Forex Capital Markets (NYSE: FXCM) Broker Review

5 stars based on 51 reviews

Very disappointed of FXCM after regulators revealed some sort of scam with liquidity providers made by broker. You can find information on internet about this fraud. Mostly all liquidity providers had no access to interbank liquidity. Thus, fxcm has provided fake information. FXCM had a share and mutual interest using such a bad practice. No Tier-1 liquidity providers were found at all. Since that, all US customers were transferred to forex. I don't know if there is some way to work with new company However, fxcm is not that good firm as it was for so many years.

It's well known company and has a huge amount of credibility. Don't read this bullshit about frauds and money withdrawal delays. Never fxcm trading station review within my experience I had problems with delays, off quotes or transferring money to my paypal or bank account. Just think how many people complain on bad service but lost money fxcm trading station review because of their greed and fear? Broker works perfectly, trading platform is one of the best you can find among others and it is regulated.

It's definitely that broker I want to stay with in a long run. Company survived after swiss franc super extreme volatility last year caused by unexpected policy of Swiss National Bank. The number of FX brokers reported huge losses and bankruptcies but not this one. FXCM survived and keep on working till now. So it is a very good sign of stable company. In case when you have profitable strategy and generate positive returns, this broker is number one I would recommend.

I am trading in forex with FXCM. It offers the particular conditions for active trader. I enjoy this special account! Here I get help from a manager trained in a special way, who provides an individual support presenting the products and tools of the broker, recommending techniques.

Moreover he promises to promote my withdrawals and all processing connected with it. Real-time feedback from experts is available here.

I agree that this Forex trading platform is easy to understand and its customer support is helful. So, if you know how political and economic events in different countries affect the price of the currency and fxcm trading station review trading opportunities, you can count on success within this broker.

It offers the large leverage level so fxcm trading station review there is no amount needed to trade I still can deal. This broker offers really good trading conditions. There are no stop and limit restrictions on popular indices here so I can take advantage of market volatility.

FXCM has good trading conditions and always was a reliable broker. But now their reputation is more and more crushing down. A lot of problems with a platform and SL hunting made me change this broker to another one.

Fortunately, I found really good ECN broker and now my trading are on the next level. If you are looking for a broker that you can trust fxcm trading station review your money, I am ready to help. I don't trust this broker. I have not had much problems with FXCMcustomer support is quite good and helpful.

Many traders are worried about the deposit withdrawal, I consider they are very fast with. Nevertheless, they have minor problems with entry set. Else, they some problems with slippage, once while trading with another broker I have noticed my SL hit on FXCM and hasn't with the other. FXCM is properly regulated forex broxer. I think they are the best. The reasons are evident. A trader has to pay a price for Forex in the United States in the restrictions placed for the regulations but FXCM is absolutely safe and trustworthy.

Besides they are well known and stable. The have everithing a trader needs. This whole FX market is a magnificently tragic disaster if you are a US trader. Dodd Frank killed our ability to use competitive leading foreign brokers, for added misery they then killed our ability to trade precious metals Well at least the miserable choice of brokers we were left with included 1 or 2 seemingly reputable ones. Now we read that the biggest US broker has been screwing its own folk with slippage fxcm trading station review god knows how long I transferred funds from my U.

Almost three weeks later and they are still not there. Rang fxcm and the phone rang off the hook for minutes. Worried about my money. They say they have mistaken my account number. Think I will close the account. When you have a good gain on MT4 they cancel it by a " auto account fxcm trading station review and tell you " your trade did not work" you have to check your trades also on trade station.

It is a good broker if you like If you want to lose your money go with them. You're gona have plenty of disconnections on the platform and sometime just before the week end without having the possibility to close your position with fxcm trading station review hot line. Repeated disconnections and important slowing down on the platform or false error messages won't let you close your trade with profit but with huge loss!

Sometime your trades won't be taking into your account and after a disconnection you will find your account with a huge position. I just lost all my money with them and I really hope they're gona pay for all the tricky and dirty things they did, false trades and manipulation of price to put the position on margin call and close it. FXCM alleging fraud and racketeering by the nation's largest Forex dealer. The lawsuit, filed in the United States District Court for the Southern District of New York Manhattan Divisionalleges that FXCM has bilked thousands of customers out of hundreds of millions of dollars using deceptive and unfair trade practices, including falsely portraying its Forex trading platform as a fair, transparent and true foreign currency exchange, when instead it fxcm trading station review a 'rigged game' designed to systematically separate customers from their money.

The Plaintiff, William H. Sanders, of Muscogee, Oklahoma, brought the fxcm trading station review on behalf of himself and all other similarly situated FXCM customers, accusing FXCM of fraud fxcm trading station review misrepresenting itself as a trading platform that is free from dealer intervention or manipulation.

Instead, Sanders alleges, FXCM uses a number of devices and tricks, including software applications, designed specifically to fxcm trading station review with customers' trades. The Complaint further alleges that FXCM engaged in a pattern of racketeering activity by collaborating with its software developers and programmers to develop a 'diabolical' software application that provides FXCM with a myriad fxcm trading station review tools and system commands with which to interfere with customers' trades, including routing trades to 'slow' servers and sending false 'error' messages when customers attempt to close out profitable trades.

Finally, Sanders alleges fxcm trading station review the Complaint that FXCM lured thousands of customers to its trading platform by promoting a 'demo account' which was touted as providing customers with a true market trading experience. Instead, he claims, once fxcm trading station review trading commences, FXCM deploys specially designed software to manipulate customers' trades. Lead Trial Counsel Tucker H.

Sanders in this action, which we believe will be an important step in bolstering accountability in an industry that has been largely unregulated since inception. We believe, as the Complaint alleges, fxcm trading station review Forex Capital Markets, LLC has taken advantage of the trust placed in it by its customers, causing substantial financial harm to this group of people, and we are committed to working to recover those losses.

The company recently went public and trades on the New York Stock Exchange. Keep your break even stops at at least 3pips to avoid a disappointment. Relatively good liquidity for news trading.

Good customer service and a nice mobile platform. You can definitely find a better platform for scalping, but for something more long term the combination of the customer service,platform and more or less fair prices makes it a choice for me. For the past three months I'm trading with them. I haven't withdrawn money yet ; I found them ok.

Trading forex is a game I love this broker, it could be some better brokers, but i totaly love it i i will going to do bussnes in future, top execution, low spreads and moset important No dealing desk execution even for micro accounts. Its defenly my broker, good job FXCM. I had a larger account and closed it about 6 months back due to deteriorating execution, it took me 4 months to get my money back I should of never tried fxcm micro.

I opened a account then when I needed to pull funds they emptied my account and now 16 days latter no check no funds. Cant get a reply through e-mail and they wont handle micro accounts over the phone.

Just think I was going to switch to a standard account. Guess I get to go to small claims now. Hi, I wants to know this broker is good or not and its ok to deposit fund to this broker. Firstly, these people are market makers. I have been caught out several times. These guys are crooks. Had an account, closed all my trades for the day.

Printed reports verifying my trades. Next morning my account was wiped out by a trade that was supposedly entered in the middle of the night.

No record of anything on my end but their system showed it.

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