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Independence ActTrader brings a new meaning to independence. It frees your firm from the rigors of platform maintenance and development, leaving them to a highly experienced service provider.

This gives your firm the chance to focus more on its strategy and Cost Free Customization All ActTrader platforms feature extensive user-definable business rules allowing the client to adjust various aspects of the platform: Ease of Entry Regardless of the size of your firm, you can be in business in as little as five days with an ActTrader turnkey solution. An affordable setup fee enables your company to bypass many of the major expenses involved Opportunity Opportunity in the Forex industry has never been greater than now.

No matter how large or small your firm is, ActTrader will provide your company with the technology and expertise needed ACT Today Although ActTrader still offers its white-label platforms it has expanded its product lineup to accommodate a changing market that today is trader driven. This position has changed because retail traders, now with nearly ACT Business Model During the early years of ActTrader history, major trading firms in the retail Forex industry did not exist but smaller firms saw a unique market opportunity and became interested in the concept of offering FX trading to individual traders Reliability ActTrader places extreme emphasis on the reliability of its trading platform and performs stringent testing on all software and infrastructure components prior to production release.

Custom-Made Because no two Forex firms are the same, ActTrader has developed a modular approach to its trading platforms.

FXApps is one-stop shopping for algorithmic trading strategies and much more, exclusively for the ActTrader platform. Finding the right applications for you has never been easier! Binary Options is a simplified and very easy to understand alternate form of trading well suited for those with any level of knowledge, from beginner to pro. ActBinary from ActForex offers comprehensive yet easy to use trading features and is available as a module for the celebrated ActTrader platform, or as a stand-alone Binary Options platform.

All this and much more, with a polished, intuitive interface. All this and much more, with a polished and intuitive interface. Available at Android Market. ActTrader is a managed service provider, which means that we offer more than just a great trading platform. You get a turnkey online trading solution fully hosted and maintained by us. Over the years we have built up the infrastructure that includes everything you need to support your business, including our SAS certified data center and 24X7X technical support.

This spares your company the hassle and expense of supporting your own servers or IT department. In addition to the technology, you will have the benefit of personalized training sessions at set-up, followed by hour customer support should you have any questions.

On your path to business success, we are with you every step of the way. With traders using our products in over countries, ActTrader is a truly global presence in the world marketplace — and we give you the tools to become one too. We offer platforms in 15 languages, your choice of system base currency, and tools that ensure compliance with different regulatory bodies around the world such as the NFA and the FSA. With over business and technical settings in the back office alone, ActTrader platforms offer nearly limitless customizability.

Different trading instruments, contract sizes, feed sources, clearing settings, margin call execution, and transaction fees — these are just a handful of configurable options.

Each platform is specifically tailored to your needs and business model — and we help you set it up. On the front end, ActTrader allows you to create and save multiple desktop profiles for different types of trader — beginner, advanced, money manager, etc.

Much more than just Forex, ActTrader technology allows you to trade an almost unlimited number of instruments. No matter which modules you choose, traders have the benefit of our ActTrader trading application, while dealers can monitor exposure and manage risk from all instruments inside the ActDealer application.

For you, this means scalability: Since the yearActTrader has emerged as the largest and most experienced independent trading platform provider in the world for financial institutions. Our business analysts, developers, customer and technical support specialists combine for dozens of years of industry experience and know-how. Our staff is the key to our success — and to yours. ActTrader has solutions to accommodate companies of any size. So as your business grows, ActTrader will be there to make the expansion easy and seamless.

At ActTrader, we are always developing our platform and services to help you stay a step ahead of the competition. And as an ActTrader licensee, your company will receive these significant system upgrades at no extra cost.

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For information about licensing, how to startup or grow your business, and product details please direct your contact to Business Development. For information about press release or marketing related matters, please direct your contact to the Marketing Department. Amount-based trading instead of lotan optional feature, presents trades in tangible monetary terms to avoid the extra step of calculating the value of lots One-click trading allows your trader to open a position in the fastest possible time Extensive reports track trading progress and revenue Customizable workspace using tabs and detachable windows which includes floating windows that allow efficient multi-tasking View Features.

Just released, Visual Strategy Editor in ActTrader allows you to create automated strategies directly from charts without writing a single line of code. The complete technology solution for your Binary Options firm Binary Options is a simplified and very easy to understand alternate form of trading well suited for those with any level of knowledge, from beginner to pro.

Just released, a full trading solution for the iPhone — Our most fully functional mobile trading platform to date. Bringing the power and convenience of ActTrader to the iPad. A brand new trading application for the world's most popular tablet. Just released, a full trading solution for the Android. Our Experienced and Professional Staff. We Help Your Business Grow. Your Success is Our Success. Leveraging our Forex industry experience gives institutions more time to focus on their customers and business operations while requiring far fewer resources for the demands of infrastructure and IT.

The platform provides the ability to manage risk or off-load risk to a large list of banks or major liquidity providers. Let ActForex show your firm how to stay in control. While money is traded as a managed account, the ActFundManager distributes profits and losses in real time among all fund participants. The ActIB trading platform is designed specifically for financial institutions whose business model incorporates offering online retail Forex to their clients without the overhead of a fulltime dealing desk.

Please, fill the fields below: How did you hear about ActForex? Enter the characters shown in the image:. To ensure a rapid response please direct inquiries to: Binary Options management in ActDealer. Amount-based trading instead of lotan optional feature, presents trades in tangible monetary terms to avoid the extra step of calculating the value of lots.

One-click trading allows your trader to open a position in the fastest possible time. Customizable workspace using tabs and detachable windows which includes floating windows that allow efficient multi-tasking.

Runs in any browser. Live Streaming Dealing Rates.

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The Koreatown shopping district bustled with life on a recent Friday as people in Flushing, Queens, eased their way into the weekend. Shoppers glanced into store windows while passersby ran to catch buses with bags of groceries purchased at J-Mart inside New World Mall. Daniel Cho, 52, hung clothing in his store on Roosevelt Avenue while pop music bumped from the speakers.

An immigrant from South Korea, Cho spoke nonchalantly about the ongoing conflict between the United States and North Korea, which has become part of the normal backdrop in the lives of many Korean New Yorkers.

With the unpredictable nature of both leaders, many Korean Americans have been left to speculate about possible outcomes.

Shoppers in J-Mart, a popular supermarket, in Flushing, Queens. Photo by Claire Tighe. As for other Koreans in New York, Pyong does not think the possibility of war is constantly top of mind. There is no alternative. Trump is very dangerous. Kim Jong-un is more dangerous. Perhaps some Korean Americans take this stance because South Koreans have been living with the threat of war for decades.

The first Korean War is technically still not resolved. Recent reporting from South Korea suggests that South Koreans do fear a war, but their feelings have slowly simmered for many years and concerns may now seem commonplace. While experts argue that a U. They talk about nuclear weapons capability and sanctions. Lee suggested that many Korean Americans feel uncertain about a nonviolent resolution, or any one solution at all. There could be miscalculations or an accidental stumbling toward war.

Still, President Trump and Kim Jong-un appear to be goading each other into a nuclear war, a path that feels realistic for many older Korean Americans. John Hong, 72, a real estate broker and community leader in Flushing, Queens, immigrated from South Korea 40 years ago.

In between business calls at his office on Union Street, he spoke about his experience as eyewitness of the Korean War as a child in South Korea. Hong said that he and other Koreans his age worry about another war. About the conflict between North Korea and the U. He says his exposure to segregation as a child while traveling with his family in rural Virginia helped shape his current work as a photographer.

Photo by Kristen Torres. He looked at the floor, drawing a line across his feet with his hands. Mims — along with about a dozen other local artists — are currently displaying their work at the Jamaica Center for Arts and Learning in Queens.

She pointed at one of her paintings. Pieces in the exhibition include all types of artistic mediums, like woodworking and interactive visual pieces.

Some installations focus on the role of African American women in society, while others call attention to the years of slavery. Mims said the man was biracial and spoke to Mims about the struggles of not fitting into a society where a hard line is drawn between being black or white. All I can do with my art is express what I have inside me and try to make people who look at it a better person. Photo by Razi Syed. Morejon said she was there for the third day in a row, usually staying for several hours on each visit, and that she intended to come back for as long as her parents lacked the rights of citizenship.

A mounted camera, located just below the text, livestreams the activity at hewillnotdivide. During an hour-long period beginning at 3 p. The number of people at any one time varied from four to Harry Maria, 32, of Castle Hill, Bronx, was there for his second time, after a brief visit the previous week. Maria said the view Trump and his supporters have on immigration to the United States were hypocritical. Christian Mansfield, 33, of Sunnyside, Queens, said executive order freezing the processing of refugees and barring citizens of seven Muslim-majority countries from traveling to the United States was the action he felt he had to oppose most strongly.

Photo by Sophie Herbut. Jarvis knew Rikers Island to be a legal cage for human beings that devolves them into desperate animals. It takes a huge toll on the family and unfortunately our mom passed away when he was in there.

Jarvis and hundreds of protestors gathered on Steinway Street and 30 th Avenue in Astoria, Queens yesterday to urge the closing of Rikers Island. The protesters marched to Hazen Street and 19 th Avenue, the edge of the bridge to Rikers Island, chanting to free their sisters, brothers and friends. Rikers Island has been heavily criticized over claims and reports of extreme violence among inmates and correctional officers, corruption among the officers and contraband being snuck onto the island.

Most recently an officer who pled guilty for covering up and helping beat an inmate to death. He was released this past December on appeal. Rikers Island has a notorious reputation. Mayor Bill de Blasio says he is trying to reform the prison.

Jarvis said Rikers Island is too far gone for anything to help. She said the best solution is to close it down. But she knows there are not the same opportunities throughout every community.

Jarvis said there needs to be more avenues for people to rehabilitate and learn from their mistakes instead of being branded a criminal and then having less opportunities than they did before. Walter Rodriguez, 45, from Claremont, Bronx, works in the Bronx Defenders, a public defense organization for residents in the Bronx. Rodriguez said that getting a court room to open in the South Bronx takes so long and therefore his clients are forced to wait in Rikers Island.

She said some of the laws are so obscure that not many people know about them. Rose said that detainees suffered emotional, mental and physical abuse as the cost of a small crimes. Protestors hold handmade signs draw attention to the faulty prison system at Rikers Island.. Hundreds of people of color marched yesterday to protest the condition at the jail. Pooja Kumbri, 23, from Harlem said that the best way to address people who have committed crimes is through compassion and understanding.

As the rally approached its destination, police officers patrolled the barricade put up to prevent the protestors from crossing that point. Most of our conceptions of Guyana, a small English-speaking country on the Caribbean Sea, might be admittedly flimsy.

Think deep jungles, wide rivers, or perhaps the notorious mass murder suicides of Jim Jones and members of the Peoples Temple. More than five races make up Guyana, among them the indigenous Amerindians, Europeans, Chinese, Africans, and Indians. With a population of more than ,, the Guyanese are the fifth largest foreign-born population in New York City.

The neighborhood connects him back to his home. The 5th Annual World Maker Faire took place in New York Hall of Science, Queens, yesterday, where technology and science experts, as well as ambitious startups, gathered to share their ideas and inventions. The fair brought together more than a hundred inventive makers from across the county. One of the ways the fair engaged children, and anybody who was curious enough, was a NASA Solve challenge.

You are the future and we want your ideas. Children got to take various techno parts apart, like keyboards and radios, with pliers and screwdrivers, creating sculptures or pictures out of those recycled pieces. Children like Ellis spent hours uncovering the unknown parts of computers, printers and other techno stuff, while others preferred to hang around the two enormous space rockets installed in the middle of the fair or to pet a five-feet high electronic giraffe.

Photo by Maria Panskaya. Vanessa Leung, 13, came to the fair not only to see what other makers had invented but also to present her own invention. Leung, together with several classmates from Simon Baruch Middle School, had built and programmed a Finch, a small electronic pet. A inch robot, which was also available in different designs and colors, would hit the market at the end of the year, presenting interested educators with a functioning high-level robotic platform to develop research on.

A 3D printer is making a prosthetic hand made of thin plastic, similar to the blue one Ryan Brandy holds. Plastic prosthetics are more affordable than bio-prosthetic limbs. Just change the size and print out a new hand, which is less expensive. Her mother, Margarita Sabogal, warned her to get away from the windows and call the police. Mulligan dialed , but was unable to get through for 15 minutes.

The dispatch system was flooded with calls , causing delays. The fire department was called to Hillside Avenue and Street in Hollis, Queens for a report of wires down at approximately 9 p. A team of firefighters responded, roped off the area and notified the utility company.

They cleared the area at 9: She noticed smoke coming from the basement just as the firefighters left.

She ran downstairs and saw a small fire, which she quickly put out with an extinguisher. Mulligan was attempting to help her mother when she heard two explosions on the side of the house.

Sabogal and her daughter rushed to grab any nearby valuables and round up their pets. The family had taken in rescue animals for many years and at the time of the storm was housing two dogs and seven cats. Only the two dogs and three cats made it out. She was crying, freaking out about the cats and kept going back into the house. Smoke and fire were visible by the time the second team of firefighters arrived at 9: It escalated to a second alarm and was brought under control at The Sabogal family is one of many displaced in the wake of Hurricane Sandy.

Current estimates list the number of housing units damaged or destroyed in New York state at ,, that number is expected to grow, according to a state damage assessment briefing held by Governor Cuomo on Nov.

Just in Breezy Point, Queens, an estimated housesburned down in a six alarm firethat took nearly 12 hours to put out. Over a month after the storm, many families still lack a permanent place to live.