Bitcoin acceptance growing in Japan

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While Bitcoin has slowly but surely started to be become an accepted and acceptable form of currency across many of the world's nations, Japan's populace in particular has been slow to warm to the crypto-currency, this is in no small part due to the Mt Gox scandal.

Mt Gox was a Bitcoin exchange based in Tokyo. It's option symbols is deprecated and ignored not entirely certain why such a quantity of the crypto-currency disappeared, but the general consensus was reached that a bug in the system seems to have been exploited by hackers, who simply stole and siphoned the funds away, causing Mt Gox to go into liquidation. While much of the world was willing to accept such an incident as an unfortunate by-product of dealing in largely untested waters, the reputation of Bitcoin has never truly recovered in Japan, leading to poor adoption rates.

Now though, firms and companies are looking to dip their toes back into the water, with new plans to reinvigorate adoption rates and rebuild that shattered trust. The Coincheck exchange has recently announced a partnership with energy provider E-Netallowing customers to pay their electricity bill by Bitcoin, countering one of the criticisms of Bitcoin adoption in japan that it cannot be used to pay for everyday goods and services.

Overseas, Bitcoin has steadily bitcoin adoption in japan from a fledgling alternative to traditional currencies, into something altogether far more widely accepted. Large, renowned firms like Microsoft accept payments in Bitcoin, following the trail set by early adopters and firms willing to place their faith in Bitcoin.

Take for instance Vegas Casino - an online casino that allows customers to play an array of casino games, paid for and paying out in Bitcoin. The company even has an integrated 'faucet' web-site, that allows users to mine Bitcoin to use in their games.

While Japan has a way to go before reaching those levels of Bitcoin acceptance, it's not through lack of trying, with some interesting and innovative bitcoin adoption in japan of reconnecting with a consumer audience. Take for instance 'Bitgirls', a Japanese TV show that's looking to use girls or 'idols', with each girl representing a custom crypto-currency. Viewers can vote for their favorite girls - who bitcoin adoption in japan showcase a selection of talents including balloon-art and car-racing.

The value of each idol's associated currency will rise in tandem with their popularity. While to western audiences this might seem like a strange proposition, the bitcoin adoption in japan culture of Japan is bitcoin adoption in japan social phenomenon worth millions and could prove to be a hugely successful way to connect with the consumer audience.

While Japan's populace are set to have Bitcoin reintroduced into their lives, it's worth noting that in the financial sector, it never truly went away, with many business believing it to be a vital technology.

Time will tell whether consumers agree. Bitcoin adoption in japan chief sorry for improper referee request. The Japan Bitcoin adoption in japan Association has apologized bitcoin adoption in japan an inappropriate request that women leave a sumo ring where they were providing emergency treatment. Tepco apologizes to family of year-old bitcoin adoption in japan who committed suicide amid nuclear crisis. Officials of the operator of the crippled Fukushima No. A survey by a private-sector group has found that a total of 2, "kodomo shokudo," or cafeterias that offer meals to children free of charge or at low prices, have been set up in Japan as part of efforts to address the issue of child poverty.

An Australian woman who was raped by a U. Japan faces losses on grain, production fronts if U. The escalating trade row between Washington and Beijing could impact Japanese companies that source production in China and export grain from U. Japan's top sakura cherry blossom viewing spots littered with trash after hanami picnics. Every year, the cherry blossoms unfurl their pretty petals in spring, and every year local and overseas visitors gather under the sakura trees to admire the beauty of the flowers with a hanami flower-viewing picnic.

SDF chief apologizes for Iraq records scandal. The head of Japan's Self-Defense Forces has apologized for the delay in reporting the discovery of the daily logs of their activities in Iraq. Western Union to let foreign workers in Japan send remittance via app. Western Union, the leading international money transfer operator, will soon offer Japan's burgeoning population of foreign workers the ability to send money home by smartphone. Japan unveils proposals for controls on Initial Coin Offerings.

Japan is moving toward legalizing initial coin offerings, even as countries such as China and the U. AI Expo features latest technologies and services. The latest artificial intelligence technologies and services are on display at an exhibition in Tokyo.

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