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Citibank hold it for you in IG? Correct me please if I'm wrong. You're right, I have both and at this rate ComSec is better in that you can place an order without having fund commsec international options trading account the account first. Just run a google search. This one showed up first: I've been a happy convert to Selfwealth.

I got given my own HIN by commsec international options trading account. There is the option of using your existing HIN too. I've been using SelfWealth for a few months and it's great.

Saved me tens of thousands in brokers fees. In fact I can trade far more often as the fee is so low compared to my previous broker that charged the standard 0. Your money is in a secure ANZ account. Only thing is data is a bit slim charting etcso I log into my previous broker to watch the data, but trade in SelfWealth.

Also they only do ASX shares so far. I appreciate you liked it. Hey first time poster here but long time ozbarginer. To my delight I have been reading share trading commsec international options trading account morning and so happen to come across this.

For a first time trader do you think self wealth is easier to use than commsec such as apps etc. I actually set up a commsec and NetBank this morning as well. Although I have been been with anz my entire life. I Was planning to send commsec international options trading account funds this coming week.

Setting up commsec was much easier so far than selfwealth. They have used things such as chess and hin which I do not know much about. Also Because self wealth is not a common name like one of the big four banks CommBank, it is hard for me to feel safe sending money over. If you've set up comsec, stick with it … don't get caught up in chasing cheaper brokerage rates. It's not going to make a huge difference until you trade more frequency.

Once you find yourself doing more trades, then switch to a cheaper broker. You'll become pretty familiar with HINs, Chess, etc when you're figuring our how to switch brokers.

As someone who has never purchased shares, how much are you suppose to buy? But according to the comment above I probably shouldn't even bother. I can't imagine most people can afford to lose a few grand. How much is considered a minimal amount to start? This means you'll be making money when it increases more than 0. It's kinda like those gift card deals you see commsec international options trading account.

It all makes sense now. You can get those analytics for free - just sign up with comsec for the analytics and trade through someone else.

What's with the neg votes? You can get research from any broker for free and trade with whoever you like. For everyone saying other platforms are cheaper… Maybe. Ppl use commsec for a reason. It's an ASX settlement process, nothing even to do with the brokers. What I meant was with the ones u bank with. U don't have to move it from banks to accounts which have a turnaround of days sometimes. Its a useless commsec international options trading account.

And of course there are cheaper options. As for the analytics you can get that for free. They could charge commsec international options trading account cent and someone would still whinge. There are other cheaper options such as CMC. All trademarks are owned by their respective owners. OzBargain is an independent community website which has no association with nor endorsement by the respective trademark owners. This was posted 9 months 14 days ago, and might be an commsec international options trading account deal.

Recently posted related deals 9. Bunnings Trade Power Pass Required: I'm going to neg this deal. It's a crappy deal. There's cheaper brokers out there for small trade sizes.

Any advice is helpful. Having said this, this doesn't mean you should go all in into a stock. No deal nor bargain. A company changing its price to another price permanently.

Now that's a bargain. Yeah negging cause it's cheaper elsewhere and then commbank hits you with their scam fees. I'd say that's a bargain. Lose money u don't have. Its how u prefer to deal with Ur money. That rate isn't good, but thanks for the information! Yes it's not a 'bargain' but i think this is worthwhile posting. OP - add more details to your post. Top Deals Most voted deals from Financial category from the last 30 days. New Deals New deals from Financial category commsec international options trading account have just been posted by our users.

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I have a commsec account for shares on the ASX. Unfortunately, they will not allow me to trade international shares as I am unable to open an International trading account as I do not live in Australia. Can anyone suggest an alternative. The options are dwindling Probably more for day traders perhaps but is cheap and easy to use Bear. I would be very interested if investors just use full brokers to buy stock like visa, apple.

I do want to keep things simple. Online brokers give great access to the nzx and asx but how to get access to other markets is becoming a complex problem.

I have come across www. Has anyone got comments on their broking services? Interactive Brokers - https: Do they have custodial? Not that I am aware. Something about Halifax is dodgy, I got cold called by them which means someone sold my personal details. I think Halifax uses Interactive Brokers under the covers. No need to involve them just go direct to IB. I had a look at the Halifax website.

Based on the website, I wouldn't touch them with a long pole. As an investor rather than trader I have to watch the fees and always have one activity per quarter. Have one EURO fund on high yield that pays the fees anyway.

Great to deal with and bank seems sound. Does many many markets. Leaves The NZ options way way way back in the shadows. Yeah, I ignore the trading things, and use them as a gateway to the world and as custodians.

Agreed on the "4 trades a year" caveat. They are very cheap custodians compared to many if not most of the NZ options. Access to Morningstar research at a global level is useful, too. I find the info on the sites not that user friendly https: They are a white label broker using Interactive Brokers platform. I cannot decide between them or Saxo who charge fees incl. Which broker did you go with in the end? I like you will trade infrequently, max x a year.

Some on this thread say they don't like the look of Halifax - did that also put you off? IB's platform and access to many markets, low commissions and no fees for my few annual trades. Is being a white label for IB something that one should be wary of? I am new to this so any helpful advice would be much appreciated.

What is it about them that puts you off? The fact that they were reselling somebody else's service, and I prefer to avoid ticketclippers where I can. And that there was minimal information available without providing more personal detail than I see as necessary. I think it's academic now anyway? GTM thanks for the reply. The website is halifaxonline. Where else would they scalp the ticket that I need to be aware of as I said I am new to this so any tips greatly received!

Any individual US holdings purchased in future will be also by by commsec via there international side. This will be infrequent trades so I will not complain paying. Thanks for the recommendation Voltage! I shall check out Commsec too.

Beware, I may return with questions One other thing - having looked at the website, I was struck by the fact that they dealt in everything.

Shares, CFDs, forex, options, whatever. I don't think that that's sustainable for an independent New Zealand-based outfit. So I figured they were a reseller for someone. I remember the mess a couple of years back when the Swiss unpegged the franc from the euro. Lots of people wiped out, lots of brokers wiped out.

Which made me wonder what would happen when this crowd got wiped out. What exactly were the custody arrangements? I thought to myself "Are their pockets likely to be deep enough to cope with something like that? And I'm not agile enough to cope well with s-bends. Very helpful, thanks GTM. I think I have made up my mind now about who to go with. This due diligence malarky has taken quite a while but it's all worth it.

Be wary of S-bends! Following is a New Zealand owned one. Thanks very much for the tips. They have a good website which gives me all the info I would look for without having to probe further. From my perspective, I think the next few years are going to be a roller coaster.. Europe tumbling, war rumblings, Govt debts defaulting. There will be a banking crisis so I've decided to go for a well established, well-encrypted, award winning US based broker, as my focus at this stage is mainly to have US holdings.

Hi MSJ That means you are going to adjust your portfolio according to coming roller coaster. I also have plan for any roller coaster. It may be wise to include more defensive stocks great businesses only during second half of and in My future portfolio will reduce highly risky areas and will include less risky areas.

Even during period of war or recession there will be demand for certain products and services. Everybody has their own taste or interest.

My mantra is I will stay with simple business, markets, commodities, stocks or commodities that I can understand and brokers that I can understand. Other thing is in any roller coaster; there will be opportunity for some and misfortune for some. If anybody wants to invest in the banking or finance sector, they will have to choose strong financial stocks.

Always, there will be some predictions. But they never come true. Even Forsyth Barr has some link with foreign brokers. How about direct broking? Which broker provides the best services for UK market? Interactive Brokers is my pick. Index investing rather than direct stock picking is more for me. My mantra prediction is follow Martin Armstrong: Capital will flow to the States for the next few years, so I aim to follow the trend. They advised via email they cannot allow me access to US exchanges.

Who is your favourite broker? I prefer individual stocks because I like to do research. It also gives great return in the mid and long term. Index investing is also not that bad when compare with some others. It is also compatible with long term investing goals. I like few at the moment: I am looking for somebody different to others. I expect strong USD in I haven't read any writing of Martin Armstrong yet. I like to study bigger picture before anything else.

Call me stupid but I didn't discover that until I went in there to tally interest payments for taxes. Scrolling through the thread looks like these are two of the better options.