Are Demo Accounts Really Like Free Forex Trading?

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They almost always start and end the same way. A newbie opens a demo account forex demo account oanda triples his pretend money. Thinking he is a super trader he goes live with lots of money and loses it all. Well think about it this way. One is a small unintimidating child with a fake gun the other is a big intimidating criminal who robs people for a living. The difference between demo and live trading is the same.

On one hand, you got an unintimidating fake market on the other an intimidating live market in which you trade real money. Many people use the flight simulator metaphor to advocate the use of demos. They say some rubbish about how pilots being trained on flight simulators relates to traders being trained on demo accounts. Talk about a flawed concept. Would you trust a pilot who has only ever flown on a simulator? All pilots have to log hours real flight time. Just as all boxers have to spar with real opponents and soldiers in training have to fire real bullets.

Every trader who has traded a live account knows about the ugly emotions live trades dredge up. Pro traders like me learn to control the nervousness. They do this by building forex demo account oanda their confidence through live trading.

The more trades you take the more confident you become and the more numbed you become to those negative emotions. When a newbie first puts real money on the line those all those ugly emotions rear their heads. So a newbie has to learn to control those emotions before becoming a profitable trader.

Trading with Monopoly money cannot give you that same rush of destructive emotions. In fact, traders trading demos tend to take forex demo account oanda more liberally and they build up a false confidence.

This often leads to developing bad habits such as risking too much. The emotions you feel when the Forex demo account oanda dude points a real gun at you are different to the emotions you feel when the little boy points a fake gun at you. Whenever I entered a trade I would watch my charts like a hawk. This was especially true when a trade went against me. I would sit and watch, 2 pips, 3, 4, 5, 6……. With every pip that ticked away against me I could feel a little more money falling out of my pocket.

I felt it, that stinging sense of loss, because it was real. Would you feel that same sting of loss forex demo account oanda a demo account? You might feel upset, annoyed even. However, you have the same amount of money in the bank as you had an hour ago. That sense of real loss is an important lesson for a newbie trader. You need to feel that loss to grow as a forex demo account oanda.

You also need to numb yourself to that feeling. Every trader has losing trades and learning to accept losses is a valuable lesson a trader must learn. Demos Are Rigged — This is certainly not true of all Forex brokers but much more brokers than you would think rig their demo accounts. Being slipped on entries and exits during volatile periods is a part of live trading. We pro traders know that and deal with it. However, many brokers out there offer demo accounts in which you get little to no slippage.

This gives traders a false sense of how the market really works. Personally, I would love to never be slipped a single pip on forex demo account oanda trade, all traders would. However, sometimes broker just cannot fill you at the requested price. Sometimes forex demo account oanda might be slipped 2 pips other times 10 pips. Slippage can eat into your profit margin significantly on some traders. So newbies who trade demos for 6 months are trading a much safer market.

The real market has snares and traps that can catch or strangle the life out of an unaware newbies account. This will forex demo account oanda you to:. Heaps of brokers offer small accounts and micro accounts, here are a few:. Forex demo account oanda not open a live account with your life savings. Instead start with only an amount you can afford to lose. This is a very important subject so I would like to hear other opinions.

Click here to cancel reply. Email will not be published required. Excellent write up Nick, forex demo account oanda gets right to the heart of the matter thanks again for all your effortType your comment here….

As a Newbie I tested a demo account for 2 months ,no problem ,as you say monopoly money who gives a shit! Come the real trade different emotions take over ,you learn faster and losing hurts like hell all part of the learning process. I only traded a demo account for about three weeks before I went live. It was almost impossible to lose on a demo, I know I constantly won. Then I went live, and boy, what a different cash on the line makes!!

It also is what truly taught me how to NOT overleverage myself, after the first margin calls. Play money never did that. Another gem Nick, like most, I traded a demo account but for around 3-months before going live.

However I did treat the demo account seriously like it WAS my money. But nothing can prepare you for trading your own money, first trade I thought I was going to have a heart attack, after forex demo account oanda some more I calmed down. It is never personal, a bit like space, no one can hear you scream, so why bother. I then ask if it demo and usually it is. There confidence is so high and they are really pretty cocky forex demo account oanda they go live and then it gets ugly.

Hahahah yeh that is always funny. You just know that when they open a live account they will be decimated. I also started using a Demo account, and when I started trading a Live account, it was a different story.

It is part of the game, and every trader lives with these emotions inside. You just need to learn how to control them the best you can. Nick, you are absolutely correct. I demo traded for about 3 months and then went live. It is a different ball game. I lost all my capital. I am back to demo trading.

Having noted the disadvantages of prolonged demo-trading I will now move on to real trading on micro account. The problem is my broker does not offer micro accounts. I agree it is important to experience real life trading using a small account mini before involving large risks.

So I think, OK. That should be enough right? I did everything exactly the same as in my demo account except for my stop loss. My I get crossed eyed and read the chart the opposite? I had pretty similar experience to point 2.

Having good wins on a demo then decide to use a live account and everything turns to shit. I understood the basics of putting on a trade etc. I was just trading at the wrong times ie. With large Stop Losses and no Real fear of loosing, it was much easier and I was more consistent.

I would suggest to anyone that is making the move to a real account, that no matter your beginning fund balance, that you trade 2 mini lots. The trick is that you have to treat a demo as if it forex demo account oanda real money. With mental strength that is perfectly possible. I kinda skipped the whole demo trading chapter of my trading career completely. Not bad for a comlete beginner.

Matt, forex demo account oanda are absolutely right. The trick is to use ones head for something besides a hatrack! Trade a demo til you Forex demo account oanda make money, then you at least have a chance when you go live. At any rate that is my experience. Demos are real suicides, I had been telling friends to use live micro accounts all along to feel the the difference.

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