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First off we will start with a new game on Survivor. This difficulty might seem high at first glance, but apart of some tighter spots, it's rather easy and straight forward. Also this will unlock the No Mercy difficulty, which needs to be finished for another achievement. In addition you will need to reach max trust with all of your teammates. There are methods to increase the trust which I will explain in detail as soon as you can do them. However, I recommend starting with Faye and Bo on your team since those 2 have achievements tied binary domain walkthrough chapter 4 them.

Also make sure to always use Cain on your team as soon as you get him since he has no method to boost his trust apart from playing with him. Every special kill and collectible carries over to new playthroughs, nothing else, so you will need to maximize the trusts in one playthrough!

The only thing you should keep in binary domain walkthrough chapter 4 now is that you should kill enemies in certain ways. This is gladly cumulative, but why not get them out of the way while we can smash kills, head shots, confusion kills, etc.

You should anyways aim for heads and weak points whenever you can. You will learn that you can use your headset yeah, seriously to give certain orders shown on a list in the voice menus. I find it quite cool so I used it: Keep following Bo and make sure to answer his questions either by mic or manually. This will raise his trust towards you and make it therefore easier to get the achievement for that.

Follow Bo and after the cut scene you will have some serious firefight ahead of you. Make sure to deal head shots to make your enemies kill each other. Get to the Bosomic Charge Station at the end of the road and use the shot on the barrier blocking your path.

Follow it until you meet a giant white robot. Dash down the path and jump down into the water. Now follow his advices and follow the track through the water and make sure to not get spotted. As soon as you reach the tanker, you will get your first achievement. Secret Achievement 15 15 Continue playing to unlock this achievement.

Keep following Bo and his orders. After getting up with your cable gun, there will be a nanomachine on the box in the red light area. You will need to collect a lot of binary domain walkthrough chapter 4 things and there is also an achievement to get them in 1 single playthrough!

Follow Bo and you will have a fight on a bridge with some boxes for cover he will explain further squad commands here. Access it and buy all the nanomachines if possible. This will net you the following achievement. A Friend Indeed 16 15 Purchase nanomachines for a teammate. Use the remaining credits to either upgrade damage, accuracy or rate of fire or all of them to unlock the following.

Weapon Crafter 16 15 Upgrade a weapon. Now reload the binary domain walkthrough chapter 4 checkpoint and buy 1 upgrade. Back out and rinse and repeat until you got all your credits spent. This will net you the following achievement automatically. Spendthrift 16 15 Spend 10, credits at vending machines. You will see that each time you buy something a small mini-game starts, awarding you with free items each time you binary domain walkthrough chapter 4 blue or green.

As soon as you hit the jackpot, the following will unlock. It didn't unlock for me on the first I met, but since there are 38 more vending machines in the game, your chances are quite high that you will get it.

Jackpot 17 15 Hit the jackpot on a vending machine. Make sure to talk to him as often as you can to raise his trust also answer positive on his questions, to raise the trust and DON'T shoot him, since this will lower it. When you hit the dead end, use the crane controls to the left and move it all the way to the right to enter the next area.

This will be a larger room where you will face the first time red robots. Now kill the enemies in the next room careful of the large guy and open the door to the next area. Take cover and kill all the enemies trying to rush you. After the cut-scene, climb up the ladder to the left of the white robot and operate the crane to hit him from above. Get to Bo and activate the 2 levers to advance and climb all the way up to activate the girders control.

Watch the cut-scenes and you will find yourself sliding down. Finish that part for the following achievement to unlock. Secret Achievement 16 binary domain walkthrough chapter 4 Continue playing to unlock binary domain walkthrough chapter 4 achievement.

Follow the path ahead of you and fight a few robots. When you hear Bo talking about a troop carrier bringing in some enemies you will run up a rampshoot it's 4 engines they need to blow up to count binary domain walkthrough chapter 4 destroyed, not just burn until the transporter gets destroyed. Order Bo to charge so he get the enemies of your back while doing this. This might be easier on easy, but a few tries here should do the trick. This will unlock the following. Transport Takedown 34 15 Destroy the Iron Whale's four engines.

Buy here some MP grenades since it will make the fight with the shield guys a lot easier. After killing them you will have another cut-scene. After the next cut-scene you binary domain walkthrough chapter 4 unlock the following achievement and end chapter 1.

Secret Achievement 11 10 Continue playing to binary domain walkthrough chapter 4 this achievement. Here you have the choice to choose teammates. There is a total of 6 teammates you can have in this game and an achievement needs you to manually choose each one into your team. For the beginning, I recommend you choose Bo and Faye since both have related achievements.

I will point out points where you should swap for others. Keep moving down the street and you will come to a section where you fight off the big lancer. Shoot him so he loses his armor and head all the way up on the roof.

After some hits and talking need to shoot down the cable as Faye tells youHQ will tell you to aim for his head. Bo will tell you to jump on his head from the roof. Do so to unlock the following achievement. Binary domain walkthrough chapter 4 12 10 Get onto the Grand Lancer's head. After around clips, he will drop dead.

Now follow the path and after the cut-scene, you binary domain walkthrough chapter 4 be back in action. Now there will come a huge troop carrier and I recommend, even though you already got the achievement, to shoot this one down too. This will net you a nice bonus credits! Kill all the incoming enemies here and after they are all down, destroy the fuel tank in front of the door. Get through the door and head to the left inside the destroyed building.

Head now to the right, watch the cut scene and escape the attack from the huge spider. Keep following the way across the roofs until you come to a shutter you need to open. After the small cut-scene you will need to fight the huge spider. Head immediately to the right and pick up the rocket launcher. Shoot the legs with the rocket launcher once to destroy the armor and shoot the blue coolant tanks exposed that way. There are many rockets throughout the area, just run around and keep looking for them.

To the right binary domain walkthrough chapter 4 the rocket launcher in the distance is a tower you binary domain walkthrough chapter 4 walk up. You can of course use the bosomic charge to stun the huge spider, keep that in mind. As soon as the spider is down, you will unlock the following achievement. Spider Killer 18 15 Destroy all of the Spider's legs. We are now in a nightlife-like district. First off, we will head to the left and will encounter a guy which is talking to you press Y when you are close, he is standing to the left.

After the cut-scene, head to the door again and another cut-scene plays. Now here you are free to choose whichever character you want, but I strongly recommend to use the ones you don't plan to play a lot with.

However, for this part I chose Rachel and Bo since whichever players you DON'T pick, there will be a chance to raise their trust quite easily later on. Head through the door and defeat the incoming enemies. Keep following the way through the service tunnels and subway tunnels until you reach the binary domain walkthrough chapter 4. In the area which you defend before the jet-skis, there are an infinite number of enemies that will spawn and it's a good spot to get some head shots, melee kills, etc in.

I unlocked the following achievements with ease before I even boarded the jet-skis. If you didn't, don't worry, you will get these almost naturally throughout your 2nd or mop up campaign playthrough. Headshot Master 27 20 Get 50 headshot bonuses in Campaign. Tactician 19 15 Get enemies to kill each other 50 times.

The next part is rather straight forward.

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