Change log for systemd package in Debian

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Change log for systemd package in Debian. Disabling SELinux completely restores binutils 230-5 source cgroups. Include initrd rebuild and some clarifications in migration. While initrd update is already being mentioned in the introductory section, binutils 230-5 source is easy to miss when going through the migration steps, so explicitly mention it again. Also add a warning about keeping a fallback on misconfigurations, and the possibility to migrate one interface at a time.

Thanks to Karl O. Pinc for the suggestions! This helps prevent symbol collisions with other programs and libraries. In particular, because PAM modules are loaded into the process that is creating the binutils 230-5 source, and systemd creates PAM sessions, the potential for collisions is high.

Fix loop on packets with pseudo dns types. Don't output "No machines. Fixes a crash in systemd when the cpuacct cgroup controller is not available. As the upstream build system now creates those symlinks for us, we binutils 230-5 source longer have to create them manually. Cherry-pick upstream patches to build a correct systemd. The fuse package has removed its SysV init script a long time ago, so the mask is no longer needed.

More robust journal checking. Also fail the test if calling journalctl fails, and avoid calling it twice. Remove the now obsolete intltool build dependency, but still explicitly keep binutils 230-5 source. Up-to-date udev binutils 230-5 source for U2F devices are shipped in libu2f-udev nowadays.

Let's read the PID file after all if binutils 230-5 source a potentially unsafe symlink chain in place. But if we do, then refuse taking the PID if its outside of the cgroup. Pick upstream patch requiring the existence of the systemd-timesync user only when running as root, which is not the case for the system unit. Refer to the CC0 license file Closes: This makes it compliant with recent versions binutils 230-5 source debian-policy which recommends to use priority optional for library packages.

Mention in binutils 230-5 source recent NEWS entry that the associated system groups should be removed as well. Fixes systemd-cryptsetup-generator failing to run during boot. Binutils 230-5 source normal bus connection for "plot" verb. Fixes "systemd-analyze plot" failing to run as binutils 230-5 source. This was done so changes to the [Install] section would be applied on upgrades.

Forcefully re-enabling a service might overwrite local modifications though and thus far, none of the affected services did actually change its [Install] section. So remove binutils 230-5 source code from the maintainer scripts as it was apparently doing more harm then good.

Showing the entire debug log is too hard to scan visually, and most of the time the warnings and errors binutils 230-5 source sufficient to explain a failure. Put the journal files into the artifacts though, in case the debug information is necessary. Adjust path to static resolv.

Link NSS modules with -z nodelete to fix memory leak in nss-systemd. Ignore shutdown's "-t" argument. Be more defensive if binutils 230-5 source can't determine per-connection socket peer.

Removing those system users automatically is tricky, as the relevant services might be binutils 230-5 source during upgrade. Add a NEWS entry instead which documents this change. As the name is rather generic, this needs further discussion first, so binutils 230-5 source this change for now. As of dpkg-dev 1. Otherwise it is not read by kmod. Thus clean up the obsolete system user on upgrades. Don't remove the user on upgrades though, as there is likely still be a running process.

This concept is going to be used much more in future versions and hopefully third-party. Fixes "Detaching egress BPF: Invalid argument" log binutils 230-5 source. This was horribly inefficient as a separate test from commit 6bd0dab41eas that cost two VM resets plus accompanying boots; and this does not change any state thus does not require binutils 230-5 source kind of isolation. The upstream binutils 230-5 source uses sfdisk, which is now in the non-essential fdisk package.

Backport upstream patch to version the symbols provided in the private library, so that they cannot confuse unversioned pam modules or libraries linked into them. This should resolve ADT test failures, on arm64, when running as root. This updates the binutils 230-5 source init-top udev script to trigger udevadm actions with type specified. This mimics the systemd-udev-trigger. Without type specified only devices are triggered, but triggering subsystems may also be required and should happen before triggering the devices.

This is the case for example on sx with zdev generated udev rules. This is now safe with adduser having been fixed to no longer suppress fatal error messages if --quiet is used. Use updated U2F ruleset. This ruleset comes from Yubico's libu2f-host. Don't assume that all non-root users are normal users. Automated builders may run under a dedicated system user, and this test would fail that. Passing that environment to login messes up the system locale settings and breaks programs like gpg-agent.

Bridge vlan without PVID. Update the Build-Depends accordingly. This is now done by the upstream build system. Otherwise meson will be binarycom $10 no deposit bonus terms and conditions unhappy when trying to process files with unicode characters.

UTF-8 as this locale is pretty much guaranteed to be available everywhere. We ship udev in a separate binary package, so can't use libsystemd-shared, which is part of the systemd binary package.

This group is not universally available and as a result generates a warning during boot. This transition was completed in stretch.

Enable labeling and access checks for unprivileged users. While this turned out to be a bug in apt, avoid this situation by dropping the Conflicts. Fix offload features initialization. This fixes a regression introduced in v which caused TCP segmentation offloads being disabled by default, resulting in significant performance issues under certain conditions. Otherwise nss-systemd will translate to group 'nobody', which doesn't exist on debian systems. This fixes a bug which allowed binutils 230-5 source remote DoS daemon crash via a crafted DNS response with an empty question section.

It's no longer necessary as even Jessie ships a new enough version. Ensure policy exists before asking the kernel to load it Closes: Serialize information about currently executing command Closes: Add clone syscall definitions for mips Closes: Support ephemeral boots from images Closes: The test binaries in libsystemd-dev require libsystemd-shared which is shipped in the systemd package.

Those test binaries are primarily meant to be run via autopkgtest. Otherwise machinectl list breaks when there are libvirt machines Closes: Only call daemon-reload when planning to redirect. This should only be done when strictly needed. This fixes the problem that on big endian architectures, like mips or powerpc, boolean properties that were retrieved via sd-bus were always set to 0 no.

Add is-enabled support for SysV init scripts. If the start command vanishes during runtime don't hit an assert. This binutils 230-5 source happen when the configuration is changed and reloaded while we are executing a service.

Let's not hit an assert in this case. If an automount unit is masked, don't react to activation anymore. Otherwise we'll binutils 230-5 source an assert sooner or later. This delays opening the mdns and llmnr sockets until a network has enabled them. This silences annoying messages when networkd receives such packets without expecting them: This feature is still used by hal, but now generates vast amounts of errors in the journal. Thus force the removal of hal by adding a Conflicts to the udev package.

This is safe, as hal is long dead and no longer useful. This also works with meson and is not autotools specific. This is safe, as hal is long dead and no package depends on it anymore.

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