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The invention relates to a method and apparatus for a generator protection test in the generator power diagram according to the preamble of claim 1.

Gen binarausgang invention is here assumed that a generator protection test in the three-phase gen binarausgang or system takes place. Ein Synchrongenerator und ein angeschlossenes elektrisches Energiesystem stellen ein komplexes System dar, das nur innerhalb gewisser Grenzen stabil arbeitet. A synchronous generator and a connected electric power system are a complex system that works stably only within certain limits. The system stability depends on a lot of different factors and as many error conditions can be set.

Generator gen binarausgang relays have the task of fully automatic, timely and selectively detect faulty generator operating conditions of all kinds. Selectivity is necessary because different fault conditions require different measures. Meistens wird er jedoch sofort vom Netz getrennt und zum Stillstand gebracht. Mostly he is immediately disconnected gen binarausgang the grid and brought to a standstill. In case of failure is not only the risk of destroying the generator itself.

A runaway gen binarausgang can cause tremendous property damage and personal injury in the environment. A big problem of protection gen binarausgang in general that they should actively protect plants, but most of the gen binarausgang remain inactive themselves. A reliable operation of the protection relay can only be guaranteed by using redundant and overlapping protection systems so their reliable operation is checked at regular intervals.

Power plant operators employ their own protection departments, which deal exclusively with the design of new and existing maintenance and inspection of protective devices. Generator protection tests are generally performed annually.

The test always consists of a secondary examination and sometimes from an additional primary inspection. Generator Protection relays are used in gen binarausgang secondary circuit of a generator. That is, they do not work with the primary current and voltage values, but with those that have been transformed down by current and voltage transformers, and are proportional to the Primary quantities.

This down-transformed variables are called secondary values. A secondary testing of a generator protection relay is now to gen binarausgang test voltages directly to the relay terminals and inject test currents directly into the relay. The test gen binarausgang and currents are generated by single or three-phase test generators. The individual protection functions now have different tripping characteristics, which may be based on various principles.

To subject these protective functions of a secondary test, the test engineer must first keep the tripping curve gen binarausgang the relay in mind. Then he will choose a checkpoint in this characteristic, which is within the trigger area to check the relay trip. He wants to check whether the relay outside the trigger area has no false release, he also chooses a corresponding checkpoint. This is required separately for each protection function. Erstens, ob das Relais entsprechend der vorgegebenen Kennlinie und deren Gen binarausgang anspricht.

First, whether the relay operates in accordance with the preset characteristic and the tolerances. Second, whether the specified response times, delay gen binarausgang and reset times are within the tolerances.

The decisive drawback with this test method, the individual trip functions of the protective devices are defined separately and tested. Das Zusammenwirken der verschiedenen Kennlinien und Schutzfunktionen ist daher nur schwer durchschaubar. The interaction of the different characteristics and protection functions is therefore difficult gen binarausgang see through.

So far, an easy-to-use test method for protective equipment was not gen binarausgang. This is done separately for each protection function. The gen binarausgang of the invention is to provide a method and an apparatus for gen binarausgang protection test of the type mentioned at the beginning such that with considerably shorter amount of work carried out an inexpensive and quick verification of the generator protection system.

The term generator protection device is understood, a number of spatially separate relay or a multifunction relay which can combine a number of different functions in the same component in itself. To achieve the object, the invention is characterized by the technical teaching of claim 1. The invention here is not limited to mechanical relay in the generator protection system.

This term all active switching elements ie, etc. Es handelt sich also um das Leistungskennlinienfeld des Generators. It is the power of characteristics of the generator. It can be used as a starting gen binarausgang for selecting the checkpoints no longer the individual tripping characteristics, but the trip characteristics of the protection functions are displayed together in the generator performance chart and selected the checkpoints gen binarausgang.

The presentation of the protection functions and the selection of test points shall be computer assistance in the generator performance chart.

In this manner, however, only those protection functions can be checked, which can also be represented per se or by conversion in the generator performance chart. The test program generator for protection test in the generator performance chart is run on a computer which is connected via gen binarausgang interface with the current and voltage generators signal generators of the test program.

The following gen binarausgang 3-phase generator protection functions that can be represented in the generator power diagram can be tested with this method: In the generator output diagram not only characteristics of protective functions can be represented, but also characteristics of generator control equipment.

Another aspect of the invention is characterized in that not only the generator protection devices can gen binarausgang tested by means of the graphic interface generator of the power pattern, but also the generator voltage regulating devices. The method for automatic testing of the above-mentioned protective gen binarausgang of a generator is characterized in that a plurality of the above functions can be tested simultaneously, without turning off to individual ones of the abovementioned protection functions.

Further, the invention is characterized by a generator power chart for entering and displaying method for testing the above-mentioned functions of the generator and protection of generator voltage control functions.

An essential advantage is that a simultaneous control of the trigger matrix and signaling takes place of the protective device above.

An automatic execution and logging of the tests consists of gen binarausgang following types of tests: The invention is not limited to the fact that all the tests together - are carried out, but it can only be a single test, or two such test or all tests are performed - as shown above.

The user can enter as many checkpoints and these so program into an automatic flow chart that the tests run automatically according to the input test points gen binarausgang these checkpoints are taken into account as input values.

Likewise, it is the automatic log output corresponding to the input test points takes place. The invention object gen binarausgang the present invention is derived not only from the gen binarausgang of the individual claims, but also from the combination of the individual claims with each other.

All in the documents, including the summary, gen binarausgang details and characteristics, in particular the spatial design shown in the drawings as essential to the invention claimed, as far as they individually or in combination over the prior art are new. In the following the invention is explained in detail with reference to only one embodiment illustrative drawings.

Hierbei gehen aus den Zeichnungen und ihrer Beschreibung weitere erfindungswesentliche Gen binarausgang und Vorteile der Erfindung hervor. In this gen binarausgang further inventive features and advantages of the invention gen binarausgang become apparent from the drawings and their description. He gives here his performance of a 3-phase power supply, namely the phases 4, 5, 6 to a exemplified Delta Connection 3 from. Stern circuits or the like, can be used to switch the synchronous generator via an associated block transformer to a gen binarausgang, which consists gen binarausgang the example of the lines 7, 8.

Of course, the block transformer 2 can be omitted and gen binarausgang synchronous generator 1 gen binarausgang operate directly on the net with the lines 7, 8.

The synchronous generator is grounded via the line 10 at a base point. Gen binarausgang is one purpose of the invention that to the generator protection device 21, a generator-voltage regulator is provided which is also checked according to the present invention and gen binarausgang.

In the illustrated embodiment is merely shown schematically, that a number of current transformers 14, have 15, 16 a 3-phase input 23 in the generator protection device 21 where the respective streams of the network can be derived. In an analogous manner, from the power line gen binarausgang voltage transducers 11, 12, diverted 13, to which corresponding, associated inputs gen binarausgang, 25, are assigned to 26th.

Similarly, in line 10, a voltage transformer 12 is arranged, which gen binarausgang connected with the secondary side via inputs 22 to the generator protection device 21st.

In the following will now be explained, as will now be on a single and singular testing of the individual bodies of the generator protection device can be omitted and that, instead, the entire device is simulated on gen binarausgang software interface to such a complex, simultaneous and partially synchronized to allow testing. On the abscissa, the effective power P is applied in this case, while the reactive power Q is plotted gen binarausgang the ordinate.

The arrow 28 represents the field of excitation, while the arrow 29 represents the field of over-excitation. Conventionally, probes have now been defined according to the prior art in the region of this singular power pattern and gen binarausgang, time-consuming and time-sequentially following tests were then carried out.

However, the invention omitted, since the present invention forms the entire generator output chart on a software interface on how it is presented in the form of the test surface 31 gen binarausgang Fig. The test surface consists of several sections, for example, a region 32 is represented as a circuit area. It is a further region 55 is provided, gen binarausgang is defined as overflow area AMZ, and gen binarausgang is also an area 45 exists, which is the area of the reverse power monitoring.

In this range, the generator operates as gen binarausgang motor because the power feeds back a current in the generator. Wie bereits schon eingangs dargestellt, ist die oben in Fig. As already explained at the beginning, the operation characteristic curve shown above in FIG.

This arcuate curve 33 is the over-current characteristic UMZ. Here, the trip time is not dependent on the current value, ie it is independent of time.

In contrast, a further curve 44 is defined, which is defined as over-current characteristic AMZ. This over-current characteristic is dependent on time and on according to a time-dependent as well, while the upper over-current characteristic of the curve 33 turns gen binarausgang time independent.

It is further a curve straight line underexcitation KI1 is defined, which is applied in parallel to the inclined, substantially vertical branch of the curve of the operating characteristic 30th. It is a further gen binarausgang 42 is present, which is defined as Underexcitation KI2 which passes through the lower zero point in the checkpoint 40, and represents a vertical. Es ist weiter eine weitere vertikale Kurve 43 definiert, die als Untererregung KI3 dargestellt ist.

There is further defined a further vertical curve 43, which is shown as Underexcitation KI3. This straight line is in turn defined by a probe 39, which is plotted on the ordinate. The figure now shows that a number of test points are given in different areas of this gen binarausgangand it gen binarausgang now possible in a simple way to address this checkpoint and perform the required testing.

Each inspection point on the software interface are in fact according to the program stored gen binarausgang for verification real current, voltage, time gen binarausgang phase values, which are now generated by the signal generator gen binarausgang and be fed to the circuit under test. Is accordingly, such a test is executed, the gen binarausgang generator mode is simulated so that it operates at its nominal values, gen binarausgang so that hereby the dynamic characteristic is represented in accordance with Fig.

The user can now controlled by a mouse by means of a reticle defining the test terminal 35 in this diagram, gen binarausgang the shown location and clicking. Likewise, 35 corresponding numerical values can be inputted to the test terminal, the z.

As are gen binarausgang on a keyboard. Gen binarausgang is now operated a start button. The software then calculated on the basis of the inspection point 35, which current and voltage which, ie, what performance and which phase angle must be generated between current and voltage in order gen binarausgang define this checkpoint or 35 to reach. About the shown in Fig. The test terminal 35 is now highlighted as a definition that a triggering of the generator protection device at the given values z.

As must be done in 2 seconds. This triggering performs the generator protection device 21 via the contacts 51, 52, the contacts 51 are defined as tripping contacts, while the contacts 52 are defined as signaling contacts.

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