About Setting Project Options (VBA/ActiveX)

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Instead of manually inputting billing and shipping information for a purchase, a user can use one-click buying to use a predefined address and credit card number to purchase one or more items. On October 9,the USPTO issued an office action in the reexamination which confirmed the patentability of claims 6 to 10 of the patent. In NovemberAmazon responded by amending the broadest claims 1 and 11 to restrict them to a shopping cart model of commerce.

They have also submitted several hundred references for the examiner to consider. In Canada, the Federal Court of Canada held that the One click patent could not be rejected as a pure business method since it had a physical effect. The Court remanded the application to the Canadian patent office for a reexamination. In response to the lawsuit, the Free Software Foundation urged a boycott of Amazon. The boycott was lifted in September From Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia.

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Most of the arguments are supported by only a subset of these six statements. The support for each argument is indicated in the description of the argument. Informationen zur Syntax finden Sie in den folgenden Themen: For syntax, see the following topics: Gibt die Zieldatenbank an.

Specifies the target database. Falls eine Liste mit Dateien oder Dateigruppen angegeben ist, werden nur diese Dateien und Dateigruppen wiederhergestellt. If a list of files and filegroups is specified, only those files and filegroups are restored. For a database using the full or bulk-logged recovery model, SQL Server SQL Server requires in most cases that you back up the tail of the log before restoring the database.

Wenn eine Datenbank ohne vorherige Sicherung des Protokollfragments wiederhergestellt wird, tritt ein Fehler auf.

Gibt an, dass eine Transaktionsprotokollsicherung auf diese Datenbank angewendet werden soll. Specifies that a transaction log backup is to be applied to this database.

Transaction logs must be applied in sequential order. Typically, the last log restored is the tail-log backup. Eine Sicherung des Protokollfragments ist eine Protokollsicherung, die unmittelbar vor dem Wiederherstellen einer Datenbank erstellt wurde.

Dies erfolgt normalerweise nach dem Auftreten eines Datenbankfehlers. A tail-log backup is a log backup taken right before restoring a database, typically after a failure on the database.

Taking a tail-log backup from the possibly damaged database prevents work loss by capturing the log that has not yet been backed up the tail of the log. Is the database that the log or complete database is restored into. You can specify a list of files or filegroups. Hierbei gelten die folgenden Ausnahmen: The exceptions to this are as follows: If the files being restored were read-only before they were last backed up—then a transaction log does not have to be applied, and the RESTORE statement informs you of this situation.

If the backup contains the primary filegroup and a partial restore is being performed. In this case, the restore log is not needed because the log is restored automatically from the backup set. Names a file to include in the database restore. Names a filegroup to include in the database restore. Any unrestored read-write filegroups are marked as defunct and cannot subsequently be restored into the resulting database. Selects all read-write filegroups. This option is particularly useful when you have read-only filegroups that you want to restore after read-write filegroups before the read-only filegroups.

Specifies a list of one or more pages for a page restore which is supported only for databases using the full or bulk-logged recovery models. Mit den Parametern werden folgende Werte angegeben: The values are as follows: Indicates a list of one or more files and pages. Is the file ID of the file containing a specific page to be restored. Is the page ID of the page to be restored in the file. Is a placeholder indicating that multiple pages can be specified.

The maximum number of pages that can be restored into any single file in a restore sequence is However, if you have more than a small number of damaged pages in a file, consider restoring the whole file instead of the pages.

Seitenwiederherstellungen werden nie wiederhergestellt. Page restores are never recovered. Is a placeholder indicating that multiple files and filegroups and pages can be specified in a comma-separated list. The number is unlimited. If the FROM clause is omitted, the restore of a backup does not take place. Stattdessen wird die Datenbank wiederhergestellt. Instead, the database is recovered. The device types of disk and tape should be specified with the actual name for example, complete path and file name of the device: If using a network server with a UNC name which must contain machine name , specify a device type of disk.

Is a placeholder indicating that up to 64 backup devices may be specified in a comma-separated list. Whether a restore sequence requires as many backup devices as were used to create the media set to which the backups belong, depends on whether the restore is offline or online, as follows: Bei der Offlinewiederherstellung kann eine Sicherung mit weniger Medien wiederhergestellt werden, als zum Erstellen der Sicherung erforderlich waren.

Offline restore allows a backup to be restored using fewer devices than were used to create the backup. Online restore requires all the backup devices of the backup. Einer Wiederherstellungsversuch mit weniger Medien erzeugt einen Fehler. An attempt to restore with fewer devices fails. Angenommen, eine Datenbank wurde auf vier Bandlaufwerken gesichert, die mit dem Server verbunden sind. For example, consider a case in which a database was backed up to four tape drives connected to the server.

An online restore requires that you have four drives connected to the server; an offline restore allows you to restore the backup if there are less than four drives on the machine.

When you are restoring a backup from a mirrored media set, you can specify only a single mirror for each media family. In the presence of errors, however, having the other mirrors enables some restore problems to be resolved quickly. You can substitute a damaged media volume with the corresponding volume from another mirror. Be aware that for offline restores you can restore from fewer devices than media families, but each family is processed only once.

In a revert operation, the database snapshot takes the place of a full database backup. A revert operation requires that the specified database snapshot is the only one on the database. During the revert operation, the database snapshot and the destination database and are both marked as In restore. Gibt die Optionen an, die bei einem Wiederherstellungsvorgang verwendet werden sollen. Specifies the options to be used by a restore operation.

Specifies a partial restore operation that restores the primary filegroup and any specified secondary filegroup s. Instructs the restore operation to roll back any uncommitted transactions.

Nach dem Wiederherstellungsprozess kann die Datenbank verwendet werden. After the recovery process, the database is ready for use. Instructs the restore operation to not roll back any uncommitted transactions. This is useful in either of these situations: A restore script is being run and the log is always being applied.

A sequence of file restores is used and the database is not intended to be usable between two of the restore operations. In such cases, roll back does not occur and the data remains offline, as expected with this option.

Specifies a standby file that allows the recovery effects to be undone. Bei Onlinewiederherstellungen darf diese Option nicht verwendet werden. The option is disallowed for online restore. The standby file allows a database to be brought up for read-only access between transaction log restores and can be used with either warm standby server situations or special recovery situations in which it is useful to inspect the database between log restores.

Unlike other database files, this file is only kept open by the Datenbankmodul Database Engine during active restore operations. Andernfalls wird die Datei von Datenbankmodul Database Engine erstellt. If an existing file is using the specified name, the file is overwritten; otherwise, the Datenbankmodul Database Engine creates the file. The size requirement of a given standby file depends on the volume of undo actions resulting from uncommitted transactions during the restore operation.

If free disk space is exhausted on the drive containing the specified standby file name, the restore operation stops. Specifies that the restore operation loads the information into the msdb history tables. Some of these options are also supported by one or more auxiliary statements, as noted below. Diese Optionen beeinflussen das Verhalten des Wiederherstellungsvorgangs.

These options affect the behavior of the restore operation. Der logische Dateiname einer Daten- oder Protokolldatei in einem Sicherungssatz entspricht ihrem logischen Namen in der Datenbank zum Zeitpunkt der Erstellung des Sicherungssatzes.

The logical file name of a data or log file in a backup set matches its logical name in the database when the backup set was created. Specify a MOVE statement for every logical file you want to restore from the backup set to a new location.

If a RESTORE statement is used to relocate a database on the same server or copy it to a different server, the MOVE option might be necessary to relocate the database files and to avoid collisions with existing files. The MOVE option cannot be used to restore the snapshot backup to a local file or to a different storage account.

For more information, see Copy Databases with Backup and Restore. SQL Server Wird nur verwendet, wenn eine Sicherung vom Microsoft Azure Blob-Speicherdienst wiederhergestellt wird.

Used only when restoring a backup from the Microsoft Azure Blob storage service. Bei SQL Server