.

In the weeks that followed, several analyses suggested that the attack was the work of the North Korean state-sponsored hacking team known as the Lazarus Group. So who did write the code? Security firms are building code databases that could automate the attribution of malware samples, but at the same time coders are getting smarter and we could see similar false flag operations in the future.

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The Register uses cookies. Yes, we agree that Irish email dispute is moot Microsoft modifies open-source code, blows hole in Windows Defender Intel admits a load of its CPUs have Spectre v2 flaw that can't be fixed. Now they can slurp info to their hearts' content What a Docker shocker: Tesco to kill free service.

We put Huawei's P20 triple-lens snapper through its paces Planning on forking out for the new iPad? Better take darn good care of it For some reason, you lot love 'em. So here are the many ThinkPads of Grindr: Yeah, we shared your HIV status info with other companies — but we didn't charge them! Move over, doc, there's an app for that.

Artificial Intelligence Internet of Things Shhh! Verity Stob Danish Navy expert finds no trace of exhaust gas in private submarine Commonwealth Games brochure declares that England is now in Africa set the standard for the binary destroyer v2 next 50 years of hard and some soft sci-fi Which?

Flood them with bogus info using browser tools Spring is all about new beginnings, but it could already be lights out for Windows' Fluent Design Why a merged Apple OS is one mash-up too far. More the binary destroyer v2 The Register. Malware Engine needs, erm, malware protection Stop the binary destroyer v2 the irony and go install the patch now. Crunchyroll distributed malware for a couple of hours Anime-streamer is fine again, and disinfection is easy.

Slingshot malware uses cunning plan to find a route to sysadmins Advanced router code has been in circulation for six years. MailChimp 'working' to stop hackers flinging malware-laced spam from accounts What can you do about it for now? Apple blocks comms-snooping malware Leaked developer certificate revoked, protection updated. Malware hidden in vid app is the binary destroyer v2 nasty, victims should wipe their Macs If you downloaded and installed stuff from Eltima, you are totally screwed. Security and manageability are driving IT professionals to reimagine how applications and data are securely delivered to end-users.

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