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The Morgan dollar was a United States dollar coin minted from toand again in It was the first standard silver dollar minted since production of the previous design, the Seated Liberty dollarceased due to the passage of the Coinage Act ofwhich also ended gold and silver trading company fort morgan co free coining of silver.

The obverse depicts a profile portrait representing Libertywhile the reverse depicts an eagle with wings outstretched. The dollar was authorized by the Bland—Allison Act. Following the passage of the act, mining interests lobbied to restore free silver, which would require the Mint to accept all silver presented to it and return it, struck into coin. Instead, the Bland—Allison Act was passed, which required the Treasury to purchase between two and four million dollars' worth of silver at market value to be coined into dollars each month.

This act, once again, was repealed in InCongress approved a bill that required all remaining bullion purchased under the Sherman Silver Purchase Act to be coined into silver dollars. When those silver reserves were depleted inthe Mint ceased to strike the Morgan dollar. The Pittman Actpassed inauthorized the melting and recoining of millions of silver dollars.

Pursuant to the act, Morgan dollars resumed mintage for one year in The design was replaced by the Peace dollar later the same year. In the early s, a large quantity of unissued Morgan dollars was discovered in the Treasury vaults, including issues once thought rare. Individuals began purchasing large quantities of the pieces at face value, and eventually the Treasury ceased exchanging silver certificates for silver coin.

Beginning in the s, the Treasury conducted a sale of silver dollars minted at the Carson City Mint through the General Services Administration.

InMorgan's reverse design was used on a silver dollar issued to commemorate the old San Francisco Mint building. InCongress enacted the Fourth Coinage Act[1] which effectively ended the bimetallic standard in the United States by demonetizing silver bullion. Groups were formed that demanded the free coinage of silver or " free silver " in order to inflate the dollar following the Panic of Beginning inseveral bills were introduced in the House of Representatives in an effort to resume the free coinage of silver.

Bland of Missouri was passed in the fall of Allison of Iowa added important amendments to the bill in the Senate. The House bill allowed Free Silver; one of Allison's amendments gold and silver trading company fort morgan co that provision. InDirector of the Mint Henry Gold and silver trading company fort morgan co began efforts to redesign the nation's silver coins.

Fremantle, Deputy Master of the Royal Mint in London, requesting him to "find a first class die-sinker who would be willing to take the position of Assistant Engraver at the Mint at Philadelphia. George Morganage 30, who has made himself a considerable name, but for whom there is not much opening at present in this country. Morgan arrived in Philadelphia on October 9, Morgan to prepare without delay, dies for a silver dollar, the designs, inscriptions, and arrangement thereof to be the same as the enclosed impression for the Half Dollar and numbered '2' substituting the words 'one dollar' in place of 'half dollar'".

Linderman also ordered Pollock to "instruct Mr. Barber to prepare a reverse die for a gold and silver trading company fort morgan co with a representation of an eagle as well as the inscriptions required by law. He will select whichever of his Heads of Liberty he prefers for the obverse of the same. Linderman desired to involve the western mints of San Francisco and Carson City in gold and silver trading company fort morgan co in order to help reach the monthly quota necessary under the Bland—Allison Act.

The Denver Mintestablished instruck the coins for only one year, in Mintage of the Morgan dollar remained relatively steady until the passage of the Sherman Silver Purchase Act on July 14, Beginning early ina number of industrial firms, including the Philadelphia and Reading Railroad and the National Cordage Company went bankrupt.

This led to a run on the British supply of silver. Since the Treasury had destroyed the obsolete Morgan dollar dies inMorgan had to create an entirely new master die. But no change in the design or die of any coin shall be made oftener than once in twenty-five years from and including the year of the first adoption of the design, model, die, or hub for the same coin:. And provided furtherThat nothing in this section shall prevent the adoption of new designs or models for devices or emblems already authorized for the standard silver dollar and the five-cent nickel piece as soon as practicable after the passage of this act.

Treasury mint on demand. Inan individual redeemed a silver certificate and received a rare and valuable Morgan dollar in exchange. The coin was from a bag of gold and silver trading company fort morgan co dollars in the vault of the Philadelphia Mint. Some people in line were pushing wheelbarrows. Treasury discovered previously unknown mint bags of Carson City dollars in its vaults containing slightly more than 2.

On May 12,the Joint Commission on Coinage held a meeting in order to determine the best way to sell the Carson City-minted dollars earlier held back by Treasury officials.

They recommended a mail bid sale. On June 15,legislation was approved that provided for the minting of a silver dollar and a five dollar gold coin in "commemoration of the Old Mint at San Francisco," with surcharges to be given to the San Francisco Museum and Historical Society in an effort to rehabilitate gold and silver trading company fort morgan co Old Mint.

The dollars were produced every year between and at a total of 4 different mints. Each mint, with the exception of Philadelphia, has its own mint mark. In production was resumed for one year only, with this year being the only one where the Denver mint was used. From Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia. This article is about the United States dollar coin.

InRichard P. Bland introduced a bill in the House to resume coinage of the standard silver dollar. Allison added amendments to the bill in the Senate.

A pattern for the standard silver dollar created by William Barber. Sherman Silver Purchase Act and Panic of Presidential Vetoes, — PDF. United States Government Printing Office. Retrieved December 18, Supplement to the revised statutes of the United States. Retrieved 4 September Retrieved August 28, Retrieved February 13, Fite, Emerson David History of the United States second ed. Bowers and Merena Galleries. Van Allen, Gold and silver trading company fort morgan co C.

United States currency and coinage. Coinage of the United States. Flowing Hair —95 Draped Bust —c. Anthony —81; Silver Eagle —present Sacagawea —present Presidential — Turban Head eagle — Half eagle — Eagle — Quarter eagle — Gold dollar —89 Three-dollar piece —89 Liberty Head double eagle — Double eagle — Saint-Gaudens double eagle —33 Indian Head eagle —33 Indian Head gold pieces —29 Gold Eagle —present Gold Buffalo —present First Spouse gold bullion coins — Two-cent billon Three-cent bronze Stella —80 Half-union Retrieved from " https: Views Read Edit View history.

In other projects Wikimedia Commons. This page was last edited on 16 Februaryat By using this site, you agree to the Terms of Gold and silver trading company fort morgan co and Privacy Policy. Wikimedia Commons has media related to Morgan dollar. Dollar coin of the United States —, Concurrent with:

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