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We do not want Tatas etc. Is ten months too short for Buhari to offer a simple word of comfort to the victims option the madness by his Army brothers? Each story is more entertaining as are the comments.

Recommend0 Ayub Aug 10, Trump has already been set up for assassination several times, but each incident failed for various reasons. No it isnt just that my friend. The rest of the people are brainwashed to believe every thing they read here. They are still playing to the gallery as if they are on campaign for votes.

At least not for sensible people. Furthermore, there was a recognition that civilian law enforcement agencies needed to be enabled to extend a helping hand in the fight against terrorism. Yes it can be done but only with a visionary leader.

Recommend0 KarachiWala Aug 11, Have you forgotten Boko haram victims? I hope both Pak and Chinese leaders read this. Army would be no difference. Let the court cases start and at the end of the day option will realize that all this show about corruption to a very large extent is noise.

God forex find you out to bless you. One-time Fee, no broker registration is required! Somapalan Aug 10, May God bless all!!! Rather than deny foreign exchange for fees abroad, government should put its efforts on stabilising the Naira to remove the differential between official and unofficial exchange. Room should also be made for fresh candidates with biases for Medicine,Engineering and science. They are also finding it difficult to articulate a common budget.

Thats fine as opinions are like belly buttons, of which we all have one. So how can you expect india to implement step 2 and step 3 Recommend0 Naeem Aug 10, SO what would happen to those who by the virtue of the people that gave them life will never be opportuned to go to virginia tech? The problem with that is people who steal our money lennd it back.

It is a laughing matter actually. However it appears as if we have no thought through policy but more of a rigid personal standpoint by someone who I am certain is not more economically literate than most on this forum. Well, annoying I might be, but certainly not dishonest. How to get Free Binary Options Signals? Zak very well said. We put all our eggs in one basket! Even now, these same doctors donate equipment yearly to hospitals in nigeria like uniben, saving thousands of life A lot of the older doctors are retiring back to nigeria to train the younger onesdont be frustrated by my position.

He said the culprits would be pursued, arrested and prosecuted. Buhari is a big fraud. Cast spells and compete against other wizards in an epic race for loot! Why do Nigerians study abroad?