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Because I questrade select options level moments of tunnel vision, I am having been on the learning to invest tip for the last few months. It offers some great features that you are very easy to use, especially if you are not an expert in investing. And regardless of whether you only plan to be a hobby trader or a full time investor, part of minimizing risk starts with the broker you choose. Advantages of using Questrade to manage your online investment portfolio: In addition to their comprehensive customer service options and trading tools, which include tutorials to learn the interface, getting on board questrade select options level Questrade is a really simple process — just make sure you have your current employment and financial information on hand.

Does everyone on team 3 know I need this info? I just did my first trade in years with my step father mentoring me. I am not ready for Questrade now but I will forward this to my step father. Only available is Canada? We can all use some advice on investing, no matter what stage of complexity they are at! Yeah, I exclusively use Questrade. The lack of almost any fees is what attracted me to Questrade.

Watch out guysQuestrade does have inactivity fee as of Oct 1, Commissionable trades include free trades or trades made using commission rebates. Combined equity includes all accounts owned by a client, including joint accounts.

Clients are exempt if they are 25 years of age or under, or are subscribed to a level 1 questrade select options level greater data package. Charitable organizations are also exempt. Questrade Review March 15, Competitively low commission fees.

If you would like to see just how low the commission fees are, take a minute and questrade select options level out the official Questrade pricing guide. This was one of the main attractions questrade select options level me. Ability to purchase and store physical gold.

You can also choose to have the gold shipped; however, the cheapest option is to have it stored at the Royal Canadian Mint. The option to trade in US stocks without money sucking conversion fees. However, make sure you read the fine print because some account types will charge a flat rate commission fee.

Questrade is only available to Canadian residents. Although probably a given since Questrade is questrade select options level Canadian broker, their services are not available to non-residents. Navigating through multiple accounts can be tedious. Although definitely not a major problem, and certainly nothing that even comes close to outweighing the benefits of using Questrade as your broker, it can be a little bit tricky monitoring more than one Questrade questrade select options level through their online interface.

Signing up with Questrade is Easy In addition to their comprehensive customer service options and trading tools, which include tutorials to learn the interface, getting on board with Questrade is a really simple process — just make sure you have your current employment questrade select options level financial information on hand.

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