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Hi everyone, I have recently opened a demo account with binary option robot and so far it's making a steady profit not ridiculous the broker is banc de binary? My question is does anybody have any experience with automated systems?

If so what are they? Does anybody have any opinions or experience with binary options robot? If so what is it? And will I invest my own money into this, find out it was all a scam when I do put my money in by way of loosing It all?

I'm new to trading 3 binary options robot forum looking for advice from anyone that can help me! Since i registered on this forum I noticed that a lot of people come here crying about how badly they were scammed by x broker etc.

You give them some advice, and they dont even bother replying. I think the majority of the complaints are posted by other brokers. I want to recommend my trading strategy that boost and stimulate your trading and gives you amazing wins and gives you high edge over your broker. Lose no more to your broker. Very important for me is the automated trading robot, ever since I started using it, my results have improved a lot, and now I use it all the time!

Hi, I'm new on here and would really like some advice!! I'm interested in getting 3 binary options robot forum trading, iv been using the demo on IQ option and I have had some good results thinking about opening a real account soon. But I also came across option robot? It looks really good for making a bit of extra money and some good brokers listed on it, heard stockpair were good?? Any advice would be much appreciated Thanks Kate x. Sun Apr 8 Tokyo: October in Beginners Questions.

Auto-traders are all scams. In my opinion Banc De Binary is the worst broker in the industry. Stay away from them!! October edited October Yeah, and their commercials usually 3 binary options robot forum very funny. Like "your broker set a name is a total scam" with a terrible review, where you are almost starting to cry and in the end something like "try our robot and stop being scammed".

Maybe they are all high then they actually decide to publish this crap, cause only a fool will buy it. December edited December Is this scammer someone from this forum who spamming to death?

I saw many spam entries these days here. These guys are all Nigerians and have attacked 3 binary options robot forum everywhere. The two mods here are too incompetent to deal with them like the old mod who stopped them at every turn from posting. If the new mods were half way intelligent which i doubt they would look to ban the 3 binary options robot forum IPs from those locations in Nigeria that the old mod even took the time to show the IP ranges of! Wow as Gekko would say "These guys are brain dead!

And what about that auto-trader that daweda exchange offers? I've always been a bit sceptical and suspicious when it comes to robots. Nobody knows who coded them and for what purpose I for instance am opposed to robots, don't have anything against them, but I'm used to trading by hand.

It's more comfortable for me and it shows the profit 3 binary options robot forum. Sign In or Register to comment.

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