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Please keep the discussions in debian on-topic i. Hello, does anyone know how to connect a bluetooth device through the terminal? My fan always turns on when I'm hardly running anything, is there a way to fix this? Is there a good wireless managing tool? Or which is the best way to manage wireless networks, i must often change networks with different type of protection. This means either that you don't have the right GStreamer plugins installed, or that best broker forex online trading newsletter online forex11 don't have a sound card configured.

I'd like to convert a makefile to a shell script for use with an x86 embedded system. Does anyone have debian nfs set up effectively with windows xp nullmailer 121-6 binary overridden as an nfs client? I do use samba nullmailer 121-6 binary overridden, but I think there's nullmailer 121-6 binary overridden real positive reasons to get nfs working on win xp. I'm trying to install for the nth time For some reason, the installer "remembers" my raid config when I remake my partitions.

Yeah, I have some programs on a couple of windows boxes that I have to be able to run. I'm sure that nfs would do the task of sharing more efficiently if I can just figure it out.

So, have you gotten nfs client able to connect to a debian nfs server, i. Are you able to share the specifics of your win setup? I have a problem with java, I have installed netbeans, but when I start it I just get a grey screen, no gui elements.

The title of the window is "License Agreement". Question, does anyone here know how to cause it so that icons on the gnome desktop nullmailer 121-6 binary overridden NOT have the name of the file below them?

I nullmailer 121-6 binary overridden just the image but nullmailer 121-6 binary overridden the name. When I set MToolkit though, nothing appears at all. I think this is, because I do not have motif libraries. Nullmailer 121-6 binary overridden should I install to make this work? ANyone think they can help me out? I've got directories that are apparently both empty and not empty at the same time.

I'm trying to find someone else with similar issues to try to track down the problem What am I doing wrong here? How long do unix sockets usually take to time out before you can reopen them?

I download this pak http: Package audacious is not available, but is nullmailer 121-6 binary overridden to by another package. Please excuse the slow typing I had an operation and my right hand so I can't use it. Supaplex, lot of external storage options. Supaplex, this is the hardware raid one http: Supaplex, there are tons of great options.

I can reinstall broadcom's proprietary driver and show you the output if you wish. Lagbolt, if I rmmod wl and depmod -a, will that prevent wl from coming up on reboot? Otherwise, early bootup won't follow your blacklist requests in e. Lagbolt, is the usual procedure done after you use bfwcutter and then modprobe b43? Broadcom Corporation BCM I did an apt-cdrom add but it said it failed to mount the cdrom I am running in vmware btw.

Lagbolt, lspci - http: I'm having a problem running apt-get. To go from etch to etchnhalf Lagbolt, thanks for checking It requires mysql server which is normal, but the mysql server then requests exim4 and mailx, which I don't want.

I it normal that mysql-server depends on exim4-daemon-light? The enter key is not a substitute for punctuation. Hitting enter unecessarily makes it difficult to follow what you are saying. Consider using ',', '. I just took a look at http: Why does it say: Unable to connect to remote host: Connection refused robbie r The problem with the one on the main ftp servers nullmailer 121-6 binary overridden that it is outdated from May and does make it possible to download kernel modules needed for the installer to detect my disks.

I'm using Debian Lenny and recently installed gdm and X. When I ran apt-get install links2, and run it with grahpics with links -g, I am given the error that Graphics were not enabled when compiling. I thought it was because they went commercial with Virtualmin that put a stop on it in Debian! The following signatures couldn't be verified because the public key is not nullmailer 121-6 binary overridden Anyone know that is it possible to use dom0 as iscsi-target? I know it stupid but this is testing.

The itx module does not seem to work. The wiki lists an it module, but it does not seem to be present in any of the installers I've tried. Does anyone know about this? When I trying to chroot to root of dsl that copied files i have error: Inconsistency detected by ld. What would be the best place to get help with this? I remember I saw somewhere how to make "Imp" be the application that opens after login, but I can't seem to find it.

How can I avoid that? I'd like to know how long there must be between two du to get similar timing results again. No subnet declaration for eth0 0. I don't think it's tweakable a lot. I need to display disk usage for a directory in a webpage phpbut the first time I open the page nullmailer 121-6 binary overridden way too slow.

No subnet declaration for eth0 I was thinking about the second, using a crontab to launch du that's why I asked for the timeyou got any clue on a ballpark for the interval between du's?

I would make sure my crontabs use a valid user, or modify these file with sudo but I don't know what you are doing, obviously. I'm stepping out now - feel free to drop me a PM if you're still stuck.

How can i build just one module what isnt included in my current kernel. If yes, then how do i do it? I cant boot server. I have around deb files. Is there a way to install them If-and-only-if all dependencies are satisfied?? I don't want a half installed system?! Is there a way to have one user with two passwords?

I have several clients which need to connect to a samba server. On these clients the passwords differnces in the way, they're the same but sometimes with a capital letter in it. Does anyone have up-to-date information on rolling one's own debian installer? I need a modified version with support for my IDE controller. I'm using the lenny beta 2 installer kernel 2. For etch or sarge installers with up-to-date kernels, see http: I've been looking into nullmailer 121-6 binary overridden etch-and-a-half as well of course, but the problem is that it does not contain the it Ok, I read it.

It says that a backport is a nullmailer 121-6 binary overridden from a newer branch recompiled. In the newest branch I can find, apache is at 2.

Thank you for your earlier suggestion Eulex, but kmuto's installer also doesn't recognise my ide controller. The only working system I've found is Knoppix. I'm affraid I either have to find a way to install debian from a currently-running knoppix system, or to roll my own installer with a kernel with the correct driver compiled in.

Ha, great suggestions from you both, thanks! I'll be off puzzling a bit again: It often helped me if I had to install something from source but sometimes it failed.

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Unfortunately on this occasion caljonsmith made an error which I can promise you, is rare - when deleting or changing a logical to a primary partition, anything with in the logical partition is wiped. You could try testdisk to restore you data. It will probably re-write the logical partition to do this. If you manage the retrieval of your data, you will have to copy the data elsewhere whilst removing the logical partition. I host multiple website. But when site a sends e.

Zeeflo, could it be that you have the mailer configured to send from a secondary IP? Zeeflo, yes, likely, also check that your reverse dns is setup properly for both domains.

Completely, fully, with nothing left behind and no artifacts whatsoever from the original install before it reinstalls? I know there's magic here somewhere. Perhaps it's the application.. My needs require me to be able to fully uninstall MySQL. That's the only thing I'm asking. That's what I need to accomplish. If you want to ask a question about foo, please read man foo; before asking. If there isn't a manpage about foo, use apropos to find one.

Reading manuals helps us help you. In general, there's not a single command to do that. I didn't ask for your peanut gallery statements about.. The problem I'm having has nothing to do with the action I am attempting to do. I am sorry my last response was a mistake. There was a second failure in the array while it was rebuilding which has rendered the array inoperable.

If you are able to get any back ups please do so and we will rebuild your VPS on a different hypervisor as soon as you let us know you are ready to proceed with this.

Why not just have iptables filter based on interface and not ip? But its pretty noob-way: You can also achive this by adding a script to y our post-up on your interface. As for making it attach to different ip's, just make your rules effect the interface not the ip.

Yes you can probabaly use a static ip with your router, but that is a differnt layer so to speak than setting up an iptables firewall.

I guess this isn't a "debian" discussion, and I should go to debian-offtopic. I solved my keyboard not working issue by opening the Gnome keyboard preferences tool, and selecting another keyboard France was selected, oddly.

This took me about 5 hours to figure out, btw. I followed various useless leads, and, I think, ran into several unrelated bugs. I think you want to do it in your xorg. Try to find some of the options I belive there is one that allows you to run with out a core pointer device and then another that will keep it from looking for one automatically.

I rember when it wouldn't even start if it didn't detect one There is acommand you can get apt to compare two versions and tell you what it returns, but if you are getting an error like that you might be mixxing sources. Give the output of 'apt-cache policy', 'apt-cache policy python-apt' or your sources. Sounds like you are mixing things.

What are you mixing? What version of debian are you running? Ive added deb-src lines for experimental before and build the dependencies from source and then the target package from source, but maybe I'm forgetting something.

I have found a X -nocursor or a startx -- -nocursor argument, might need to modify your dm to pass that option to x. Though sometimes the build depends of a package form one version of debian cannot be met in another. D thanks for the help, I appreciate it. The issue is with their repo and their dependences since testing changes who knows what or when they grab testings source.

If so you need xorg and a kernel from backports. I am unsure how well hardware passes between vms In that case you may need to configure the guest to use the correct display. The "monit status" shows the high cpu load as well. I am trying to install the ati proprietary drivers on wheezy amd64 and I get an error due to not having the linux-headers I do have the linux-headers-amd64 installed..

Im trying to install the proprietary ati drivers but get errors due to not having the linux-headers I have tried 3. INstall a nwer kernel so you can match the headers to them. So upgrade your kernel and reboot. However, it say to go to the web directory to finish the instalation, and i cant seem to find it: Can anybody help me understand exactly how debian works with its releases?

Sid is stable, but it isn't like, a normal release, it's a rolling release, meaning if you wait long enough it will be wheezy, right? Is it possible and feasible to build packages from sid on my stable squeeze system? I keep getting a message E: Linux Mint is not Debian and is not supported in debian. Please use their forums at http: Yeah, I want to use firefox in Debian and I want to get update automatically, how can I do it? Everywhere on net I found messages that I can configure apache modules on debian using ultra cool tool - a2enmod.

Any idea about this issue please? I am trying to record the mix, but I get only the mic. I have alsa mixer,and the recording tab has capture capture1 and digital. GTK really isn't playing nice with the dark color theme KDE feeds it, and I keep getting light text in light textboxes, particularly in iceweasel.

That they pick and chose what information to grab from the system, make assumptions about others, and are otherwise inconsistent? It's not just web development. The Eclipse UI has the exact same issue. It's hard to see the funny side of racism. Perhaps we should move on. I've installed squeeze on a turn-of-the-millenium era box and I don't seem to have sound support, my initial guess is that it needs some proprietary driver as it worked with etch many years ago.

Anyone who can assist me? I have a notebook connected to Internet via wifi and a desktop that lacks a wifi card. How can I connect the desktop via cable to the notebook and do postrouting? I'm able to do it on the other way from cable to wifi postrouting but not the other way around. Thanks ChrisH, I had to set my default sound card. Looks like the number of the card changed when I rebooted? I suspect that filesystems aren't being properly umounted upon poweroff and reboot on my squeeze amd64 system running backports xorg, kernel and gnome 2.

When I power off through GDM login window, there's a long sequence of lines like stopping alsa, deactivating SWAP and so forth, but when powering off through terminal or Gnome menus there's only switching to runlevel 0 and init: I'm having a problem with perl on debian 6. There are about packages that are an apt-get away.

Pity you don't have it already it is part of the standard tool set Can you pastebin the output of "apt-cache policy perl perl-base libc6 apt dpkg; apt-cache policy" for me? If the upstream build system is crap, then it's a lot of work because you have to work around it. Well, I'm trying to create a openssh 6. Packaging is really easy, as long as your upstream is not drug fuelled. I just want to get my source, apply the patch and have a package. You could automate this if you're doing to do it repeatedly.

No output, it is not configured correctly. Perhaps apt died in a mysterious way and trying again is enough to fix it.

BTW part of the gigantic mess of sound is that there is an unlimited variety of intel sound chipset setups, all alike but different, and not all are supported. I have created a raid5 array with a total capacity of What could be wrong? What does 'mdadm --assemble --scan' say? What if I want to upgrade the current openssh package to 6.

It's still a goddamn hassle.