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This dynamic management view exposes state information on both the primary and secondary replicas. On a secondary replica, this view returns a row for every secondary database on the server s broker depot ubertragen. On the primary replica, this view returns a row for each primary database and an additional row for the corresponding secondary database.

Depending on the action and higher-level states, database-state information may be unavailable or out of date. Zudem sind die Werte nur lokal relevant. Furthermore, the values have only local relevance. Rather each of these values reflects a log-block ID padded with zeroes. Of the LSN values returned by sys. Identifier of the database, unique within an instance of SQL Server. Dies ist der gleiche Wert wie angezeigt, in der sys. This is the same value as displayed in the sys.

Identifier of the availability group to which the database belongs. Identifier of the availability replica within the availability group. Identifier of the database s broker depot ubertragen the s broker depot ubertragen group. This identifier is identical on every replica to which this database is joined.

Whether the availability database is local, one of: Returns 1 if the replica is primary, or 0 if it is a secondary replica. SQL Server Status der datenverschiebung, einen der folgenden Werte. Data-movement state, one of the following values. For a primary database, indicates that the database is not ready to synchronize its transaction log with the s broker depot ubertragen secondary databases.

For a secondary database, indicates that the database has not started log synchronization because of a connection issue, is being suspended, or is going through transition states during startup or a role switch. For a primary database, indicates that the database is ready to accept a scan request from a secondary database.

For a secondary database, indicates that active data movement is occurring for the database. A synchronous-commit secondary database shows synchronized when the local cache says the database is failover ready and is synchronizing. Indicates the phase in the undo process when a secondary database is actively getting pages from the primary database. When a database on a secondary replica is in the REVERTING state, forcing failover to the secondary replica leaves the database in a state in which it cannot be started as a primary database.

Either the database will need to reconnect as a secondary database, or you will need to apply new log records from a log backup. Indicates the phase of undo when the transaction log required for a secondary database to catch up to the undo LSN is being shipped and hardened on a secondary replica.

Description of the data-movement state, one of: For a database on an asynchronous-commit availability replica, this value is always 0. For a database on a synchronous-commit availability replica, this value is accurate only on the primary database. Reflects the intersection of the synchronization state of a database that is joined to the availability group on the availability replica and the availability mode of the availability replica synchronous-commit s broker depot ubertragen asynchronous-commit modeone of the following values.

Same as state column in sys. Der Status der Datenbank. Database state, one of: If the database is suspended, the reason for the suspended state, one of: Description of the database suspended state reason, one of: On the primary replica, the end of the transaction log before the primary database writes any new s broker depot ubertragen records after recovery or failover. If this value is greater than or equal to the current hardened LSN, resynchronization would be unnecessary and would not occur.

It is not an actual log sequence number LSN. On the primary replica, for the primary database, reflects the minimum log truncation LSN across all the corresponding secondary databases. If local log truncation is blocked such as by a backup operationthis LSN might be higher than the local truncation LSN.

For a given secondary database, reflects the truncation point of that database. It is not an actual log sequence number. The log block identifier that indicates the point up to which all s broker depot ubertragen blocks have been sent by the primary.

This is the ID of s broker depot ubertragen next log block that will be sent, rather than the ID of the most recently sent log block. Die Zeit, zu der der letzte Protokollblock gesendet wurde. Time when the last log block was sent. Log block ID identifying the point up to which all log blocks have been received by the secondary replica that hosts this secondary database.

Time when the log block ID s broker depot ubertragen last message received was read on s broker depot ubertragen secondary replica. On an asynchronous-commit primary database or on a synchronous-commit database whose current policy is "delay", the value is NULL.

On a primary database, reflects the time corresponding to minimum hardened LSN. Actual log sequence number of the last log record that was redone on the secondary database. Time when the last log record was redone on the secondary database.

Amount of log records of the primary database that has not been sent to the secondary databases, in kilobytes KB. Amount of log records in the log files of the secondary replica that has not yet been redone, in kilobytes KB. Local end of log LSN. Actual LSN corresponding to the last log record in the log cache on the primary and secondary databases. On the primary replica, the secondary rows reflect the end of log LSN from s broker depot ubertragen latest progress messages that the secondary replicas have sent to the primary replica.

Numeric 25,0 Numeric 25,0. Actual log sequence number corresponding to the last commit record in the transaction s broker depot ubertragen. On the primary database, this corresponds to the last commit record processed. Rows for secondary databases show the log sequence number that the secondary replica has sent to the primary replica.

On the secondary replica, this is the last commit record that was redone. Die Zeit, die dem letzten Commitdatensatz entspricht. Time corresponding to the last commit record. On the secondary database, this time is the same as on the primary database.

On the primary replica, each secondary database row displays the time that the secondary replica that hosts that secondary database has reported back to the primary replica. The difference in time between the primary-database row and a given secondary-database row represents approximately the recovery time objective RPOassuming that the redo process is caught up and that the progress has been reported back to the primary replica by the secondary replica.

A monotonically increasing number for the database indicating a low water mark used by s broker depot ubertragen cleanup on the s broker depot ubertragen database. If this number is not increasing over time, it implies that ghost cleanup might not happen. To decide which ghost rows to s broker depot ubertragen up, the primary replica uses the minimum value of this column for this database across all availability replicas including the primary replica. The number of seconds that the secondary replica is behind the primary replica during synchronization.

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