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Hilfe - Suche - Mitglieder - Kalender. Next generation of Chinese tanks will possess all-dimensional attack capability Source: According to Mao Ming, the most advanced tank in active service in the PLA is type main battle tank, which has 3 crew members after a feeding man is eliminated. He held that the next generation of main battle tank is likely to have only 2 crew members, i. Mao Ming said that the enhanced information ability will be the most important change to the next generation of tanks.

The target detecting device in the tank is connected with a command-and-attack network with many command systems and sensors from which the tank will receive real time useful information about the target. The fire performance of the tank will be further expanded.

Besides direct aiming and launching missiles, the tank also has indirect aiming and shooting ability. It can not only hit near-distance and far-distance objects, but also hit aerial targets. Generally speaking, the main battle tank of the next generation will combine the direct and indirect aiming to realize all-dimensional attacking. The chassis system of the tank will be a general-purpose one with changeable and modularized john c hull optionen futures und andere derivate pdf for battles in the city or field battles in north China and in south China.

By Yang Tiehu Editor: Chinesische Variante vom FST? War auch mein erster Gedanke. Help for Troop Carrier By barbara opall-rome John c hull optionen futures und andere derivate pdf Known here as Namer, the Israeli program will be executed in phases, with Israel's Ministry of Defense-owned and -operated Tank Production Office serving as lead system integrator of U. Defense sources say the multiyear effort will initially mean hundreds of millions of dollars for the winning bidder and tens of millions in industrial cooperation orders for local john c hull optionen futures und andere derivate pdf. In interviews last week, executives from all three companies confirmed keen interest in the program and plan to respond to an MoD request for proposals RfP released last week.

Army requirements could match characteristics of the Namer," he said. Executives from BAE and General Dynamics declined to discuss potential sales beyond the Israeli Army, but touted their respective expertise and production capacity for the Israeli program. Army, although as underwriter of U. Obviously, we would be proud if our vehicle ends up protecting Americans," he said. Formal industry bids are due in the first quarter ofwith a direct commercial sales contract formalized with the winning company by the end of next year.

Livnat stressed that the procurement program must be audited and authorized by the Defense Security and Cooperation Agency, the Pentagon organization that regulates and monitors Israeli spending of U. The Namer is a direct derivative of the Merkava Mk4 design, with the same suspension, engine, tracks, periscopes and basic multilayered armor as the renowned Israeli main battle tank. But program officials emphasize that it was designed from the beginning as a heavy fighting vehicle and troop carrier, rather than a modification to existing vehicles.

It john c hull optionen futures und andere derivate pdf a new air filtration system and a powerful new diesel air conditioning system that allows for keeping the man crew cool without powering up the main engine. The Namer will be outfitted with indigenous remote control weapon stations, C4I gear, active protection and other systems specially suited for infantry combat. MoD's Tank Production Office built three prototypes in a record 17 months, with the first battalion operational with Israel's Golani brigade since last summer.

There were no mockups; we went directly to the Namer," Livnat said. Israeli Firms' Angst Israeli defense officials say they have a year funding commitment, not only to expand its Merkava Mk4 force, but for the weapons and subsystems planned for Namer.

In parallel, competing bids will be assessed, in part, by the amount of industrial cooperation U. Nevertheless, Israeli executives are skeptical, if not outright hostile to the U. Passy said he was speaking for most of the companies and factories associated with the Merkava tank program, which provide income for thousands of households throughout the country. We also believe that the people making the decisions now truly want to preserve the capabilities of our industry.

Yoav Har-Even, chief of staff of the IDF's Ground Forces Command, said the Namer embodies lessons from Israel's Lebanon War, which places a premium on unfettered ground maneuvering warfare in all types of battle conditions. It's john c hull optionen futures und andere derivate pdf most advanced weapon infantry fighting system in the world," he said Dec.

Har-Even said the Army needs as many Namers as possible in the shortest amount of time, and the U. I'm not talking only about protecting our forces; but empowering them with the ability to fight effectively in all theaters under all conditions," he said. The Stryker family of vehicles has 10 variants: The Army has 3, Stryker vehicles, with more than currently be used in combat. Kosten etwa 2,5 Mrd. The vehicles will replace the old models Urutu used today by the Brazilian armed forces.

The basic dimensions are 6. The model can be equipped with a turret armed with remote control operation for several different applications. The model can be transported by an aircraft of type C Hercules.

The Oshkosh Hybrid Truck Oshkosh have produced an impressive Hybrid Truck and although this truck is focussed on military applications, it is just as useful in humanitarian and e. The technology used is a precursor for what to expect in commercial heavy truck applications. The truck has the ability to do double duty as a kilowatt generator, has onboard diagnostics for simplified in-the-field troubleshooting and maintenance. Since the system uses no batteries, they never need to be john c hull optionen futures und andere derivate pdf.

Rather, ultracapacitors are used for energy storage, and the amount of fuel needed to supply ProPulse-equipped trucks is less. The system acts as an on-board generator, providing enough electricity to power a city block, airfield, hospital or command center. The truck can sit silently, draw on the ProPulse system to power equipment, and yet generate no heat signature since the engine doesn't need to be running. Unlike some other systems, users can discharge all stored energy from the truck, so maintenance personnel can work in complete safety.

The ProPulse system uses a unique, modular series-hybrid arrangement to simplify the transmission of power to the wheels. The diesel engine powers an electric generator, which provides direct power to the wheels, eliminating the torque converter, automatic transmission, transfer case and drive shafts.

The system has no what is share trading account, using ultracapacitors for energy storage instead. A regenerative braking function stores engine energy and then uses it to assist in the next braking operation, reducing wear and tear on the brake system.

This leading-edge technology is the first significant step toward the development of an entirely new generation of highly mobile and incredibly efficient defense trucks. Na john c hull optionen futures und andere derivate pdf, ob sich Rheinmetall damit einen Gefallen gemacht hat??? Ich sehe den Deal kritisch. Konsequent mag der Schritt sein.

Aber wo sind die sogenannten Synergie-Effekte??? Welche Synergien sollen das sein? Sollten das die Synergien sein Und man kann dannn im Paket gleich gepanzerte Fahrerkabinen anbieten aus einer Hand. Nur versucht man heute gerne es "durch die Blume" zu formulieren. With the first Arjun tank regiment completing its conversion trials, the Army is readying to test the indigenous MBT's mettle against the proven Russian Ts in the early half of the year.

However, the Army has placed orders for only Arjuns in all as yet and there have been enough indications that further orders may not come through, as the Army was now looking at a futuristic MBT that could be operational beyond It was also felt by the Army's Mechanised Forces circles that Arjuns could serve the Army only for about a decade as the technology and design of the tanks were on the verge of obsolescence already.

Having taken nearly 37 years to have a regiment of the indigenous tanks since the project was approved, the tanks have changed designs from a tonne class vehicle with a mm gun at the conception stage to tonne vehicle with a mm gun during production. The Arjun project was approved in and the first prototype of the tanks was readied in and publicly displayed in However, during its development stages, several structural and design flaws were identified by the DRDO and the Army that were later rectified.

Now that the Army had got delivery of the first 40 tanks to complete its first of the three regiments that would operate Arjuns, the indigenous MBT is likely to be put through comparative summer trials against the tonne Ts between March and May this year.

Meant to come as replacements for the aging T MBTs of Russian origin, the mainstay of Indian combat vehicle fleet since the john c hull optionen futures und andere derivate pdf, the delay in Arjun's production made India go in for Ts from Russia. First, an order for Ts was placed with Russia and it was followed up with tank order in Again, inanother order for 1, tanks was placed. While the first were bought directly from Russia, the rest of the orders were for licensed production of the tanks within India.

The licensing issues were only sorted as recently as last year, with Russia agreeing to provide all technical knowhow to India for indigenous production of the tank. In all, India would have about 35 regiments of Ts in its armoured fleet by Arjun tanks to be tested against Russian Ts before May Naja wollen wir mal einen Tippfehler zu Gute halten.

Aber jetzt mal ehrlich, ist das jetzt die letzte Zuckung eines eigentlich schon untoten Projektes? Cyberwar In Digital Combat, U.

Sanger and Thom Shanker, and written by Mr. The results were dispiriting. The enemy had all the advantages: No one could pinpoint the country from which the attack came, so there was no effective way to deter further damage by threatening retaliation.

What some participants in the simulation knew — and others did not — was that a version of their nightmare had just played out in real john c hull optionen futures und andere derivate pdf, not at the Pentagon where they were meeting, but in the far less formal war rooms at Google Inc.

After that, the trail disappeared into a cloud of angry Chinese government denials, and then an ugly exchange of accusations between Washington and Beijing. So far, despite millions of dollars spent on studies, that quest has failed.

Last week, Secretary john c hull optionen futures und andere derivate pdf State Hillary Rodham Clinton made the most comprehensive effort yet to warn potential adversaries that cyberattacks would not be ignored, drawing on the language of nuclear deterrence. Clinton did not say how the United States would respond, beyond suggesting that countries that knowingly permit cyberattacks to be launched from their territories would suffer damage to their reputations, and could be frozen out of the global economy.

There is, in fact, an intense debate inside and outside the government about what the United States can credibly threaten. Economic retaliation and criminal prosecution are also possibilities. Inside the National Security Agency, which secretly scours overseas john c hull optionen futures und andere derivate pdf networks, officials have debated whether evidence of an imminent cyberattack on the United States would justify a pre-emptive American cyberattack — something the president would have to authorize.

In an extreme case, like evidence that an adversary was about to launch an attack intended to shut down power stations across America, some officials argue that the right response might be a military strike.

Instead, it was the simulated cyberattack — a battle unlike any they had engaged in. Participants in the war game emerged with a worrisome realization.

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