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I spoke with Ekta about her experience there, and wanted to share applicazione opzioni binarie apple id excerpts from our conversation. Could you briefly describe the purpose of the workshop: The workshop was a four-day event organized by the Gates Foundation because they want to develop an integrated ICT platform in Bihar for all their grantees.

They wanted to discuss how to set up the platform, what its component pieces would need to be, and for the grantees to come to a common understanding in order to work together to develop, deploy and manage the platform. What did you learn by being at this workshop? Is there any one insight that really struck you?

It was very interesting, naturally, to meet with the different participants and to learn about their different applicazione opzioni binarie apple id in Bihar. But I guess that one lesson to take away from the entire experience is that user-centered approach to innovation is really necessary for creating solutions that create an impact on ground. For instance, it was discussed that to register beneficiaries into the health system one also needs to map their cultural background religion, caste besides recording other vitals.

Hence, it would be more useful for the registration tool to take both geography and terrain into account in addition to the cultural background of beneficiaries. Also we learnt while conducting ethnographic research in Bihar that all the different frontline health workers have different roles, different motivation levels and applicazione opzioni binarie apple id literacy and knowledge levels. Therefore, a single service or application — or even a single type of mobile device — may not be appropriate or valuable for all.

So if you give them all JAVA enabled mobile phones to support applications designed as job aids, for example, ASHAs may not benefit at all because they may not be able to effectively use the applications. In order to design more effective solutions, the first step would be to conduct this kind of in-depth ethnographic research and analysis. After this, the next very challenging step is to convince the government of the value of that solution. So to convince him of the value of a solution, that inherent value must be very apparent.

Again, ethnographic research ensures that the solutions are based on the real needs of the people, and have been developed after much research and thought. Ultimately, the whole process may appear to take longer, but in fact it increases the efficacy of solutions creating a more lasting impact on the ground. Vihara Applicazione opzioni binarie apple id Campus 3rd November BiharethnographyGates Foundationmaternal and child healthuser-centered innovation.

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