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A false dilemma can arise intentionally, when a fallacy is used in an attempt to force a choice or outcome. The opposite of this fallacy is false compromise. The false dilemma fallacy can also arise simply by accidental omission of additional options rather than by deliberate deception. For example "Stacey spoke out against capitalism, therefore she must be a communist" she may be neither capitalist nor communist.

Roger might be an atheist who disagrees with the logic of some particular argument against Christianity. Additionally, it can be the result of habitual tendency, whatever the cause, to view the world with limited sets of options. Binare option extreme philosophers and scholars believe that "unless a distinction can be made rigorous and precise it binare option extreme really a distinction".

The presentation of a false choice often reflects a deliberate attempt to eliminate several options that may occupy the middle ground on an issue. A common argument against noise pollution laws involves a false choice.

It binare option extreme be argued that in New York City noise should not be regulated, because if it were, the city would drastically change in a negative way. This argument assumes that, for example, a bar must be shut down to prevent disturbing levels of noise emanating from it after midnight. This ignores the fact binare option extreme the bar could simply lower its noise levels, or install soundproofing structural binare option extreme to keep the noise from excessively transmitting onto others' properties.

Binare option extreme psychology, a phenomenon related to the false dilemma is black-and-white thinking. There are people who routinely engage in black-and-white thinking, an example of which is someone who categorizes other binare option extreme as all good or all bad. From Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia. Department of Philosophy, Texas Binare option extreme University.

Upper Saddle River, N. Retrieved 31 October Linguistic fuzzy logic methods in social sciences 1. The New York Times. Argumentum ad baculum Appeal to force Wishful thinking. Argument to moderation Popularity. List of fallacies Other types of fallacy Philosophy portal. Masked man fallacy Non sequitur. Affirming a disjunct Affirming the consequent Denying the antecedent Argument from fallacy False dilemma.

Existential fallacy Illicit conversion Proof by example Quantifier shift. Affirmative conclusion from a negative premise Exclusive premises Existential Necessity Four-term fallacy Illicit major Illicit minor Negative conclusion from affirmative premises Undistributed middle. Other types of formal fallacy List of fallacies. False dilemma Perfect solution fallacy Denying the correlative Suppressed correlative.

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