Computational Finance with Matlab

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Works made by my students. In the course Analytical Finance I, the students made a work in a group. These works is the published in reports and presented at a seminal.

Some of these reports are presented below. They are made between and Analytical Finance I - Binomial models in Matlab. Limitations in Black-Sholes model 1.

Limitations in Black-Sholes model 2. Strategies with Options 1. Strategies with Options 2. Calculations with binomial models.

Analytical Finance I Poisson processes and jump-diffusion models. Trading at London Metal Exchange. A study of Binomial models. A study of Binomial models - presentation. Calculations with Binomial models. Monte-Carlo simulations - 2. Binomial Model with pegged strike. Monte Carlo for Asian Baskets. Monte Carlo with Matlab.

Monte Carlo with Stochastic Volatility. Monte Carlo of European Options. An Asian Basket Multi Digital option. Curran Model for Asian Options. Black-Sholes PDE matlab code. Dynamic Hedging matlab code. Volatility on the Swedish market.

The problem with Volatility. Asian Lookback Minimum matlab code. Barrier Option Valuation with Asian option binomial tree matlab Model. Barrier Option Valuation with Binomial Model matlab code. Bermudan Options with the Binomial Model. Bermudan Options with the Binomial Model matlab code. Monte-Carlo simulation with Black-Scholes. Valuation of Asian Options. Valuation of Asian Options matlab code. Bermudan Option Pricing matlab code.

European and American Options. Strategies with Options matlab code. Strategies with Options Instructions. MC application for VaR on a portfolio. Option Pricing With Dividends.

Bose Vandermark Lehman Method. Black-Scholes formula with dividends. MC VaR on Portfolios. How Black-Scholes converge to the hockey stick, made in Python. How the B-S converge to the hockey stick, the Python asian option binomial tree matlab. A Black-Scholes implementation in Python.

Black Scholes Call Option in Python. Black Scholes Put Option in Python. A Binomial implementation in Python. A Binomial implementation in Python, the code.

A Monte-Carlo similation in Python. A Monte-Carlo similation in Python presentation. A Monte-Carlo similation in Python code. Pricing Barrier options with Python. Monte Carlo Simulation in Python and Excel. Monte Carlo Simulation asian option binomial tree matlab Python code. CRR and American Options. Black-Scholes converge in Python. Black Scholes converge in Python code. Implementing the Black-Scholes in Python.

Implementing the Black-Scholes in Python code. Pricing Barrier options using Python. Pricing Barrier options using Python asian option binomial tree matlab. A Monte-Carlo calculation for Barrier options in Python. Hedging and rebalancing options in a binomial tree. Monte-Carlo Simulation for American Options.

Optimal stopping time for American options.

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Version pdf de ce document Premia 14 The underlined algorithms have been already implemented. Theta-method finite difference algorithm [ ] Splitting Explicit Method The obstacle problem is splitted in two steps. A Simple Simulation-Based Approach [ ] 2. Tree Cheuk-Vorst algorithm [ ]. Functional quantization algorithms for Asian options [ 88 ]. Ahdida High order discretization of Wishart process. Tempered stable process, variance gamma. Monte Carlo for pricing Exotics options in jump models [ 60 ].

Calibration of American options in Levy models. Cubature on Wiener space in infinite dimension. A Closed-form extension to Black-Cox formula. Recovering portfolio default intensities implied by cdo quotes [ ] Interacting particle systems for the computation of rare credit portfolio losses [ 83 ] 31 Pricing Energy Derivatives Pricing options on realized variance in the Heston model with jumps in returns and volatility.

Computing var and avar in infinitely divisible distributions. Probability and Mathematical Statistics , 30 2 , Default contagion in large homogeneous portfolios. Journal of Computational Finance , to appear, A mean-reverting sde on correlation matrices. A second-order discretization scheme for the cir process: Randomly permuted t,m,s -Nets and t,s -sequences.

Springer, New York, Optimal multiple stopping and valuation of swing options in levy models. Finance , 9 8: Analytical and monte carlo swaptions pricing under the forward swap measure. Journal of Computational Finance , Jump-adapted discretization schemes for levy-driven sdes.

To appear in Stochastic Processes and their Applications , Iterative construction of optimal bermudan stopping time. Lattice methods for pricing american interest rate claims. The Journal of Finance , Pricing options under stochastic volatility: The binomial model and the greeks. The Journal Of Derivatives , Spring: Pricing convertible bonds with call protection. Journal of Computational Finance, to appear , Pricing european-style options under jump diffusion processes with stochastic volatility: Applications of fourier transform.

Proceedings of the 7th Tartu Conference on Multivariate Statistics , Pricing options on realized variance in the heston model with jumps in returns and volatility. Journal of Computational Finance , , Accurate valuation of asian options using moments.

Efficient, almost exact simulation of the heston stochastic volatility model. The pricing of options on assets with stochastics volatility. Of Finance , The use of the control variate technique in option pricing. Of Finance and Quantitative Analysis , Efficient procedures for valuing european and american path-dependent options. The Journal of Derivatives , 1: Adaptive finite element methods for local volatility european option pricing. International Journal of Theoretical and Applied Finance , 7 6 , Mathematics of Operations Research , pages —, Feb Adaptive optimal allocation in stratified sampling methods.

Preprint Cermics hal , pages 1— Non-gaussian ornstein—uhlenbeck-based models and some of their uses in financial economics. Journal of the Royal Statistical Society , 63 2: Robbind-monro algorithm and variance reduction.

Risk magazine , 7: Moments and strike matching binomial algorithm for pricing american put options. Finance , 31 , Understanding Numerical Analysis for Financial Models. Cambridge University Press, To appear. Variational inequalities and the pricing of American options. Acta Applicandae Mathematicae , Fast strong approximation monte-carlo schemes for stochastic volatility models.

Journal of Quantitative Finance , 6: Randomization and the american put. Static Hedging of Standard Option. Madan, and Marc Yor. Pricing options on realized variance. Saddlepoint methods for option pricing. Journal of Computational Finance , to appear. The effect of coordinate transformations for sparse grid pricing of basket options.

Preprint, to appear JCAM , An improved convolution algorithm for discretely sampled asian options. Quantitative Finance to appear , Pricing double barrier parisian options using laplace transforms. Monte carlo computation of small loss probabilities. Technical report, Preprint, A dynamic approach to the modelling of credit derivatives using markov chains. Sparse wavelet methods for option pricing under stochastic volatility. Journal of Computational Finance , 8 4: An exact analytical solution for discrete barrier options.

The solution of a quadratic programming problem using systematic overrelaxation. The efficient solution of linear complementarity problems for tridiagonal minkowski matrices. A jump-diffusion libor model and its robust calibration. A stochastic volatility libor model and its robust calibration. Option valuation using the fast fourier transform. Journal of Computational Finance , 2 2: Credit default swap calibration and derivatives pricing with the ssrd stochastic intensity model.

Calibration of cdo tranches with the dynamical generalized-poisson loss model. Numerical valuation of high dimensional multivariate american securieties. Empirical martingale simulation of asset prices.

Manangement Science , Efficient pricing of Asian options by the PDE, approach. Journal of Computational Finance , 10 2 , A generalization of the hull and white formula with applications to option pricing approximation.

Finance and Stochastics , Riding on a smile. Monte carlo for pricing asian options in jump models.