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This Course is bought to you from Non Directional Trading. Powered by Non Directional Trading. Having been a traders and trainer myself, I have always been on the lookout for trading courses especially in the options arena, most options ebook or courses, or even seminar offer very little useful techniques.

They will normally introduce what is options and go on to the more advanced spread. What is Iron Condor, what is Calendar Spread etc. What is more important than know just what it is, is how to apply it, how do you execute your 1st trade and what happen if market goes against you how do you adjust. More common way is if you are bullish you can do a various kind of strategy and if you are bearish you have bearish strategy options trading home study courses what if you have no direction at all like me?

A truely Non Directional Trader, than what strategy will be good? Before you purchase another ebook, course, seminar or even book, ask yourself the following. How do you plan your 1st trade if you have no view at all. How do you adjust your trade when market is options trading home study courses you so your trade can emerge as a winner again. I treat trading as a real business. Most people think the markets are too risky and their approach is hit or miss, pure speculation or worse, gambling.

The truth is, and this is exactly how I see myself: I am an entrepreneur. As an entrepreneur I seek opportunities in the market options trading home study courses well as engage in buying and selling activities to generate the highest return on my investment and then simply manage my risk. My product is options and stocks. I buy and sell them to make money. All businesses buy and sell to make money — I just do it with stocks and options.

All good businesses manage based on numbers and ratios — I do the same thing — I manage by the numbers. All businesses plan for profits and create opportunities for the largest return on investment ROI possible — I do too, except I create opportunities for the largest return on margin ROM.

I know exactly what my maximum profits are going to be before I place a trade. Then I simply manage the position and, if options trading home study courses, adjust my positions to remain profitable or cut my losses through smart risk management techniques and collect my profits at the end of the trading cycle monthly.

This business will never change… the principles, once you learn them are yours forever. You could learn these and hand them down to your children and grandchildren… the principles will never change because the markets never change — maybe new options trading home study courses come on the market but the basics of this business will never change.

How did I discover how to start a stock and option business? One options trading home study courses I woke up one day to find a little extra cash sitting in a money market earning 1. I knew somebody, somewhere was making a killing in the markets and I was determined to find them, learn everything they know and make a killing of my own. I was determined to run my trading as a businessnot as a gambler, and that meant looking at opportunities, supply and demand, marketplace dynamics and managing my business based on solid business fundamentals: Like any business my only concern was to buy something that I could sell at a profit — and with enough of a profit margin so that my expenses although small were covered leaving me with a consistent and reliable income.

The business of trading has all of these advantages. The best part is, the business could be managed in 15 minutes a day. The problem with creating a business based on the markets is that it seems like they are consistently changing and there was a lot of options trading home study courses The markets options trading home study courses up one day options trading home study courses down the next!

Frankly, technical indicators are like crutches — they only help to support and validate your trading ideas already formed in your mind. They options trading home study courses not help you become a better trader or see the reality of the market. There are only 3 technical indicators you need to run this business: We keep it simple. Simple makes me money. The use charts sparingly. All top traders do is manage their risk and take advantage of the only truths of the market — the ONLY absolute truths of the market.

For options there are two Absolute Truths: The top traders learn to respect these rules because they are the ONLY truths of the market. Of course you will never hear anyone on CNBC even mention these 2 rules because they would have nothing to report! Have a nice evening everyone! How much can you make? Frankly, it depends on your your capital, abilityto learn and your ability to maintain your discipline in this business.

Your success in your investment business depends on only one thing: The decisions YOU make. The only way for you to make the right decisions is by having superior knowledge. Also, I cannot give you specific investment advice because I am not an investment adviser registered with the SEC and I am not a CFP certified financial planner so if you watch the videos and you see me trading one ETF or stock do not think that is a recommendation.

So I can teach you what I know, the actual decisions you make with your money is up to only one person: I can tell you with a high degree of certainty though — there is no one who will options trading home study courses you what I will share with you.

What I can teach you will blow away anything that I learned in any of these seminars. Then I put together what I learned in bits and pieces options trading home study courses came up with a complete business system that I think will surprise you how profitable and easy it is to run — just 15 minutes a day is all you need.

Now if you want to make this a full-time business — you can! And there are plenty of opportunities if you have more time to devote to this business. Have you been in the market as an investor and been disappointed with the results? Do you stay away from the markets because you think they are too risky? Are you confused by technical and fundamental analysis?

Does the idea of trading stocks and options as a real business make sense to you? There are a total of 11 Modules. We use videos because you can see exactly what to do as you learn and you can watch them over and over again to review and build your understanding.

The Modules in the course are: This Module is designed to introduce you to a new way to trade stocks and options — as a business.

Learning the craft, acquiring the skills required to be successful in this business. I totally de-mystify them and tell you exactly what the Greeks are and, in practical, easy to understand language demonstrate how they impact your business. The Greeks are the numbers you need to understand to manage your portfolio profitably.

This options trading home study courses where things get good and interesting. What positions do we take? How do we determine when and how?

Build a portfolio by putting on positions that work together. This is where many traders go wrong — they put on individual positions and do not understand how they affect your overall portfolio. Why diversification in time frames, prices and options trading home study courses is a key to making money. Think or Options trading home study courses TOSin my opinion is the best broker and has the best trading platform available.

I take you inside the TOS platform and help you access the power you have at your options trading home study courses tips. Now that we have built our portfolio, how do we manage it by the numbers? The key to success is knowing how to look at the numbers and know, without a doubt, what they mean and what to do with them if anything.

We trade with confidence. I call it Smart Allocation of Capital. The art of adjustments is the missing link in trading options and stocks that almost no one teaches. How to close positions for maximum profits. How and when to close positions. The risks of holding positions into expiration week. What kinds of technical analysis help us in our business?

There are only a few key analysis tools that can help you determine the probabilities of market direction and I tell you exactly what those are in Part 1 as well as give you insights into why the market moves up and down in seemingly random fashion.

In Part 2, I dive into short-term indicators that can options trading home study courses your edge in the markets to better time your trades. These make money whether the market goes up or down. One important thing I should mention: There are ways to make money that are NOT obvious. For example, when you buy a stock you understand that when it goes down you lose money and when it goes up you make money.

When good stocks move down the strategy I describe in Strategy 1 makes more money than if they go up! How can that be? The most money at risk? That was the total amount that was at risk when this position was initiated and NO more money was ever put into the position.

Want to make a killing in the market? Wait till you see the power of this strategy. This is the perfect strategy for playing earnings reports, takeover news stocks and any options trading home study courses you think will move big in any direction with little risk. Day trade without the risk normally associated with day trading.

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