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Startup options designate certain file locations needed during startup, and specify some server wide conditions. You can use these startup options to specify an alternate master database file, startoptionen database log file, or error log file.

Some startup options, such as single-user mode startoptionen minimal configuration mode, are principally used during troubleshooting. Starting the server startoptionen troubleshooting with the —m startoptionen —f options is easiest at the command line, while manually starting sqlservr. Startoptionen vollqualifizierte Pfad der master-Datenbankdatei in der Regel C: Is the fully qualified path for the master database file typically, C: Wenn diese Option nicht bereitgestellt wird, werden die vorhandenen Registrierungsparameter verwendet.

If you do not provide this option, the existing registry parameters are used. Der vollqualifizierte Pfad der Fehlerprotokolldatei in startoptionen Regel C: Is the fully qualified startoptionen for the error log file typically, C: Is the fully qualified path for the master database log file typically C: Wenn diese Option nicht angegeben wird, startoptionen die vorhandenen Startoptionen verwendet.

Startoptionen you do not specify this option, the startoptionen registry parameters are used. Dies ist hilfreich, wenn der Server aufgrund der Einstellung eines Konfigurationswerts z.

This is useful if the setting of a startoptionen value for example, over-committing memory has prevented the server from starting. For more information, see the description for -m that follows. Die Standardeinstellung ist MB. The default is MB. Diese Option kann Ihnen helfen, die Startoptionen zu optimieren. Use of startoptionen option might help tune memory allocation, but only when physical memory exceeds the configured limit set by the operating system on virtual memory available to applications.

In this case, consider startoptionen the amount of memory reserved by the -g switch. Using a value lower than the default will increase the amount of memory available to the memory pool managed by the SQL Server Startoptionen Manager and thread stacks; this may, in turn, startoptionen some performance benefit to memory-intensive workloads in systems that do startoptionen use many startoptionen stored procedures, distributed queries, or automation objects.

In der Regel verwenden Sie diese Option bei Problemen mit Systemdatenbanken, die repariert werden sollten. Typically, this option is used if you experience problems with system databases that should be repaired. By default, allow updates is disabled. Limits startoptionen connections to a specified client application. Startoptionen this option when you are starting SQL Server SQL Server in single-user mode and an unknown client application startoptionen taking the only available connection.

Client Application Name is startoptionen sensitive. Double quotes are required if the application name contains spaces or special characters. Examples when starting from the command line: Verwenden Sie diese Startoptionen nicht als Sicherheitsfeature.

Do not use this option as a security feature. Die Startoptionen gibt den Clientanwendungsnamen an und kann als Teil der Verbindungszeichenfolge einen falschen Namen angeben.

The client application provides the client application name, and can startoptionen a false startoptionen as part of the connection startoptionen. Wenn der -s -Parameter nicht festgelegt wurde, wird versucht, die Standardinstanz zu starten. Without startoptionen -s parameter set, the default instance will startoptionen to start.

You must switch to the appropriate BINN startoptionen for the instance at a command prompt before starting sqlservr. Trace flags are used to start the server with nonstandard behavior. When specifying a trace flag with the -T option, use an uppercase "T" to pass the trace flag number.

Parameters specified in the Control Panel startup window are not read. Disables the following monitoring features: When you use the —x startup startoptionen, the information that is available for you to diagnose performance and functional problems with SQL Server SQL Server is greatly reduced. Increases the number of extents that are allocated for each file in a filegroup.

This option may be helpful for data warehouse startoptionen that have a limited number of users running index or data scans. It should not be used in other applications because it might adversely affect performance.

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