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JavaScript seems to be disabled in your browser. You must have JavaScript enabled in your browser to utilize the functionality of this website. Where can I download H. Software for your computer is located on each specific products page. You can find your product page by simply typing the model number into the search field found on the storage options cctv software download right of the nightowlsp.

Once you are on your products page, click on the "Support Downloads" tab for all downloadable software. Where can I download my Night Owl product manual? Product Manuals and Quick Setup Guides are located on each specific products page. Once you are on your products page, click on the "Support Downloads" tab for all downloadable information. Firmware and software are located on each specific products page. First you must determine storage options cctv software download mobile app is used on your system.

Find your product by typing in its model number on the search field located on the top right of the www. Once on that page, you can find out which mobile application is used after clicking on the Features tab for each product. Your NIght Owl Application is determined by which system you own. Storage options cctv software download you determine which mobile app you need, you can download that app from either the Play Store Android or the App Store Storage options cctv software download by simply searching it in their application.

Night Owl will send you an email with the RMA directly to your registered email account. Check your e-mail Inbox, Junk Mail folder, etc. Be sure to add NightOwlsupport. Can I see my cameras from my storage options cctv software download device?

It not only allows you to view your system, but search recorded video, monitor audio and control PTZ cameras. This name lets you access the DVR remotely with an easier to remember custom name instead of an IP address.

How do I register so I can call support? After clicking this button, you will be taken to the product registration page. This page is where you will enter your email and setup your account. After you enter your information, you will be given a phone number to contact our Technical Support Team. I am using my remote, but the DVR is not responding? Why does my DVR continually go into full screen mode on 1 channel? This is an alarm setting option. How storage options cctv software download I back up my files?

You can backup files using a USB thumb drive or download the storage options cctv software download from the remote viewing software on your Nightowl CD. You can also download the remote viewing software from that specific products page on this site.

Go to the product's page by typing in the model in the top right search field on this site. How do I convert my backed up files so I can play them on my computer? You will need to download our H. Why is my DVR not turning on? You will need to double check the power adapter plugged into your DVR. What is the DVR system password? How do I reset my password?

As a security precaution, we only allow password resets via our Tech Support staff. Please register your product and contact technical support by phone. Are the outdoor cameras weatherproof? Storage options cctv software download, the outdoors cameras are rated IP66 weather resistant, not weather proof.

We suggest they be mounted under an overhang for longevity and proper functionality. The Higher the resolution your system records with, the more space it will require on your systems Hard Drive.

The more memory you have on your HDD, the more information can be stored there, therefore giving you more days of recording time. If storage options cctv software download record continuously, you will use up the alloted space on your systems HDD faster, than if you only record when there is motion detected by the camera.

You can also connect remotely to your DVR via your smart phone or tablet. Why does my DVR keep boot looping or restarting? The hard drive could be full and the storage options cctv software download are still trying to record to it.

Unplug all of the cameras and restart the DVR. You should decide whether you need to backup your stored video first. Formatting your hard drive will erase everything on the hard drive.

Why does my DVR storage options cctv software download a letter "H" on the screen? Check the power adapter you're using on the DVR. Make sure the power adapter you are using is the power adapter that came with your Nightowl system. The DVR is recording at this time. Can I make my own cables? You can purchase a ft. Please keep in mind that you will need to purchase the power and video connections to be crimped on the cable being created.

You can also find instructions to and parts create storage options cctv software download own cables with our DIY cable kit. Why is my camera showing video loss? You will need to make sure you are using the correct storage options cctv software download adapter for your cameras. The power adapter should be labeled with a white sticker that reads " Cameras".

Why are plants and trees are showing up as pink or purple on my video? This discoloration is a common occurance for all camera systems, and there is nothing wrong with your cameras. If you would like to reduce this from happening, try to remove the foliage out of the camera's view as much as possible.

Will the system work with a MAC computer? You will then be able to monitor your system via this app. Will my night owl DVR work with dial up? Your system will still work as a standalone CCTV, but will not have internet connectivity. Do I need a static IP address? No, a static IP address is not required. I can connect to the DVR remotely but it looks very choppy and delayed. Why is this happening? If you are using a slow internet service provider, you will not be able to stream your video without disruption.

Does Night owl DVR pickup wireless signal? You must connect the included cable Ethernet cable into the DVR in order for it to connect to the internet. When I launch Night owl connect with Firefox or safari, nothing happens, why? Please create an account and register your product before contacting our support team.

Have your support ticket number readily available to ensure we can efficiently assist you and keep in mind it will be required during the call. Login My Account 0 Item s. Most Frequently Asked Questions. By default it is left blank, no password. The recording time of your DVR depends on several factors.

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Sun Apr 22, 1: It is in ". Please do help me out. Sun Apr 22, 2: Sun Apr 22, 4: Will it play with VLC? Don't know if either would help in your case though. Sun Apr 22, 7: I use it all the time to convert and send video clips to people with smart phones.

Mon Jun 18, 9: Had the same problem as you with a storage options DVR http: Mon Jun 23, 8: Sun Mar 01, You may try this step by step guide http: Wed Dec 30, 8: We have similar DVRs at our company, and I would have had to manually convert over files of an incident. It even will convert them all to one MP4 file!!!

Switch to mobile style. Page 1 of 1. Previous topic Next topic. Sir i dont have any details rite now other than the camera make is unicam and the dvr is a A series which i am not sure. However will get u a complete details ASAP. I agree with u and yea we didn have much knowledge about saving the footage and would love to learn. I'm very familiar with that as that's the file name output on some QSee DVRs a couple of clients have.

What you need is the avi generator program. You can get it here: Once installed and running, choose the. If you can't play back the avi file, then you may need to install the K-Lite Codec Pack. Display posts from previous: Users browsing this forum: No registered users and 0 guests. You cannot post new topics in this forum You cannot reply to topics in this forum You cannot edit your posts in this forum You cannot delete your posts in this forum You cannot post attachments in this forum.