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Remember me Lost your password? They optionen trading card game pokemon online hack para it, Dragon Ball Z: Included in this masterpiece is a optionen trading card game pokemon online hack para replacement of all the items from Pokemon Fire Red with items from the DBZ universe, town names are replaced, ingame characters are replaced for example Prof.

Oak is now Dr. Brieftowns are completely redrawn to look like environments from the DBZ universe, all Pokemon attacks are replaced with DBZ attacks complete with new animationsand much much more. You have to press the little square in the middle with the 3 lines and a gray screen will appear and you will see a save option.

You can save your game. Lobe the rom so far. Can you switch it to goku for vegetas rival. This is the pokeball z nuchlock hack aka team trainging rom right and srry if i spelled nuchlock incorrect XD.

Your email address will not be published. Optionen trading card game pokemon online hack para me of follow-up comments by email. Notify me of new posts by email. You bought this amazing game on PC and after you boot it up the first thing you do is look for borderless window mode. You then went to google and you searched Following his simple instructions, you can now create a Sheikah Slate Apple Watch!

If the Apple Watch was not already cool to most people, it sure as hell Many games are becoming quite playable and the dev appearS to now be working on their emulator full time. There is still a lot of work to be done, but many games and their Downpour February 27, 0. Secret of Mana Remake — Is it any good? February 7, 0. August 15, Jesus 1 March 25, Hola a todos me encanta el juego pero optionen trading card game pokemon online hack para puedo guardar ayudadme por favor Reply.

Juan 2 March 19, Alguien sabe si se puede bajar algo para que el juego este en castellano???? Joselo 3 March 16, Gabriel 4 February 26, Konnor 5 March 3, Go to the emulator settings cartridge save type change it too flash k Reply. Gabriel 6 March 3, Ubayyt 7 February 16, Ubayyt 8 February 16, Lorenzo 9 January 11, Pau 10 October 31, Hola que hace repea o hace Reply.

Lucass 11 September 27, Derrick 12 September 21, Hugo 13 September 22, BlueBane 14 August 23, Antonio 15 August 3, How do u play this game Reply. Eric 16 August 2, Existw Goku ssjblue nesse jogo? Gajeel4hire 18 July 12, Any way youll put a character evolutionary list??

Chris 19 June 19, Does this game have zamasu and goku black Reply. Aryan Sarang 21 August 3, Christ Ramos 22 June 18, How can i save the game? Name 24 June 18, What is the best emulator for this? Chris 25 June 19, Llewellyn 26 June 15, This is the pokeball z nuchlock hack aka team trainging rom right and srry if i spelled nuchlock incorrect XD Reply. Thiago Costa 27 June 8, Travis 29 January 6, How new is this version? Is it most recent update? Dylan 30 March 14, Yes it is the new update Reply.

Bzjzjzj 31 June 8, Thiago Costa 32 June 8, Sim e so upar ate o lvl 50 q ele vira gold freezer Reply. Ektor 33 June 24, Does it have Zamasu and goku black event? March 7, 0. March 6, 0. February 27, 0.

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Don't see your favorite option? Request recommendations from the community. Shadow Era Recommended 20 days ago by GenerousLofn. Best card game I ever played regardless of the breaks I take I will always come back. The art is amazingly well done and pleasing to the eye.

Also the majority of matches I play are enjoyable regardless of win or lose. Shadow Era Recommended 20 days ago by SharpCheuksin. One of the best f2p ones out there.

Shadow Era Recommended 20 days ago by PoliteMafdet. Shadow Era Recommended 25 days ago by Michele. Simply the best card game out there. Shadow Era Recommended a month ago by CredibleAsterion. Legends Recommended 4 months ago by Theodore. I've been a huge Elder Scrolls fan since the franchise began, so of course I gave this a shot. My initial impression was "this is just a Hearthstone clone," and while it definitely is, the details make all the difference.

The lane mechanic alone makes this a completely different game tacticall Pokemon Shuffle Recommended 10 days ago by TactfulAdikia. Welcome to the Slant Community. Slant is powered by a community helping each other find the best stuff. Select the tags you're interested in to get an awesome personalized feed of games and other tech.

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