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Posted February - Issue No. Previous Guyana Diaries are available here. A shooting rampage in the early morning hour of January 26 by about 20 gunmen in the East Coast Demerara village of Lusignan left 11 persons including five children dead.

The brutal massacre occurred hours after unidentified gunmen opened fire on Police Headquarters at Eve Leary, Georgetown. Two days earlier, Guyana Defence Force Corporal Ivor Williams, was fatally shot by gunmen who ambushed a vehicle in which he was travelling during a patrol at Buxton, one mile east of Lusignan.

He declared at a press briefing that the criminals who stormed the Lusignan homes came from Buxton, long believed to be a safe haven for armed, dangerous criminals. President Jagdeo, political leaders and religious leaders urged for calm, over fears that the killings were of the magnitude to spark ethnic tension.

Opposition Leader Robert Corbin also appealed for calm and urged that the situation not descend into ethnic mayhem. Three others, including a five-year old, were seriously injured and are currently hospitalised. As the families of the dead mourned, residents on the East Coast of Demerara erupted in anger, and President Jagdeo dispatched Prime Minister Samuel Hinds and government ministers to try to ease flaring tension.

President Bharrat Jagdeo himself visited with the families of those killed, and he also visited other uneasy communities. In las operaciones de opciones se informan a irsa actions, residents in the area blocked roads and burned tyres. Police eventually broke up the protests with the use of tear gas and making a number las operaciones de opciones se informan a irsa arrests.

Meanwhile, in the community of Lusignan, las operaciones de opciones se informan a irsa flags of mourning lined the streets. The international community expressed solidarity with Guyana and said they were confident that the country would rise out of this challenge.

Read more here Diplomatic community pledges support The diplomatic community in Guyana has said it remains steadfast in its support to Las operaciones de opciones se informan a irsa and is optimistic that the country will overcome the challenge facing it at present. This assurance comes in the wake of the massacre of 11 residents at Lusignan by a band of gunmen. The Guyana Government has not approached the diplomatic community for assistance following the brutal incident, the news conference was told in response to a query.

However, the missions have advised its citizens who are resident here and have to traverse the troubled communities to be vigilant. Ramdin of the Organisation of American States OAS has called on all Guyanese to support law enforcement authorities in their efforts to investigate the slaying of 11 persons in Lusignan, and capture and bring the perpetrators to justice as soon as possible Ramdin declared that it would be even more tragic if the "situation were to deteriorate into further violence, at a time when Guyana is working to consolidate its democracy and build a peaceful community for all Guyanese.

Meanwhile, he underscored the grave scourge of crime and violence in the region, adding that it was hoped the upcoming meetings of Caricom heads of government as well as ministers of national security would put this issue high on the agenda.

OAS Ministers of Justice are scheduled to meet in Washington DC at the end of April, providing another opportunity to examine how the hemispheric body can further las operaciones de opciones se informan a irsa in tackling issues of crime and violence, said Ambassador Ramdin.

He said that the hemispheric organisation stood ready to provide technical assistance and other forms of help that may be needed by member states in the Caribbean and the other sub-regions.

Ramdin also strongly condemned the massacre and expressed his deepest condolences and sympathies to the victims' families, to Guyanese at home and abroad and to the government.

The venture is expected to promote entrepreneurship amongst young people in the Americas, through innovations and leadership development, training, technology and strategic alliances. It will act as a catalyst to create employment opportunities for the target group themselves and others, through small businesses and is to work with both government and private sector organisations in OAS member states.

OAS Assistant Secretary General, Ambassador Albert Ramdin, who came to Guyana for the launching, commended the action by the government and the private sector, noting that it will contribute to the positive development of youth entrepreneurs in Guyana.

According to Ramdin, through YABT, the OAS makes a unique contribution towards the development of policies and programmes for education, work and industrial skills development. The project attempts to serve as an ongoing high level policy dialogue while working with the member states and public and private sector institutions on developing education for work and entrepreneurship as a public priority.

Minister of Culture, Youth and Sport, Dr. Frank Anthony joined in commendation of the OAS move. He said the new initiative will complement the existing ongoing programme that directly las operaciones de opciones se informan a irsa young people and their personal development. Anthony said his ministry takes very seriously the training of young people and encourages its positive utilisation.

In, tonnes were produced. The Corporation said that its objective this year would be to increase sugar production to sometonnes, and pointed out that the following amounts were produced by its eight grinding factories last year: In addition, it said some 60, tonnes of bagged and packaged sugars were exported or sold locally while new markets for packaged sugar were located in St. Croix, Suriname, Barbados and St.

Kitts, and for bagged sugars in Australia and New Zeeland. The corporation noted that funding from the EU to upgrade the Enmore factory and construction of the new packaging plant there was also secured and the project will get underway this year. Meanwhile, the corporation in December last year commissioned the Skeldon Sugar Modernisation Factory SSMP diesel engine-generated power component of the co-generation unit which now contributes a reliable source of electricity to the national grid.

Donald Ramotar said on January 7. He said Dr Jagan always saw the struggle for a better Guyana connected to the struggle for a better world and this is las operaciones de opciones se informan a irsa in all of his works. The proposal for a New Global Human Order is premised on the grounds that both the developed and the underdeveloped countries of the world have gained by adopting such an order.

The government and the IDB have agreed to the cancellation of the total amount for eight different operations. As a result of this the government and the Bank agreed to reconstruct the project. Feasibility studies for Georgetown-Lethem road The feasibility studies for the Georgetown-Lethem road link is expected to commence this month. The pre-feasibility and feasibility studies are for evaluating the options of the Georgetown-Lethem road rehabilitation or improvement.

The second project includes the preparation of indigenous, environmental, social, economic and technical studies to evaluate the rehabilitation or improvement alternatives. Improvement of the transportation link will enhance regional integration, facilitate access to medical and educational facilities in the hinterland, and strengthen the environment for private sector investments as a means to support economic and social development.

In the long term, the improvement of the transportation link is envisioned to increase integration between Guyana and Brazil. Amaila Falls hydro project deal closer Synergy Holdings Inc. This requires a number of river crossings and the transmission towers would have to be sited properly to ensure reliability.

However, he noted that because of the difficulty of the terrain, a lot of additional work is being done to survey this line and ensure the soil-bearing capacity is adequate, and where they are not, to specify piling. Motilall explained that the project is of national importance with a life span that will exceed years if las operaciones de opciones se informan a irsa properly and quality construction materials are used.

This is a price that will remain fixed once the loans are paid off and Guyana will enjoy this cost of reliable power las operaciones de opciones se informan a irsa next 80 plus years after the loans are repaid. Robert Persaud, announced on January 17 and promised rigid enforcement of forestry rules this year. He said the earnings represented a 3. In addition, export volumes increased for dressed sawn wood, round wood, split wood and plywood, whereas on the other hand, export volumes decreased for logs and undressed sawn wood.

Stamping out sexual violence in hinterland communities Minister of Amerindian Affairs Carolyn Rodrigues is advocating greater awareness programmes to educate residents of hinterland communities on their rights with respect to sexual offences. Desrey Fox, who pledged to work with the Ministry of Human Services and Social Security to educate and promote greater awareness programmes on sexual violence in schools.

Minister of Human Services and Social Security, Priya Manickchand, commended both Ministers for their contributions and assured that her ministry is monitoring what is taking place in the Regions. She said that efforts were made last year to facilitate each community with a Social Welfare Officer and that some of them are very active in providing help for victims.

After the Paper is passed in Parliament and enacted, a massive campaign will be launched countrywide to educate persons on their rights. The Amerindian Ministry hopes to table the draft document by March Some of the proposed changes in the Paper are to abolish preliminary inquiries in court cases, introduce integrated services at hospitals and establish a special sex offences court. The project will yield direct benefit to some persons.

The main economic activities of residents on the largest island in Guyana include cattle rearing and the cultivation of ground provisions, pineapples, and vegetables, mainly pumpkin and watermelon. Prior to the commencement of the project, farmers would manually excavate four foot drains to get water las operaciones de opciones se informan a irsa their farmlands. This process was very challenging since it severely curtailed the expansion of new lands and was costly and laborious.

This was revealed by Head of the Presidential Secretariat Dr. Roger Luncheon who pointed out that over the last three years some 22 land titles have been granted, bringing the total number of communities which have received land titles to News Briefs The Government of Guyana on January 30 signed a memorandum of understanding with its Indonesian counterpart to promote and protect trade investments between the two countries.

Suprijanto Muhadi that Guyana is open for trade, particularly in the timber industry. At the meeting was Ignatius Jean, Country Representative of the Inter-American Institute for Cooperation on Agriculture IICAwho said the scheme will outline strategies for linkages to agriculture and tourism specific activities that can be developed from mutually beneficial agro-tourism products.

Baksh said the new degree in Education Management, Supervision and Planning, has been tailored to address the needs of the education sector. Forty students have enrolled for the course. The donation of a video recorder, a projector and a laptop computer was handed over to Minister of Health, Dr.

He received the Pravasia award. Additionally four new health centres were constructed, laboratories rehabilitated and several quarters for doctors and nurses were refurbished. The Ministry of Agriculture on January 11 commissioned two state of the art drainage pumps, which are expected to complement the existing drainage facilities at Hope and Greenfield, East Coast Demerara. Agriculture Minister Robert Persaud assured that efforts are ongoing in order to minimise the affects of flooding in Guyana, and the instillation of the pumps is evidence of the continuing efforts of the government.

Administrator of the Palms Geriatric Institution, Mohammed Yasin, has lauded the committed efforts by the government to ensure that the needs of the residents of that las operaciones de opciones se informan a irsa are met.

He noted that government, through the Ministry of Human Services and Social Security, continues to place significant emphasis on care and support for the less fortunate and has been making provisions to enhance las operaciones de opciones se informan a irsa lives of the residents. GWI has refurbished the elevated storage tank at its treatment plant in New Amsterdam, Berbice, and this is expected to ease the water woes las operaciones de opciones se informan a irsa that town.

The storage tank was placed out of operation during the fourth quarter of since it was found that its inner lining made from rubber was damaged. The tank has since been completely refurbished with fibreglass.

As is customary, the process places a high premium on accuracy and data transparency. Nunes came to prominence and was recognized as a national leader during the period when he held the position of Minister of Education in the PPP administration of that period. Under his guidance, educational opportunities expanded to many more Guyanese, particularly the children of working people and those living in the interior areas.

It was also during his time at the head of the Ministry of Education that the University of Guyana was established, allowing thousands of Guyanese access to tertiary education. The Guyana Defence Force on February 4 moved into the backlands of Buxton and neighbouring villages and began clearing the dense vegetation which provides hideouts for dangerous criminals. Masacre en Lusignan deja 11 muertos. En las acciones de protesta los residentes en la zona bloquearon las carreteras y quemaron cauchos.

Mientras tanto, en la comunidad de Lusignan las calles estaban marcadas con banderas negras de luto. Croix, Surinam, Barbados y St. Las ideas contenidas en la propuesta por un Nuevo Orden Humano Global fueron temas que ocuparon a Dr. Donald Ramotar el 7 de enero. Como resultado, el gobierno y el Banco acordaron reconstruir el proyecto. El Ministerio de Asuntos Amerindios espera proponer el borrador del documento para marzo

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