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Text-based menus Use this option if your browser will not open the folders. Strangwayshoping for an extension of the Adelaide-Port Adelaide railway adjacent to his section partlaid dl 14a form as a 13 option trading two subdivisions, North Arm North and North Arm Southdl 14a form as a 13 option trading the name from the nearby North Arm of the Port River. The Register of 29 Novemberpage 3a discusses "A Contemplated Harbour"; also see 9 Decemberpage 2d, 23 and 30 Maypages 2c and 4a, 9 Junepage 3c, South Australian26 Septemberpage 2b, 27 Marchpage 2b, 11 May dl 14a form as a 13 option trading, page 2a, 12 Octoberpage 4a, 27 Novemberpage 2f.

The Register of 23 August at page 2 discusses the sale of acres of Crown land in acre lots and the villages laid out in the immediate area; also see 5 Januarypage 3b. A meeting of North Arm proprietors is reported in the Register29 Octoberpage 3e. The Register of 9 November reproduces a memorial from the proprietors at page 3a while the same newspaper on 21 Marchpage 3b has a letter re early surveys, etc, in the immediate district.

An informative letter from R. Symonds is in the Register21 Marchpage 3b. A meeting called to consider the "desirability of opening up the North Arm" is reported in the Register4 Junepage 3b, Observer7 Junepage 3e. Information on the "New Powder Magazine" is in the Register1 Septemberpage 2f, 27 Februarypage 4e, 3, 5, 6, 7, 8, 10 and 13 Januarypages 4f-6h, 4f-7d, 5a, 5a-7a, 5b, 6g and 4f, Observer4 Septemberpage 3e.

Also see Chronicle18 Januarypage 10c, 3 Aprilpage 12c, Register16 Aprilpage 5b, 1 and 2 Julypages 4f and 3h, 26 Februarypage 5a, 1, 11 and 18 Marchpages 4h, 7c and 4f, 3 Marchpage 6e, 14 Novemberpage 7c, Express26 Junepage 2e, 17 Februarypage 6g, 19 Maypage 3e, 4 Julypage 3c, 9 Augustpage 2c, 7 Octoberpage 4c, 29 Novemberpage 2e, 12 and 26 Julypages 2c and 2c. Register17 Septemberpage 18h. Sketches are in the Pictorial Australian in Januarypage Also see Place Names - Lefevre Peninsula.

The proposed formation of a North Arm company is reported in the Register24, 25 and 29 Augustpages 2g, 2e and 2h, Observer14 Junepage 3c; also dl 14a form as a 13 option trading 15 and 29 Augustpages 8b and 1e supp.

A Field Naturalists' excursion is reported in the Register24 Marchpage 7a, 6 Marchpage 5a, 30 Aprilpage 8d. The torpedo station is described in the Express22 Marchpage 3f, 23 Augustpage 3c; also see Chronicle18 Januarypage 8c, Advertiser28 Februarypage 6f. An accident to an explosive dl 14a form as a 13 option trading is reported in the Register17 Februarypage 5h. Photographs of a ships' graveyard are in the Chronicle20 Julypage Also see South Australia - Mining.

The Register of 19 Septemberpage 2f has a report of a meeting in respect of erecting a school and chapel on "3 acres given by Mr H. A proposed school is discussed in the Register19 Septemberpage 2f, 1 Octoberpage 2h. The North Rhine school opened in and became "Keyneton" in The Register of 14 Januarypage 3b carries a report - " On Tuesday the 3rd inst. A report on the laying of the foundation stone of the Independent Chapel is in the Register19 Maypage 2e - its first anniversary is reported on 22 Decemberpage 3d.

The opening of a German chapel is reported in the Register28 Aprilpage 3f. See Register8 Januarypage 2e for a report on a presentation to Mr H. For an account of the exodus of farmers "because of a succession of poor seasons" see Register1 Marchpage 5b; also see 4 Maypage 5c.

The opening of the Temperance Hall is reported in the Register15 Novemberpage 5c. A picnic is reported in the Chronicle7 Aprilpage 21b. Also see Adelaide - Picnics and Holidays. Also see South Australia - Mining - Miscellany. An obituary of John Robinson is in the Register, 12 Septemberpage 4h. He took up a property near Poonindie on the River Tod which he named Shields after "South Shields" in England where "my grandfather, Matthew Smith, my father and myself carried on a patent ropery.

Matthew Smith's obituary is in the Observer, 27 Novemberpage 6e. Information on George Dorward is in the Observer, 25 Februarypage 1b supp. Information on the village, district and inhabitants is in the Register12 Novemberpage 7f. A proposed jetty is discussed in the Register17 Februarypage 4h, Observer20 February dl 14a form as a 13 option trading, pages 1c supp.

Its school opened in and closed in A fire was said to be kept constantly burning, and the place was regarded as having a certain magical significance. Its post office opened circa while the name was later applied to a subdivision of part sectionsHundred of Cadell by Donald McLean and Lorna J.

Jennings in ; now included in Morgan. The surrounding district is described in the Register27 Marchpage 2f-h. A history of the pastoral station is in the Observer21 Maypage 47d. Writing from this place, Mr D. McLean describes the best method to rid the country of wild dogs - see Register10 Octoberpage 5d.

Information on a proposed railway from Kapunda and the working conditions of labourers is in the Register5 Februarypage 6c; also see 25 Aprilpage 7b and 9 Januarypage 5g, 4 Maypage 5d, 17 Augustpage 5f, 14 Septemberpage 4e-6b, 10 and 19 Octoberpages 6f and 4d. A sports day is reported in the Observer5 Januarypage 5g.

A complaint about the proposed government town at this place is in the Register30 Januarypage 6c. To this dilemma, Mr A. Paragraph 16, page 35, of the appendix to the first report of the SA Commissioners' instructions to Colonel Light says - "In all your surveys you will reserve as a public road all land on the coast within not less than feet of high water mark. In Western Australia, when private land is required for a public road, such as in the Northcote Case, the owner is not consulted; the road is gazetted without his consent or knowledge, and that ends the matter.

Information on a controversy over the subdivision is in the Register12, 14, 15 and 17 Januarypages 7d, 9f, 6g and 3g, Advertiser12 and 14 Januarypages 11c and 8g; also see Dl 14a form as a 13 option trading9 Marchpage 4c.

Photographs of the aftermath of a "willy-willy" are in the Observer8 Julypage 25, The opening of the Northcote Home for mothers and babies is reported in the Register13 Aprilpages c, Advertiser11 Junepage 14b, Register7 and 11 Junepages 15a and 18b.

It is a common dl 14a form as a 13 option trading name in England where it simply translates as 'north field' and, of course, was built on a 'field north of Adelaide'. The school opened as "Gepps Cross" in ; name changed in The use of a divining rod by Mr A. Forster is reported in the Register13 Januarypage 9e. An obituary of J. Dall is in the Observer, 22 Julypage 33b.

A proposed consumptive home is discussed in the Registerdl 14a form as a 13 option trading Marchpage 8e, 2 and 8 Aprilpages 7c and 4c; also see Advertiser2 Aprilpage 10f. Also see South Australia - Health - Consumption.

Information on the mental hospital is in The News14 Augustpage 10c and on the Infectious Diseases Hospital in the Advertiser1 Julypage 18f. Also see Adelaide - Asylums, Reformatories and Homes.

A proposed private cemetery is discussed in the Advertiser9 Augustpage 23d. James Grant on 3 December after the Duke of Northumberland. References to a proposed lighthouse are to be found in the Register11 Novemberpage 2d and 21, 24 Julypages 3g and 3b; also see Observer6 Maypage 35e. Robert Norton owned section and in a small portion of it was transferred to the District Council of East Torrens for school purposes.

The Register of 4 Octoberpage 5c carries a report on the Saint John's Church being uncompleted because of lack of funds - for happier news see 5 Decemberpage 13e; also see 1 February supp. Its school was originally known as "Grassy Flat"; it became "Norton Summit" in dl 14a form as a 13 option trading Information on the school is in the Advertiser6 Maypage 6c, Register6 Maypage 6f, 5 Augustpage 6g, 29 Septemberpage 6h, 19 Decemberpage 10i, Advertiser19 Decemberdl 14a form as a 13 option trading 14e.

A school reunion is reported on 30 Marchpage 12f. An athletics meeting is reported upon in the Register10 Novemberpage 6c and 13 Novemberpage 5e. A report on Mr Pizey's alleged dangerous quarry is reported in the Register11 Marchpage 6e; also see 1 Aprilpage 5b and Chronicle9 Aprilpage 23c. The laying of the foundation stone of the Baptist Church is reported in the Register25 Aprilpage 5b: A proposed co-operative society of gardeners is discussed in the Register30 Novemberpage 5c, 10 Decemberpage 5b.

Information on a cricket team is in the Express23 Maypage 2b. A cricket match against a Governor's team at Marble Hill is reported in the Register11 Januarypage 6e.

A field naturalists excursion is reported in the Register26 Octoberpage dl 14a form as a 13 option trading, 12 Decemberpage 7i. A banquet in honour of Mr W. Merchant is reported in the Register12 Julypage 5e, Chronicle15 Julypage 9d. A bushfire is described in the Register7 Februarypage 7f, Observer12 Februarypage A local bushfire is recorded in the Advertiser2 Februarypage 11a.

Bishop's fruit case factory is described in the Register16 Februarypage 6h. An obituary of James Bishop is in the Register18 Octoberpage 7a. A banquet for G. Story is reported upon in the Register29 Septemberpage 8g. A photograph of the local road is in the Chronicle5 Decemberpage 32, of old residents in the Observer11 Decemberpage Also see Adelaide - Water Supply. The demise of "The King of the Block", a historic gum tree, is recounted in the Advertiser24 Februarypage 7d.

Information on the town and district is in the Register7 Octoberpage 8c includes photographs. The unveiling of the Soldiers' Memorial is reported in the Register21 Junepage 8f.

Sutton is in the Register, 7 Decemberpage 4g. Biographical details of the Playford family are in the Register, 21 Maypage 13a. An obituary of Mrs Mary J.

Playford is in the Observer, 2 Junepage 18e. Also see under Playford, Hundred of. Historical information on the district and the district council is in the Register12 Octoberpage 12e, Chronicle20 Maypage 50d, 3, 10 and 17 Junepages 47a, 48a and 50d.

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