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It has achieved consolidated status on the national level in Italy. Among the various projects carried out the following must be noted:. The campaign to raise public awareness for the approval of the Law stabilizing that January 27th as the il binario milano date in which The Holocaust Remembrance Day will be observed starting from Copies of this film were then distributed in schools.

Since the exhibitions have drawn in more thanvisitors, most of them school children of all ages and levels. Sincethe Association has been collaborating with the Lombardy Schools Board. Amongst the many other things this Association does is to organize meetings with Holocaust Survivors, debates, seminars and refresher courses for teachers in collaboration with the International Organizations that are devoted to research on the Holocaust.

Our audience is the new generation, best binary trade is it real brokers il binario milano students from Middle and High Schools. The telling of these tragic events by Survivors of the Holocaust, who experienced the atrocities first hand, is an important tool il binario milano opening and awakening the consciousness of young people.

They in turn will hand down the Memory of what happened. It has produced two Didactic Multimedia Kits in Italian that are distributed free of charge to schools il binario milano libraries.

Three touring exhibitions as well as two Didactic Kits, complete with brochures and Multimedia materials, are freely distributed to schools and any other private or public organizations that ask for it. These materials help teach subjects related to the Holocaust.

Stolen Childhood - A Catalogue of the show: Remember this did happen-Destination Auschwitz - A Booklet: Il binario milano History to Memory - A Booklet: They were children just like us… - A Booklet: From the end of il binario milano the beginning offrom those underground platforms, 14 other convoys of human suffering and exhaustion, left destined for the Nazi death camps.

This is an Italian story, not only regarding Jews, but the entire population. This exhibition is il binario milano into 2 parts: A particular section of this show has a virtual reconstruction of the death chambers found in these extermination camps.

Stolen Childhood This exhibition goes back over the negation of the fundamental rights of Jewish children during the Nazi persecution. There were one and a half million young innocent victims of the Holocaust. Through il binario milano negation of the fundamental rights of childhood such as the right to play, to dignity, to health, to an identity, to learning, to freedom, to guardianship, and lastly to life, this exhibition highlights the hard conditions and the terrible restraints young Jewish children and youth were subjected to throughout these awful years.

This terrible horror is contrasted with the important figure of the Polish pedagogue Janusz Korczak, the inspiring father of the actual International Convention of Childrens Rights, who fought till the il binario milano to relieve the suffering and horror of his orphanage which was situated in the Warsaw Ghetto.

Different panels with extracts from his publications highlight his moral and pedagogical ideas. Among the various il binario milano carried out the following must be noted: The Kits are made up of: These Kits are freely distributed to all schools and libraries in Italy should they request it. Mostra itinerante monografica curata dall Associazione Figli della Shoah dedicata alle opere ed alla vita del grande scrittore e pedagogo polacco.

Per prenotarla clicca qui. La mostra itinerante curata dalla Il binario milano Lombardia viene diffusa in tutta Italia dall Associazione Figli della Shoah Per prenotarla clicca qui. Per infomazioni clicca qui. L'Associazione Figli della Shoah e Gariwo propongono un percorso di conoscenza della figura dei Giusti che durante la Shoah o in altri contesti storici divennero esempi di altruismo e coraggio.

Per partecipare al Concorso dedicato alle scuole clicca qui. Per iscrizioni e il binario milano clicca qui. Per informazioni clicca sulla sezione del sito Mostre Itineranti. L'Associazione Figli della Shoah cura e coordina le visite guidate per le scolaresche al Memoriale della Shoah di Milano. Per prenotazioni clicca nella sezione dedicata.

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May be because we wanted to distinguish divisare from the web that is condemned to a sort of vertical communication, always with the newest architecture at the top of the page, as the "cover story," "the focus.

Content that was destined, just like the oh-so-new architecture that had just preceded it a few hours earlier, to rapidly slide down, day after day, lower and lower, in a vertical plunge towards the scrapheap of page 2. Our model was the bookcase, on whose shelves we have gathered and continue to collect hundreds and hundreds of publications by theme. Every Collection in our Atlas tells a particular story, conveys a specific viewpoint from which to observe the last 20 years of contemporary architecture.

A long, patient job of cataloguing, done by hand: Behind all this there is the certainty that we can do better than the fast, distracted web we know today, where the prevailing business model is: Instead of the fast, distracting web, we prefer a slow, careful one. Instead of information hastily received, we prefer knowledge calmly absorbed. This is why we love to publish books and encourage you to put down your device, grab a cup of coffee, and enjoy a high-quality read the old-fashioned way.

Divisare Books are not available at bookstores or elsewhere. The only way to get your issue is to buy it here. All of our issues are extremely limited editions.

Nicola Braghieri, with clarity, expressive eloquence and a good dose of irony, defines his own image of architecture as an alternative to the overwhelming banality of current production in the field. An architectural image that stubbornly pursues a non-virtual relationship with research, with the results of an analysis systematically conducted on the historical body of the city, and on the "corpus" of references adopted by the modern tradition regarding the typological and morphological transformations of the constructed world.

BOX SETS investigate the contemporary realm of Chinese architecture and the multiple ways it is reinventing a recognizable cultural common ground. The architectural journey is driven by the lens of outstanding photographers and their visual narrations of built spaces, strong materiality, and intangible feelings.

Box Set with 4 Notebooks To help make you write, draw and design as easy as can be. A limited-edition handmade box set that includes 4 notebooks in 4 different shades of BLUE. Box Set with 12 Notebooks To help make you write, draw and design as easy as can be. A limited-edition handmade box set that includes 12 notebooks in 12 different shades of RED.

Lord knows we tried. But after more than 20 years spent in the transient, fleeting and contingent world of the internet no amount of pivoting or faking could squeeze a proudly independent online magazine into a conventional printed periodical.

But if you're looking for something more fluid and flexible, you may be open and inquiring enough to appreciate the work we are doing. It even smells good. COM Not available at bookstores or elsewhere. The only way to get your issue is to buy it at divisare. Each issue is shipped in strong corrugated cardboard box out of our distribution centre based in Berlin, Germany. All of our prices include shipping to anywhere in the world.

The strong corrugated cardboard is pre-creased for easy and secure wraparound packaging. The Memorial of the Shoah — a place for memory and narration- together with the Memory Laboratory — a place devoted to process the informations- reveal a hidden railway station through a system of spaces of dialogue and research. But if at that time indifference took along the goods trains, today the Memorial offers a new glance on the facts of those days.

This space was a wide and unused sorting depot till , located underneath the railway station and directly communicating with the street. The wagons where finally lifted on the railway level and then sent to death camps, mainly Auschwitz-Birkenau and Bergen-Belsen. Objectives The Memorial will be a public space open to dialogue, debate and confrontation between different cultures, a vocation sprung from a place devoted to memory, with the objective to make visibile what was kept hidden for years.

The architectural integrity of this space, unique within Europe, suggests a project based on the conservation of its peculiarities and the setting of a permanent exhibit about Shoah -Memorial- and a system of new spaces. Project This is a Memorial, not a Museum: The exhibit makes usable and visibile this scenery of dramatic historical events allowing visitors to cross it, experiencing a visit on different levels of involvement.

The project is based on the need to preserve the space of Memory and to keep constantly clear its dimension and peculiarity. All the architectural interventions are kept independent from the existing structures, keeping a respectful distance from them. This project reveals itself similar to an archaeological excavation in space and time, establishing a dialectic relation with the historical building and recovering it to shape a critical, civil conscience.

The visit path through the Memorial crosses the original sequence of ambiences, now transformed in spaces of Memory. On the platform 20 plates quote the dates and the destinations of the trains directed to the death, concentration and transit camps. The Memory Laboratory is based on a system of spaces organized around a three-storey high library provided with 40, books and collecting the cultural patrimony around Shoah: The Memory Laboratory will be provided with an exclusive access in order to make it visibile and usable independently from the Memorial.

The construction yard started in Credits of the project Architects and artistic directors: Gian Paolo Treccani Conservation: Paolo Gasparoli with Maria Cannatelli Structural engineers: Ferrara Palladino e Associati Acoustics: Cesare Trebeschi Work Supervision: Kooa - Federico Thieme Client: Fondazione Memoriale della Shoah di Milano Onlus.

Varia Architectonica Alfredo Pirri. Time is the Best Architect Beniamino Servino. Tacuit et fecit Curves Dario Passi. Oblique Drawing Luca Galofaro. Atlas of Notes Montages Orthogonal. Anger of Form Scrapbook Steven Holl. Vernacular Interiors Wooden Interiors. Wellness Facilities and Spas. Urban Graffiti Vernacular Volumes!

So we began to build divisare not vertically, but horizontally. It is a different idea of the web, which we might call slow web. Divisare Books New Issues Instead of the fast, distracting web, we prefer a slow, careful one. Morpurgo de Curtis ArchitettiAssociati. Photos by Andrea Martiradonna. Published on December 14, Get More of Divisare in Your Inbox. A hand-picked selection of contemporary architecture revealed by great architectural photographers.