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Buy Store Trade Blog. Below is a list of exchanges where you can purchase your first Bitcoin. Australia Australia United States. Where can I buy Bitcoin in Australia? Often down during price drops due to high traffic.

At time of writing, can't sell in Australia, only buy. One of the more popular exchanges. Essentially a marketplace where you can buy Bitcoin from other people, both online and in-person. Great if you're having difficulty getting verified on other exchanges. Have found the interface easy-to-use and the selection extensive. Interface can be intimidating at first, but very powerful.

BTC Markets Free incoming, 0. Price is sometimes higher than US market due to liquidity. Lower trading fees the higher the volume. More details on fees page. Also offers currency-hedged accounts. Only charge fees on fiat withdrawals, otherwise free to trade.

Supposedly a cheaper option when BTC is on the rise. Mercatox Varies per coin Free Varies per coin Trade fee is 0. While the UI can seem a bit dodgy, Mercatox often lists altcoins not found on the bigger exchanges.

As a result can bag some good deals. However, can be difficult to withdraw coins from. Be wary when using. Where can I store my Bitcoin? Very easy-to-use, even for how to trade bitcoin in australia non-technical user. Secure, no operating system less attack surface for malwarepassphrase recovery.

Supports multi-signatures, but biggest trade-off: Must set up on computer before use. Less convenient than it's screen-full counterparts, but still more secure than an online wallet. BitAddress Free Free paper wallet means you generate the code and put it somewhere how to trade bitcoin in australia.

Runs via client-side Javascript, so make sure to disconnect computer from internet how to trade bitcoin in australia using. Where can I trade cryptocurrencies? Exchange How to trade bitcoin in australia Summary Cryptopia 0. Also very easy to use, and great interface. Fees decrease with more volume. Free just standard mining fee. Reputable, and very easy. Registering, buying, and selling Bitcoin is free.

A new Chinese exchange that boasts a variety of harder-to-find altcoins. Varies based on currency chosen check link. Easy to use, can buy and sell, as well as trade various pairs bitcoin, litecoin, ethereum. Free Just standard mining fees. Australia Crypto Exchange, very trade-focused.

Free to sell BTC, withdrawals not mentioned. Easy to use for the beginner, but otherwise not much information. Trade fee is 0. Very high withdrawal fees, however often has altcoins not found on the other major exchanges. Ledger Nano S Hardware Wallet. Cheapest hardware option with a screen, Ledger is one of the more reputable wallet-makers, can't go wrong how to trade bitcoin in australia this option.

A budget hardware wallet. Free paper wallet means you generate the code and put it somewhere safe. Good interface, easy to deposit money. Wide selection of markets, nearly every currency pair you can think of.

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No hidden or additional fees. Offer a low 0. Pricing flexibility also available to traders. Pricing flexibility with both market and limit order prices available to traders. Consistently one of the most expensive service options due to a high base price and a 4. One of the most expensive services with a high 4. Instant cash deposits and fast online payment options available, quick turnaround. Various instant deposit options available with a quick order confirmation time.

Same day POLi payment deposits available, fast responding order confirmation times. Consistently fast service due to cash deposit method, 1 hour fulfilment time. One day turnaround on POLi deposits, Lengthy verification slows down first purchase. Two day wait on first purchase and ID verification required which slows process. Average of two day BPAY deposit turnaround time and a lengthy verification process.

Focus on helping bitcoin beginners get started. Multiple payment options available. User must provide bitcoin wallet, straightforward verification and payment options. Users must provide their own bitcoin address, simple step-by-step instructions. Straightforward cash deposit option but only available during business hours. Not ideal for beginner users, fully functioning platform for experienced traders.

A complex purchase experience unsuitable for causal bitcoin users. Steep learning curve for beginners due to banking style with unusual terminology. Higher limits available if requested. Long standing presence in Australia. Only service with proof of solvency. High profile executive team and visibility, clear focus on user security and privacy. Long established exchange within Australia and strong presence in bitcoin community. ADCCA members, active in bitcoin community, responsive support.

Phone number and address listed on website, global bitcoin foundation member. Established bitcoin service with a clear focus on customer security and privacy. The higher the better. The following table lists key features bitcoin beginners should look for in an exchange.

They may be a scam. Select the aspect most important to you and see how each exchange fares. Exchanges that provide the best value for money. Exchanges that can get you bitcoin quicker than quick.

Exchanges that are bitcoin beginner friendly. Exchanges that are great for purchasing large amounts of bitcoin. Exchanges that seem the most trustworthy. Please be careful out there. Bitcoin is an exciting new area and while we have done our best to ensure the information on this site is accurate and only legit exchanges are listed, things can change at a moment's notice.

Always use your own judgement and if anything sounds too good to be true, it probably is.