Futures Markets - Part 11: Options on Futures

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Trade on the go Financial Futures. Stay connected to the global market and never miss a trading opportunity. Sharpen your trading skills with a massive collection of eBooks, videos, tutorials, calendars and tools for both novice and experienced traders. Financial Futures offers multiple distinct partnership opportunities that were designed to accommodate the requirements of both corporations and private individuals who would like to maximize the full potential of Binary Options trading.

Through our extensive industry expertise we have put together the know-how and technology that our partners need in order to be successful.

Our approach is to be customer focused, pure and simple. We aim to meet the demands of our traders while ensuring a fair, transparent and accessible trading environment. Our vision is to provide excellent service to our global traders in terms of ongoing monitoring and customer support, but we also aim to deliver quality and timely market tools that help our traders win in the markets: We feel complex platforms in the trading world only serves to handicap a good trading strategy.

Getting started with Financial Futures is both quick and easy for the novice trader to get up and running in no time! Financial Futures provides binary options trading on a wide range of products including currencies, metals, commodities, indices, and stocks.

This diversified product range allows investors to benefit from improved risk management and advanced trading strategies. Take advantage of the excitement of trading binary options in a quick and straightforward way and benefit from short-term 60 second options, multiple trade types, predictable losses, and trading even in periods of low volatility. All our binary options are made available via its state-of-the-art web-based Financial Futures and easy to use mobile apps.

Opening an account with Financial Futures is simple, fast, and easy. To measure customer satisfaction index, we collected the opinions of some users of our platform. I am 18 years old and I accept the Terms and Conditions of financial-futures. Newsletter Lorem ipsum dolor sit amet, consectetuer adipiscing elit.

Dont Show This Message Again. Sharpen your trading skills with a massive collection of eBooks, videos, tutorials, calendars and tools for both novice and experienced traders Sign Up. Register' Fill out the online registration. Deposit Select a funding method. Trade Input investment amount, Choose Up or Down. What our customers think about us? If you want my opinion on the Financial Futures broker: People that I had it was honest and realistic about the goals that I could reach.

The issue of regulations seems square. No doubt this broker is it perfectible but that is not for me and it goes very well. D [ Business Manager ]. I am extremely surprised at the simplicity of binary options trading!

Up or down - it's easy. Impeccable profit on binary options website strategies and trading! service is always ready to give tips on actions and to provide other services round the clock, which is one more reason to prefer Financial Futures to other sites I tried. Do not change anything, especially.

Je [ Web Designer ].

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Even the best at online stock trading admit that learning all the ins and outs of the industry makes for a daunting task.

Entry into the field involves mastery over its often opaque jargon and complex concepts. At Lightspeed Trading, we strive to design trading tools that assist everyone from the most experienced traders to those just looking to get started. Part of that endeavor involves education. To that end, we have provided a short glossary of some basic stock market terminology to help beginning traders on their way.

Those with more experience can always stand to review their knowledge, as well. These assets represent investments. Subsequently, they allow companies, commercial enterprises, and municipalities to raise new capital. These securities denote ownership in a corporation. Generally, stocks consist of two different types:.

On the stock market, ETFs trade like stocks but more closely resemble mutual funds. They hold stocks, commodities, and other assets while remaining tradeable themselves. Because they reflect an index, their prices change throughout the day. In contrast, mutual funds have their net-asset values NAV calculated at the end of the business day. ETFs combine the flexibility of stocks with the diversification inherent in mutual funds.

That, in addition to their tax efficiency and low costs, make ETFs an appealing choice for many traders. These highly versatile securities represent sellable contracts. Due to their high liquidity, options usually carry more leverage than stocks but require less capital, giving traders with less buying power more choices when diversifying their portfolios. Futures, like options, consist of sellable contracts. However, unlike options, futures require the holder to fulfill the terms of the contract at the time of expiration.

In practice, traders can still buy or sell futures in much the same way as options. Lightspeed Trader, our trading system for day traders , allows our clients to trade and maintain stocks, ETFs, and options all in the same place. To learn more about the products and services we offer, call us at 1. Navigating Taxes as an Active Trader.

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