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The Forex Tester is a free-standing PC application that gives you an exact simulation of your trading forex-tester using actual historical forex price action. It is not a broker and it does not show current prices, but you can press the play button and see candles or bars forming with price changes as though you were watching real-time action on your forex-tester broker.

Pause the play button and place a trade to see how your strategy works. Why is using a simulator important? Because it gives you a way to quickly train your eye to recognize your patterns and setups and learn to recognize what is working and what to avoid.

You can play back the price forex-tester as slowly or forex-tester as you like, so you can literally condense time. This lets you pack a lot of valuable experience into short training sessions - the kind of hands-on experience that forex-tester normally take forex-tester or years to build up. Forex-tester you'll see your indicators look just like they do as they are forming on forex-tester far right edge of the chart, so your decisions will be as valid as they are during live trading.

The program forex-tester and works very much like a standard MT4, so the learning curve is simple and it is easy to use. When you buy the Forex Forex-tester through us, you also receive free access to the complete training course we have created in how forex-tester use the Forex Tester and get the most out of this wonderful forex-tester.

With hours of tutorial movies and in-depth coverage, this is the most complete educational course available for forex-tester Forex Tester available anywhere.

If you already own the Forex Forex-tester, you forex-tester sign up just for the training course. Watch the video forex-tester the Training Course.

The Forex Tester comes with free data for 16 currency pairs plus gold and silver dating back to Forex-tester data is forex-tester each month and can be binary option quotes!

triggering winning trades hourly and daily to match your own broker's setup, with spread, swap charges, time offset and more. The Forex Tester allows you forex-tester have many charts open at the same time and each can be set to its own time frame. Do you like to watch a daily chart, but make your entry off an hour chart? When you buy the Forex Tester from us, you also have access to a complete course forex-tester learning to use it.

You can also enroll in the course if you already own the Tester and want to become a power-user with it. You can use the free data that comes with the Tester, but there are times when you may want to use a higher quality data source or test forex-tester from a particular broker. The premium data plans may be just what you need. Sync your Forex Tester to your Smart Tools Calculator and both trade-by-trade equity and historical prices will be automatically imported into the Calculator.

Each trade is recorded, allowing you to make notes about the trades, store screen shots of each trade, record what forex-tester learned from each, compare one strategy to another, and do all the in-depth analysis that only the Trade Log lets you do. If you would like to try the Forex Tester out before you buy it, we offer trial version of both forex-tester Forex Tester Version 2 forex-tester Version What Is A Forex Simulator?

The Forex Tester - Test 16 pair from The Forex Tester comes with free data for 16 currency pairs plus gold and silver dating back to You can even set up your charts to watch multiple different pairs at the same time. The Forex Tester - Multiple Time Frames The Forex Tester allows forex-tester to have many charts forex-tester at the same time and each can be set to its own time frame.

The Forex Tester - Free or Premium Data You can use the free data forex-tester comes with the Tester, but there are times when you may want to use a higher quality data source or test data from a particular forex-tester. The Forex Tester - Forex-tester Features Add dozens of indicators and save templates Save different strategies and test runs - easily pick up where you left off.

Go forward tick by tick or candle forex-tester candle. Go back candle by candle go ahead - have a "do-over" from time to time. Forex-tester and speedy, not at all sluggish in playback. Begin testing from forex-tester the date you specify. Reports number of wins, forex-tester, expectancy, profit factor and so much more.

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